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    posted a message on Anyone else think that the Witch could have had more effort?
    The current witch is okay, but you're right, Jeb didn't have to rush it. Instead of a low-quality hut, witches should live in tall stone towers, with decorative heads and unique mobs in there. And they can summon two wither skulls when its health is low. To make them useful, they should drop a wither skull.
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    posted a message on Decoration Blocks to Come; MineTV Episode 5
    1.3 didn't add too much new content. 1.4, on the other hand, looks awesome.

    Wheat Blocks- They will make farms look more realistic. They could be rotatable like logs, so you can use them to make a roof.

    Flamethrowers- You can activate it with redstone. Useful for dungeons.

    Pianos, Harps, and Drums- You can use it to play music. Maybe we can use flutes, trumpets, ect. as portable instruments!

    Tape Recorders- You can find tapes in dungeons. When you place a tape in this block, it will play the mob's sound when activated with redstone.

    Paths- You can use dirt, sand, gravel, and cobblestone. It's a 3D block, but you can walk through it.

    TVs and Cameras- Based off of the unused block in PE. When you place a camera, use redstone to connect it to a TV.

    Computers- You can check the time and weather, but that's not the only thing; You can make your own websites, and all players are able to view it on their computer! If you don't like Multiplayer, you can buy blocks and items online. There could even be a database similar to Minecraft wiki, showing crafting recipies, mob behavior, and more!

    Console- Simply hook it up to your TV. You can play minigames on it.

    Coal- Similar to paths, but you can warm it up. Hot coal slowly damages the player! If you use redstone, the damage rate is increased!

    Concrete- Mostly decorative.
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    posted a message on "You are the Dragon Mod"
    Great idea, I'll definately download the mod when it's finished.
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    posted a message on 1.3.2] Shape-Shifter mod [usable... buggy, updating further]
    Quote from davidwellz

    everybody should shut up about rushing him to update. you saw 5 other people say update it and you think it's necessary for you to say it too? he'll update the mod on his own terms. he has a life too.

    Agreed. 1.3.1 came out yesterday. Come on, modders can't just shoot a wand at his or her computer and poof, the mod is up to date! I can't wait, though. This mod looks cool! Heck, I might even downgrade Minecraft just to test this mod.

    I forgot to mention, Sky sent me. Lol
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    posted a message on idea reverse torches mod
    Quote from 11catz

    Its not a bright idea. Sorry had to say.
    Of course it's not a bright idea! It's a dark idea! Lol

    This is honestly a great idea. Mob farming will be alot easier. Also effective for minigames.
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    posted a message on Superflat Survival Tips
    :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_:

    Are you so bored playing Default Survival? Is it too easy for you, even in Hard Mode? Then try it in Superflat!

    I will occasionally post new ideas. Keep checking this post to master Superflat!

    :DSWORD: BEFORE YOU POST: It may look and sound easy, but Superflat Survival is challenging. If you're going to make it look easy by saying how to survive forever in just one little paragraph, try playing Superflat Survival in HARDCORE MODE before reading any of the tips posted below and on other pages. Challenging, huh? If you want, you can then read the tips, and try again. Please note that if you're trying in Hardcore mode, most of these tips don't make Hardcore Superflat easier. They make it POSSIBLE. As we all know, Hardcore is a very intense mode that only extreme Minecraft fans should play.

    :SSSS: IMPORTANT! --> CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: I take credit seriously. I might mention another person's idea, like for example, the way I attempted it. They didn't have to post their strategies, so no matter what, thank them, not me; they deserve it. Who knows, this simple post might become the ultimate Superflat Survival database! That is impossible to do by myself. Don't worry, I include your name in the single post. If you see a post with your idea, and I gave no credit, I either didn't have time or I just forgot. If you're impatient, send me a message and I'll edit the post. Thanks for your support!

    Make sure you read the paragraph above. Now, here's the first tips I came up with:

    During your first day, search for a village. Kill any animals in your way. Watch out for slimes, as they are VERY common. If you don't make it to a village, Dig a hole to bedrock, then place a dirt block above you. There should be no room for other mobs to spawn, no matter how dark.

    If you hear zombies or skeletons rapidly taking damage, wait for them to die. Then dig a stairway out of the hole. When exiting, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN! Creepers are quite common. This is nessesary, because Superflat maps spawn alot more monsters than default, and Spider Jockeys are rather common.

    Once you find a village, look for a smith. Go inside and look for a treasure chest. It will contain very useful stuff. Diamonds are possible in these chests, so don't leave a village without emptying all chests. Don't worry, the villagers dont mind you borrowing stuff. You're better off just breaking the chest, however.

