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    posted a message on 1.7.4 survival server 100% vanilla no addons, whitelisted
    Why do you want to join the server?
    2. Have you ever played on a private server? Yes i have played on multiple but they were disbanded and i am looking for a new one
    3. Age 18
    4. MC IGN xJGx
    5. Do you accept the rules? Yes of course!
    6. Do you have Ventrillo? No im not sure what that is...
    7. Have you ever been banned / why? no i havent im an easy going person and tend to follow the rules
    8. Do you like creepers? (explosion damage is on) i dont mind them, they dont really bother me
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    posted a message on The Minecraftian Server [Vanilla, Whitelisted, 24/7, Mindcrack Style Community] Now Accepting Applications. [Fresh Map!]
    In Game Name:xJGx
    What Time Zone are you in: MTN
    What do you consider your MC Strengths:Building, knowledge, experience
    What do you consider your MC Weaknesses:Redstone
    Do you watch the Mindcrack videos:Yes!
    If so who is your favorite Mindcracker:Definitely Etho
    What would you Suggest for a Community Project:a King_Happy Enderman farm would be cool
    Why do you want to join The Minecraftian:I dont like to play survival games, i only like survival and your server seems like a place that i would like to play!
    On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 the highest) rate your self for minecraft expertise:8.5/10
    What areas of Minecraft do you excel in?Building, the technical side, how the game works, mob farms and a little redstone
    Tell us about yourself:ive been playing Minecraft since alpha 1.6 and really enjoy playing with other people and especially on a mindcrack like server because i watch mindcrackers videos daily
    Any Special considerations we should take into account prior to making a decision: im an easy going and trustable person, i like to play with other people and help with the big community projects! so please choose me for your server!!!!!
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