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    Quote from JimBoJames»

    Player Customization Mod, basicly a Mod that lets you pull up a menu and switch Noses, Hair, Shirts, among other things.

    Or a Mod where you place a banner on a Wood Fence or Stone Wall and it waves in the air like a flag; and I guess what ever side you place it on it will wave in that direction.

    Don't forget Iron Bars and End Rods!

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    Quote from Alexiy»

    Oh man, this thread reached 10000 views. I didn't expect it to be still alive after a year, but it is. Learned a lot while doing your requests. I wonder whether I should do something special to commemorate this.

    Hey, i don't want to be annoying, but will you do my request? I'm just curious.

    I know how hard it is to make a mod, but i just feel like i'm being ignored.

    If you won't, i'll understand.

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    posted a message on Taking mod requests for simple to medium ideas

    My request is simple.
    I want a 1.12.2 mod that restores the old Minecraft skies(Early Alpha 1.1.2 - Beta 1.7.3).
    With these options:
    - Old Night Sky(The Night sky at alpha and beta were much darker and the stars were bigger)
    - Alpha Sunset/Sunrise(There was no orange effect at the sunset/sunrise in Minecraft Alpha.)
    - Old Fashioned Sunset light(From the first version to Beta 1.7.3, the sunset was gradual, it used to show the blocks getting darker and darker on the floor.)
    - Old Horizon/Bottom(The bottom of the skybox was less foggy and more blue, and there was no sun or moon below them.)

    Please do it, i've been wanting a mod like this long ago.

    I made a topic with more details and photos, i'll let it here.

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    posted a message on How it was your first night, and which world generation do you prefer?
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    It is based on the 1.6.4 generator, which I consider to be different because of the changes 1.7 made to the underground as well as to how biomes are placed (especially the "climate system", which was to biome variation as the underground changes were to the underground) and land/ocean.

    In particular, here is a comparison between the underground in 1.6.4 and 1.7+:



    This is an example of what I consider to be a "large" cave system in 1.6.4, which are so dense that many parts are just jumbles of random blocks instead of recognizable tunnels; for a sense of scale this single cave system yielded a total of 3,758 ore and took me about 4 hours to explore - which is not much more than a single average play session for me - and this cave system was 4 times larger than the largest possible single cave system in 1.7 (an analysis revealed that this was 3 separate cave systems merged together, one of which was over twice as big by itself, and on average the largest possible single cave system in 1.7+ occurs once every 23625 chunks (4 together would be a one in 3x10^17 chance), compared to only around once every 150 chunks for a cave system at least as large in 1.6.4, which is about 1.5 times the area I explore per play session):

    That's interesting, this is a thing that i didn't knew about. But weren't the beta cave system bigger? Or it was kept the same until 1.6.4?
    Quote from Xercister»

    My first night in MC was a super long time ago. I had no idea what I was doing, however, I watched a co-worker build a server world and then crash it by flooding it. HAHA Stupid reason to start playing but I did anyways. My first night, I spent it up top a huge pile of dirt. I think I went up about 120 blocks. I didn't know how far I went up so I just went up as far as I could so that the mobs couldn't get me. I think I was close enough to touch the moon.

    Ahh, the memories!

    You're special. You didn't hid yourself in a hole. You built a dirt tower. You need special treatment. You're precious.
    Next time i'll build a floating house. Never thought about doing that at my first night.

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    posted a message on How it was your first night, and which world generation do you prefer?
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    I don't remember my first night but it probably wasn't very eventful as I'd watched quite a lot of YouTube videos and played the demo (the one on Minecraft.net) before buying the game and there wasn't much of a learning curve as a result.

    As for world generation, you missed one - Beta 1.8 to release 1.6.4, which is very different from the current world generation; in particular, the underground, which was much more expansive and varied than since release 1.7; in fact, this is part of the reason why I still play in 1.6.4, the last version before 1.7, and will likely never play any vanilla version afterwards, especially given that I make mods that further enhance the underground beyond anything that Mojang is likely to implement (there are some rumors about an underground update in 1.14-1.15).