    Next, find a house. The best options are bakeries, which have back-yards, big houses, which are pretty self-explainitory, and certain huts, as some have ladders leading to the roof. Look for Lamp Posts. Destroy the black wool and collect the torches. Place them in the house you claimed. Big houses are dim, so if you choose one, make sure you place torches in the darkest areas, as a monster will very rarely spawn in a house.

    While it might seem crazy, try keeping villagers alive. They will distract zombies or even whole sieges. Also, Iron Golems spawn when there's at least 15 villagers. It takes a while, but Iron Golems eventually die. If you see a Iron Golem die, come to that spot at day and collect the Iron Ingots. If you're fully-armed and taking a walk outside, should you encounter a zombie chasing a villager, be a friend and kill the zombie! If you're too late, however, that same zombie will attack you.

    Should you be swarmed by monsters, run to the nearest Iron Golem. If you're chased by a Creeper or Slime, they can't help you, so go inside the nearest house. If it's a Creeper, then go in a large house. If there is none avaible, push your luck and attack. Wait for the Creeper to come, then strike.

    If you see an Enderman and Iron Golem fight, help out! Endermen does more major damage to Iron Golems. Be careful, as both are weak to water. If it rains, go inside your house. Iron Golems take cover during storms, so you are left vulnerable to monsters.

    If you are hungry, kill animals, of course! However, slimes often make it where animals don't spawn. Try killing a few, then animals could spawn. If you aren't armed, however, try getting wheat from farms. Go to the library, and then make bread. If you have any wood, make a hoe, and plant any seeds you have. If you have any bones from skeletons, make sure you make Bone Meal, because slimes are likely to crush your crops before they are full-grown. Once you're done, mine the Crafting Table, and place it in your house.

    If you're lucky and find saplings in a chest, plant them! You will get wood without destroying houses, plus the leaves drop more saplings an rarely an apple. Take advantage of this!

    It is possible to go to The Nether in Superflat. A smithery's chest could contain Obsidian. If not, get some water from the well, and pour it on top of the lava in the smithery. If you have a Diamond Pickaxe, mine it! If you don't, come back later, if you can. To conserve Obsidian, place dirt in the corners of the portal. To get Flint and Steel, take some gravel from the paths. For the iron, if you don't have any left, listen for Iron Golems dying. They usually drop more than enough iron ingots. Don't worry, another Iron Golem will eventually spawn in its place!

    Once your portal is ready, make sure you set your spawn point to a bed. Please note that The Nether is NOT flat, so it is still hard to navigate. It is even harder because your materials are very limited. Also, you cannot go to The End, as there are no strongholds. Sure, you can go via hacks, but it's no fun like that. Similar to The Nether, it isn't flat. Remember, do NOT craft Eyes of Ender, as you cannot use them, period.

    Remember to make a bed. If you die, you will spawn FAR away from your last one. If you never found a village, you might spawn near one, but only if you're lucky. If you're in Hardcore mode, it doesn't really matter, as the world is deleted upon death.

    If you need to travel to another village for whatever reason, dig huge arrows in the ground. It is very easy to get lost in Superflat, so make sure you make this a habit. If it becomes night, dig that hole mentioned earlier. If you find another village, you might as well destroy it for the resources. If you moved because all the useful houses or even the whole village was destroyed, however, DON'T!

    That's all the strategies I made right now. If you would like to share some of your strategies, then do! Thanks! :DPA:
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    posted a message on Bad Ideas
    Oops, I forgot something:

    Hippies: They look a little bit like Steve, but with hippie clothes. If you attempt to destroy a tree, plant, grass, or animal, he will yell "HEY MAN! MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR!" He will grab a gun and start shooting you. The overpowered bullets ignore armor, so Diamond Armor is useless. When you die, he'll say "Should've respect the classics, man..."

    Emos: They are very pale Steves with black, ripped clothes. They will carry a knife with then. If you come close to one, he will tell you to go away. If left alone, he'll stab himself, which eventually kills him. If you stay close to him or attack him, he'll slowly walk up to you and stab you. They are very easy enemies.

    Old Men: Don't underestimate this grandpa! Like emos, he'll tell you to go away. If you don't, he'll slowly chase you. He may be slow, but don't underestimate him! His cane attack is so overpowered that it kills players with a full set of Enchanted Diamond Armor!

    Women with Bad Reputation: Watch out for her, because she's tough! If you come up to her, she'll yell "BACK OFF!". If you don't, she'll slap you. HARD. Make sure you wear helmets are her; leather helmets majorly decreases the damage, while iron, gold, and diamond helmets slightly damages her. If you still resist, she'll whack you with her purse. You'll go flying, dropping your stuff. You will be KO'd for a minute.

