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    Hi. So i tried the mod and i have found a bug. When i try out a new mod, i usually spawn every new mob one by one(AND KILL THEM).

    I spawned 5 rubies, tried to kill them, and to my suprise, they fused into one giant ruby. Then i destroyed the physical form of the ruby fusion, and i thought i seen more than five. First i didn't care that much, but when it happened over and over again, i thought i should warn you.

    From the 5 rubies i spawned, when i poofed them ( using the Destabilizor enchantment, seeing the diamond sword is rather uneffective) i counted 16 rubies!

    P.S. I read the thread of the previous developer, i'm sorry about what happened, and i'm outraged about what the Steven Universe fandom have done. I saw great future for the mod when i started reading, then i was sad when i thought about the possibility, that this mod could die. But alas, i rejoiced when i read that a new developer has taken over the mod, and was reliefed, that it was you, i read your bug reports, and some of them was quite funny ( the ruby, who taught that she could go trough the closed door)

    (I do not see eye to eye with the fandom, even through i'm a SU fan myself, because i'm more level headed, and i dislike how aggressive they are.

    If you ever need help with the mod, (about the lore of the show, because i'm useless when it comes to programming, but i know SU like the back of my hand)(I do realise it's not a SU mod, but rather a mod based on SU, and adapted to Minecraft.)

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