    The same goes for my mod's world generation in general; while the poll is more about vanilla versions mods let you create the world generation that you want (and you did mention Beta with the current biomes, which is actually what my mod is closest to, with more variation in terrain in most (non-flat) biomes, Beta-like beaches, better rivers (no dried up riverbeds with the exception of one biome), and more):

    This is a surface rendering of my last modded world, with 31 unique biomes (excluding variants like hills, edge biomes, and rivers) within about one level 4 map, which represents close to 5 months of intensive daily playing (22.46 days of actual playtime) to explore:

    Some of the more interesting surface terrain that I found; most biomes (non-flat) can exceed y=128 (the height limit of all terrain prior to 1.7) with mountains up to y=192:

    This was one of the first things that I saw when I spawned, and these are just "hills" behind a lake (an actual biome, not just a flooded area):

    A Rocky Mountains biome which topped at at y=156:

    An enormous mountain in an Ice Plains, reaching y=165, which was the highest terrain that I found this this world:

    The view from the top of the mountain was also interesting; in the first you can see a jungle, with a partially snow-covered jungle temple near the center and in the second you can see a mesa and a roofed forest - all right next to the Ice Plains; I favor biome variety over realism (i.e. no hot biomes nest to snowy biomes):

    Some more interesting terrain:

    Not every biome is so hilly and mountainous; this is a "bushlands" biome, which is like a plains with small bushes made of spruce leaves and wood:

    Another interesting combination of biomes/structures - a desert village next to an igloo. Also, another thing that is more noticeable here due to the angle is the snow under the trees; vanilla only generates snow on the highest exposed block but I also place it below leaves:

    I decided to build a secondary base on a frozen lake next to a large mountain with water and lavafalls:

    Is that a tree?!

    And there are entire biomes with trees that large, which can even exceed y=200 in mountainous terrain:

    A Savanna Mountains biome, which was not actually even close to the highest terrain that I found, only reaching y=148; this is the only biome that regularly gets that high in vanilla 1.7+:

    Just some jungle "hills":

    Another "mega" tree biome, this time with all types of giant trees:

    Last but not least, some actual extreme hills biomes, with the highest peak reaching y=160:

    Also, you can find even more extreme terrain, like these examples that I found:
    Yes, there's Savanna Mountains then there's Extreme Savanna Mountains (basically equivalent to 1.7's Savanna M and Savanna Plateau M):

    Or how about these Desert "Hills":

    Also, here is a surface map of the world where I found the desert hills (upper-right); notice that a river carves its way right through them; darker colors represent higher terrain on this map:

    A gravel beach, which generate next to cold biomes, and yes, that's the old Beta gravel texture (both types generate, DV 0 is current gravel and DV1 is "gravel sand", my name for the Beta gravel). The Beta gravel is actually a new feature which has not been released yet but beaches have generated like this for several versions now; sand beaches also have the occasional palm trees (cobblestone bounders can be seen here):

    Another yet to be released feature - a tropical ocean dotted with tropical islands, with a new variant of sand, quartz sand, which has the color of quartz-based blocks:

    Likewise, Frozen oceans are also more interesting (oceans in general now have many features from 1.13 but I'm mainly showing features specific to my mod):

    Actually, the 1.8-1.6.4 and the current generator are the same, the only difference is that the current one has more biomes than the 1.6.4 version.
    And hey, nice mod that you have! It uses the beta terrain generator as a base? It'd be nice to see the beta world shape on it.

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    posted a message on [REQ] Old Fashioned Sunrise/Sunset
    Quote from MCFUser524631»
    I think there's already a mod for that.

    No, there isn't.

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    posted a message on A mod that adds the old Minecraft stars...

    No one?

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    posted a message on Nostalgia-Craft

    It would be nice if this pack had the old alpha/beta skybox and the alpha sunset.
    Optifine and MC Patcher made this possible. I'd love to watch that blue sunset again and see the big stars again.

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    posted a message on How it was your first night, and which world generation do you prefer?

    I remember when i first played Minecraft. A friend suggested me this game while i played Cubelands, he said me that it was like Cubelands, then i downloaded it and played.
    It was my first time playing it, i walked through the woods, and some awesome caves. I didn't know what to do, so i continued to walk, until it was night.
    There was a army of monsters chasing me, so i hid myself in a hole at the floor, like every noob does in their first night.
    When i heard things like "cluck, cluck!" outside the hole, i saw that the skeleton that was chasing me earlier was burning, and most of the monsters were burning too. The fire wasn't stretched at that time, so it was just three fire textures at the burning mobs.

    I watched a video and started to learn more about the game. That was my first night at the game, and the most impactating thing for me was the world generation. I started playing at Beta 1.7.3, but i also played the alpha versions. After the 1.8 update, i couldn't feel that nostalgia anymore, everything looked so... boring and plain...
    The world generator has been killed just to give space to new biomes.

    The worlds started looking so ugly and boring, that i decided to stop playing survival Minecraft and started playing creative servers. I also got bored with them and abandoned Minecraft, it seemed that the game has died for good...

    It's 2018 and i'm playing Minecraft again, but modded and of course, with NostalgiaGen so i can replay Minecraft with the good alpha world generator again. I also use Beta+ to play at Beta worlds but with current biomes, so i can enjoy not only the new Minecraft content, but the nostalgic worlds again... And of course i got rid of the shitty 1.9 PVP update with a mod. Who remembers Glacier and Gargamel? They got killed after the adventure update, for me, that wasn't a "adventure update", because they killed the only thing that would make us adventure... The world generator.
    I used to adventure just to find awesome caves and mountains... I don't do this anymore because there is no such things today...

