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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w37a Ready For Testing!
    Quote from Type1Ninja

    And another thing: can anyone figure out what the tellraw command does? it asks for a "raw json message" when i try to use it, but I don't know what that is. XD

    SethBling released a video explaining the /tellraw command and how to use it. He also posted a pastebin link with more information and examples. You can find the video and the pastebin is here, hope it helps.
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    posted a message on Survival Island Seed Request

    If anyone has a survival island seed that is/has:
    -a semi-small island
    -has at least 1 tree
    -isn't anywhere near the mainland

    And I would appreciate it if you wouldn't tell the "sercrets" under or around it ;) thanks

    It isn't really small (I've seen bigger) and it has way more than 1 tree but since you didn't actually say '1 tree was the limit' and it is a survival island, which is far away from the mainland.....

    I recommend Default World Seed: Artomix

    If it has to be a survival island it may as well be an Epic one.... ;)
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    posted a message on Silk Touch Sword
    Quote from xxdarkspikexx

    This idea is simple , but would be potentially useful. Silk touch on a sword would be used to get drops such as mob heads more often and spawn eggs. The kill would not offer experience so you can't farm off of it infinitely. This would open up the possibility of advanced mob traps and easier transporting of mobs. Unless I am missing something this would simply be like name tags and add in existing functions from creative into survival and wouldn't have any game breaking or unbalancing features.

    I'm sorry but that's what MCEdit is for... lol .. (TMI works too)

    Yes this is real, Yes it's a real sword, Yes it "works" as intended/expected.

    Yes I do need edits to make it and No I don't need them to use it after it's made.

    That was just to make sure I covered any and all questions that may arise after this post lol. ;)

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    posted a message on Vanilla Obsidian Pressure Plate -- NoodlesMinecraft's Creations
    Quote from NoodIesJr

    lol, vanilla means to use any feature in the game without the use of mods. There were no mods. What your thinking of is the word "in-game" which this cannot be built in-game.

    Lol no I was right from the start but it's really not worth arguing over. (it's still cool..lol ). it's only Vanilla if it can be done in-game without tools, be it mods or dev tools they are still tools. Don't defend mcedit lol, I use it everyday and am well aware of the difference. It's like telling me that spawning a house with minecart spawners is vanilla, no it isn't lol, it is vanilla compatible but not vanilla itself. ~cheers. ;)
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    posted a message on Vanilla Obsidian Pressure Plate -- NoodlesMinecraft's Creations
    Quote from XDGrangerDX

    What you sayin? Thats obviously banana! ;)

    Doesnt matter to differ this here, his point is that a vanilla client can use these worlds.

    Yes I know lol .. I was just teasing on that part.. lol banana! ;)

    ~Strawberry Banana ..
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    posted a message on Player activated Magic scrolls map mechanic-just noticed I posted 5 :(
    Quote from starwarsstudio23

    This is a video about a mechanism that I made for a new survival/adventure map that I am making. Basically there is going to be mana throughout the map that can be collected this mana can be used to have special powers, by right clicking on a scroll (unused map) This way the player can activate it from anywhere from within the world and still get an effect, only if they have enough mana of course. Hope you enjoy and leave some feedback!

    Lol you even said it at the start of your video, you called it a SethBling Style Video.

    I called it a mockery lol, here's a great example:

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    posted a message on Vanilla Obsidian Pressure Plate -- NoodlesMinecraft's Creations
    Quote from NoodIesJr

    I know you can do this, but then the obsidian isn't 1 pixel above the ground like other pressure plates and it takes up the full 16px16p area of the block unlike a pressure plate.

    Ok lol I suppose that makes sense now lol ...

    but that's sort of ridiculous considering we can use carpets, weighted plates and Cake <-yes Cake!!

    and it is NOT Vanilla lol..

    lol . it's Strawberry! . :P

    Vanilla is defined as being able to be done without third party tools of any kind.

    Cheat mode builds are acceptable because it is built into the code and can be accessed without edits.

    It's Vanilla to use sure but it is not Vanilla to make, which means it's not Vanilla. ;)
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    posted a message on Compact, Easy-To-Build Item Elevator
    Hey check this out! ;)

    Part 1 is the bottom and Part 2 is self explanatory...

    This is 182 blocks tall and it doesn't get much easier than this , it's a well known design and not my own.

    (After the clock at the bottom, it is 1x2 all the way to the top of the sky)

    My grandma could build it and she doesn't even know what the internet is lol, it's that simple. B)

    The best suggestion I can give to those of you who feel obsessed with making tutorials would be to read the entire wiki database first.

    At least that way you will have some idea of what people already know.

    You can find that here: http://www.minecraft.../Minecraft_Wiki
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    posted a message on Vanilla Obsidian Pressure Plate -- NoodlesMinecraft's Creations
    Quote from NoodIesJr

    If there was no obsidian in the minecart (or no minecart at all), then I would've failed my mission. My plan was to RECREATE the Obsidiplates mod. If there was no obsidian, it would not work.

    You can still have the Obsidian .. you just don't need the minecart lol or edits .. to do it.. ;)

    Here lol, I made this just for you; that's a pulser on the right-side though not easy to tell in the image, be sure it's on 2 ticks and I am fairly sure you know the rest, so an explanation isn't needed.

    Just in case it flew over your head lol; When the test is positive, it plays the sound and turns off the torch on the Command Block, which turns on the torch at the top and lights the dust, which turns on the lamp.

