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    posted a message on [1.3.2] LegendaryBane ❋ PvP/Survival ❋ Ranks ❋ Mob Arena ❋ Market ❋ 24/7
    Server Address: mc-lb.com

    Number one PvP/Survival Server!

    Contact Info:
    Website: http://www.legendarybane.com
    Teamspeak 3: ts3.legendarybane.com

    General Info:
    LegendaryBane is a growing Minecraft server looking for dedicated players. We have great plugins such as, [Deadbolt] and [Essentials] and much more that will make your experience more fun!

    If you donate you will get a special rank with special perks. All donations go towards upgrading the server and making sure that our community are happy players.

    Please also visit our website at:

    Rank Info:

    VIP: $10

    Premium: $15

    Executive: $25

    CEO: $40

    Elite: $60

    Legendary: $80

    Phoenix: $100

    TITAN: $150

    Demi-God: $200

    For more detailed info on donor info please visit our website.

    • No Griefing
    • No Spamming
    • No Hacking
    • No Raging
    • No Stealing
    • Be Respectful
    • No Swearing

    Server Specs:
    Intel Xeon E3-1270 Quad-Core @ 3.40GHz
    16GB DDR3 Ram
    1TB Harddrive
    Located in Philadelphia, USA
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    posted a message on Cheap Minecraft Servers Starts From $2.25
    If you really want to start a business and get customers then at least write more information about the company with proper grammar. No offense, but by the look of this it looks like this company is run by a 10 year old.
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    posted a message on Looking for a host - 10-15 Players - Affordable
    Hey, I would recommend minecrafted.net

    There 1GB package is only $5/m which is very affordable for even 5 year olds! The support is amazing aswell, fast ticket replies and helpful and friendly replies. This is the host I use, feel free to test my server out. IP is: mc-lb.com

    You will be amazed :)
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    posted a message on Minecrafted.NET • $1.99/GB • 4-Year Anniversary!!! • SSD Powered • Multicraft Control Panel
    I have received my dedicated server and doing an official review right now.

    Price - I have to say, the price is the best price in the minecraft hosting industry for a dedicated server with that kind of specs. My dedicated server ONLY took 1 hour to set up so I'm extremely pleased. ONLY $59 a month for a Intel Xeon E3-1270 Quad Core @ 3.40GHZ, 16GB DDR3 Ram and a 1GBPS Connection Line. I mean, if I were on any other host I would be paying $60 a month for maybe only 4GB of ram on shared hosting! Even a 14 year old can afford their dedicated servers. They also offer other pacakges with $5/m per GB of ram. The lowest I have ever seen go to per GB was $8/m besides from this host. My Rating: 5/5

    Support - Support has been fantastic. I had some trouble understanding somethings so I added them on skype and got accepted instantly, I questioned away! I had a lot of questions because this was the first time for me getting a dedicated server and I had only a bit of knowledge of Linux. I ended talking to them on skype through a 1-2 hour period asking painful questions but they still stuck with me for the whole time and all their replies have been helpful and friendly. Without this kind of support it would've tooken me days to start my server and learning some Linux commands. My Rating 5/5

    Performance - Theres not much to say here but the performance is bloody excellent! I did a few stress tests such as TNT placement. I experienced NO LAG AT ALL. There network is also very stable with barely any lag spikes. My Rating 5/5

    Website - I think the website can be a tiny bit improved but this would probably come in the least important part when looking for a server host. My Rating - 4.5/5

    Overall I would recommend this host to everyone! Not only do they have dirt cheap prices but their support and hardware performance will make you feel like they are being ripped off by selling at this price. For standard minecraft plans, literally a five year old can afford a 1GB minecraft server......It is that cheap and completely amazed. Support has been extremely helpful and fast replies ( usually 5 minutes MAX...for me. ) Performance has definitely been built to the best quality to run big minecraft servers with a lot of players.

    Overall rating - 4.9/5

    If you ever want to check out my server feel free. IP is: mc-lb.com :D
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