    Amplified is not like the old days, and Neo-Beta isn't 100% perfect, there isn't any sea on it! Also "2k17 MLG rad kidz" won't know what it is to play Minecraft Beta and Alpha, when there wasn't a hunger or XP bar... Not even at the old days worlds. Neither Alpha, when there was only one biome, and beta that had four.

    So, i'll be making a poll to know which world generator would you prefer to replace the current one. I made three options: Alpha, Beta, Current one and Beta with current biomes.

    Share your opinion, tell us how it was your first night, and how did you get to know Minecraft, the old days may be dead now, but we're not.

    Alpha World:

    A example of how a Alpha World used to look.

    Beta World:

    A example of how a Beta world looks.

    Current World:

    Beta World, but with the current biomes and strongholds(Seed: Glacier):

    Personally i'd choose the Alpha one, but if i had to update Minecraft, i'd choose the last one. The current world generator is horrible.

    Share your opinions below, and why did you chose that option! It will be appreciated.

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    posted a message on You just fell in lava and died. What do you do?

    If i had only dirt, pickaxes, wood and some coal, i'd just keep going.
    But i'm currently playing modded Minecraft at the good ol' days Alpha world generation, so if i had some 'expensive' item(Portal Gun, for example), i'd blow half of my city in despair.

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    posted a message on Every GUI, HUD, UI, Etc, Has become very small, much smaller than the in game hud setting, small.
    Quote from LoRaM100»

    If you do what ConorGarland suggested it will solve your problem!
    If you don't like "Auto", try "Normal".

    They said that they already tried changing the UI options, so it won't work.
    Probably it must be a resolution problem or some damaged registry.
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    posted a message on Every GUI, HUD, UI, Etc, Has become very small, much smaller than the in game hud setting, small.

    Try making your resolution smaller, enter the game and see if it gets solved.
    If yes, then put at your previous resolution and see if the GUIs will become smaller again.
    If yes, then low your resolution again, reboot your computer, open the game and make your resolution bigger again.
    Also, try updating your Java and test previous versions, like Alpha and Beta, and see if the GUI will be still be small.
    If yes, then i don't know what to do. The only solution left would be either restoring your computer to a point before this happened or formatting it.
    As a last tryout, try opening your Minecraft as administrator.
    If still, your HUD doesn't get bigger, your game is doomed.

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    posted a message on Taking mod requests and updates [on HIATUS]

    My request is pretty simple.
    It's a mod that adds options to enable/disable parts of the old Minecraft skies.
    I want a option that will let you enable the alpha sunset, the old night skies and the old horizon(That was more blue and less foggy).

    I made a topic about it, with more details, it also has images comparing the old Minecraft skies with the current ones: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/requests-ideas-for-mods/2909576-a-mod-that-adds-the-old-minecraft-stars

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    posted a message on A mod that adds the old Minecraft stars...

    As everyone may know, there is lots of ways to get back the old world generations at the current versions of Minecraft with different forms and ways, be it through mods, plugins or simply custom presets. Some examples are NostalgiaGen and Old World Generation, that brings back the old days world generation, though NostalgiaGen uses a new code to generate them, and there is no option to generate with the current biomes and temples.
    I started replaying Minecraft about a month ago, and i installed a mod that would let me generate the old alpha worlds so i wouldn't need to give up at my mods and all of the added Minecraft content through the time.
    But there is no existing mod, resource pack or whatever else that doesn't bring the old night sky and the alpha sunset from the old days.
    At the alpha and beta versions, at night, the stars were much bigger, and the sky were much darker. And at alpha, the sunset wasn't orange.
    Also, this is not really important, but the old bottom of the skybox were way more visible, unlike today. There was no fog on it, so the horizon acted as some kind of "ocean".
    If you climb at a mountain at the current versions to see the sunset, you'll notice how foggy the horizon is, unlike Beta and Alpha.
    I don't know if this is possible, but it would be great to see a mod that brings these features back as switchable options. It would be nice to watch the blue sunset and see the big stars again.

    Night Sky Comparison, same world, same position(Same constellations included):

    Old Days(Alpha/Beta):





    Horizon(Just notice how foggy the current version is, and a note, it's being renderized at the highest render distance possible with Optifine):



    The horizon was more blue.

    If there is any kind soul out there that can do it, me and the rest of the veterans would appreciate it.
    Also, the night-day/day-night transition would be nice! The transition at the current versions are smooth, but at Beta/Alpha, the transitions were per level, you could see the blocks getting darker and darker.
    (Skip to 2:13 if you want to spare your patience.)

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