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      [*:11t5mcbq]In Game Name(*): harald1999
      [*:11t5mcbq]Age(optional): 12 soon
      [*:11t5mcbq]Why do you want to join this server?(*): i want to be with my friend eivindbro and ingvildbro, and also i have never played online before so i need a server :smile.gif:
      [*:11t5mcbq]Bans(banned bfore? why? griefed? why?(*): Never ever did
      [*:11t5mcbq]A bit about yourself(*): im 11 in may im 12 i come from norway just like my friend
      [*:11t5mcbq]Special ability in Minecraft(optional): Explorer, mining, building
      [*:11t5mcbq]Are you co-operative(*): yes
      [*:11t5mcbq]Have you registered at the forums at our website? ;P(optional, but do it!): No but i can do it
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