    When you step off the block, it plays the sound again via the other command block hanging off the left-side because that torch on top of the first one turns back on.~ lol

    Oh and by the way, if it requires an edit to accomplish, it is not Vanilla.. lol .. ;) (it's Strawberry)
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    posted a message on Vanilla Obsidian Pressure Plate -- NoodlesMinecraft's Creations
    If you need to use an editor to make this work then you may as well skip that entirely and use the /testfor set to react within 1 radius of the block. The sense behind what you're showing is totally beyond me, because it'll work with any block, anywhere in the game .. including air. (with no edits of any kind)

    Example: (this will test for a player within 1 block of 1337,64,-1337 then output a signal to the comparator and then to whatever you want, be it secret doors or falling floors.)
    /testfor @p[1337,64,-1337,1]

    So basically you came here to show us lower life forms how to put water in a bucket and your /testfor skills ..~ "skills we all have and use daily". ;)

    In other words and so you don't think I am being mean...

    "you don't need the minecart to do this" or any edits.. B)
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    posted a message on Track Building Mine Cart - Builds Its Own Track as It Travels!
    This is totally awesome and made my eyes go backwards lol when thinking about how to use this concept with the flying craft design in another thread.

    You see.. it occurred to me about half way through that thread and after watching a video about 'how it could be possible', that the only thing stopping this was to find a way to spawn and remove a block in the correct location each consecutive time the craft moves and after the spawner was relocated with it.

    I may never figure this out but you sure got my mind thinking now.. wow.

    Here's that thread and here's the video I am talking about, the problem would be how to keep the spawner in line with the craft, perhaps it could run along side it on the ground .. like a remote power line of a sort.. ..

    (think about this and falling sand entities..wow -. falling sand conversions have already been proven to be able to activate a wooden pressure plate when spawned above it, then despawn afterwards {on contact})

    Ok everyone .. time to man your stations and put your thinking cap on... .. .........

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    posted a message on Aging in Vanilla Minecraft - Semi-Realistic Time using day/night counters and potion effects
    Quote from Chibichuba

    Today, I will be showing you how to simulate aging/getting older in Minecraft, while you do in real life! This design uses a day/night counter, some potion effects, and a few other redstone and command block tricks.

    I probably once again made this more confusing than it should be, feel free to ask for help if needed. Hope you liked it!

    That's really cool and seems like an 'advanced remake' of the video by AcTennisAC where he shows his . I like the idea of physical changes per time frame and the birthday messages, that's slick and not something I thought of when building my Time related world, I used fatigue/nausea but not like that lol.;)

    Having a Time Line is a great idea...

    I used similar mechanics on a Timecraft World but never released it due to the concepts being so well known and being bombarded by 'changes' to the game code. By that I mean a complete Time Machine and Time Travel world arrangement, over 50,000 meters long and 480 meters wide. Been awhile since I touched that project as I got involved in too many other things.. (lost interest haha)

    (22 continents in different time frames, each 480x480 blocks in size, spaced out across a world made of Air so you cant' see one from the other and all connected via Time Machines. Complete with Story Line, Objectives, Quests, Custom Items, Mobs, Drops and all that jazz.

    The redstone changes/updates are partly responsible for my slacking on it because it's so much work to fix everything that was changed, it became a really huge headache sigh.. )
    My only question would be why didn't you use simple /time add commands or did you? I think that would have been a lot easier, for example /time add 12000 would advance the game time by 12 hours. B)
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    posted a message on Brewing Cauldron With Vanilla Redstone
    Quote from inconstructables

    Is there a reason why no one responded?

    Most likely because this has been done to death and is so far from new, it's not even funny. ;)

    Here's one example of many..


    If I put a little more effort into it, I could list about 500 other versions from both here in the forum and from YouTube, from the very smallest to the very biggest.

    oh and by the way...

    I am also subscribed to SimplySarc's channel as are thousands of others in this forum.

    SimplySarc has 32,251 subs ...

    Chances have it that more than 70% of those people also use this forum. ;)

    To be fair because you posted this in September..

    Here's another one from last March ..

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    posted a message on My Belt Elevator
    Quote from jasper2428
    How will you get multiple floors working given the piston push limit?

    Take this one for example, it can be done as it is or 2x2. The min/max this can push is 10 blocks due to the circuitry, (the bud and the 12 block limit on the pistons).

    The design can be stagger stacked upwards, meaning it can be turned so the new door is facing the other way and then go up another 10 blocks.

    It's only flaw is that it can't be smaller or larger in size (unless you really know what you're doing), so all floors have to have that 10 block gap between them for it to work out.

    This design also works for down, though like all the others it has it's quirks but unlike all the others, it uses about 1/5th the redstone. The logic is really tiny compared to most elevators I have seen.

    this is not my video nor is it a promo of any kind.. it's for discussion and comparison purpose only.
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    posted a message on Weird Chunk Error!
    Quote from Willow_Bear

    So, I was extremely excited when 1.6 was released, so as soon as I got home from school I darted to my computer and opened Minecraft. I opened the new world, expecting a normal world, but this generated.
    If you would like the seed it is: 4369792714515148406
    I would post screenshots but it isn't letting meh :'C

    This world generates just fine for me, which means it's a corruption in your game files not a normally generated seed or regenerated chunk error. Hence it probably doesn't belong in this forum and would be more appropriate in somewhere like Support for modded or unmodded clients .. errors etc .. rather than a seed show as there is nothing to show here. ;)

    It's also more than readily apparent from your screenshots that you are using a resource or texture pack. if it's 32x32 or greater and you're not using mcpatcher or optifine to help render those images properly .. it's the most likely cause for your problem .. lighting errors etc etc ..
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