    President: He is extremely rare, and spawns in huge villages. He will stop you in your tracks. He will argue with you. Say one wrong word, and he will make SOPA a law. Then everything disappears. If you attempt to get back on the Internet, your homepage will say "INTERNET CENSORED BY SOPA" for ten seconds. Then your computer catches on fire and you witness a nuclear explosion.
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    posted a message on More World Types!
    You know how you can use either default or superflat in the 1.1.0 update? I hope there is more. Before that, however, please, just... please, I hope Jeb makes slimes more rare in superflat. They have always annoyed me! They are loud, get in the way, and screw up my crops! (Not that they're important, as I farm just for the heck of it) Anyway;

    Superflat+: Like Superflat, just deserts, tundras, rivers, ect. spawn. Mountains must be ommited though.

    Islands: Like Default, except biomes are smaller and are seperated by ocean water.

    FLOATING Islands: This used to exist in Indev, and it was pretty cool, so why not revive it? However, I doubt it will, as the Sky Dismention will probably replace it.

    Unfair: This is based off of "Hell", which was also from Indev. It is far worse, however. Monsters will spawn even in PEACEFUL Mode. It is dark enough for monsters to spawn at day, but monsters at day are rare. Creepers are ALWAYS charged. Thunderstorms occur during almost every rainstorm. Zombies are replaced with the unused Giants. Water is replaced with lava. Spider Jockeys have a 80% chance of spawning rather than 1%. Monsters from the Overworld spawn in the Nether, and Charged Creepers are the most common. Did I forget to mention that Ghasts also spawn in the Overworld? All enemies spawn in The End. NPC Villagers are replaced with Zombie Pigmen. Sometimes, if you get close enough to a passive mob, it will turn into a Charged Creeper. Passives have a small chance of attacking you. Imagine playing an Unfair level in HARDCORE Mode!

    Civilized: NPC Villages are very common. They are usually close to each other.

    Lonely: No mobs will spawn, period. Houses in villages are stuffed with cobwebs. Time goes very slowly. Extremely rarely, you'll hear faint footsteps not from you. If you hear it, get prepared. A Creeper will jump in front of you and scream in your face, then explode, causing you to die. If in First-Person Mode, click immediatly to kill it. Stay out of third person, as it will still ambush you like it does in First-Person mode, except it's unstoppable.

    Extreme Mountains: Similar to Floating Islands, except you are on super tall mountains. The void is exposed, but it is white and covered in clouds.

    Post your ideas!
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    posted a message on Notch Steps Down, Jeb Takes Lead Developer Position for Minecraft
    I flinched when I saw this thread. Notch did a good job developing Minecraft, so I will miss him. However, I also do believe that Jeb will do a great job making Minecraft grow for the rest of it's lifetime. Jeb will probably do the same as Notch did and give Minecraft to another worker. Then that worker to another worker. Minecraft's developement will be a tradition! They will make a Kinect version, so players feel like they're in the world of Minecraft. Sci-fi fans say that in the future, there will be games with extremely realistic graphics that you can go inside of. If that ever exsists, Minecraft will be made for that thing! I believe that even when all of us die, Minecraft will continue to grow without dying! It will become better until all life ends! That's NOT going to happen, so Minecraft will exsist FOREVER! Anybody agree?
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    posted a message on Shield and Quiver Mod [ 2300+ Views!]
    You should examine the Adventure Update's logo. :steve_wink: is holding both a sword AND a shield! But I must admit that shields, quivers, and an "Other" slot for armor is a GREAT idea! I have more suggestions to improve this mod, but I'm not trying to steal the spotlight, I'm just trying to help. Parachutes can be crafted by:

    L L L
    S S

    If you jump, hit the J key wih the parachute equipped to expand it. You will fall slowly, and suffer no fall damage. You can press J to put away the parachute. You can also be more extreme by jumping off of a mountain and pressing J before landing. There should also be a craftable rocket. Crafted by:

    W=Wool(Any color)

    If you equip a rocket, while jumping, hit J to rocket into the air. You go probably like 100 blocks in the air! They are not very reliable, as they have low durability, but they can be crafted into jetpacks:

    R I R

    I=Iron Ingot

    Jet Packs are interesting. Press J to fly, and press again to cancel. If canceled on accident, you can press J again to fly again. While flying, the durability goes down VERY slowly. Once it depletes, rather than breaking, it will cancel your flight, and will slowly refill after a few seconds.

    You can also add a canon by placing both a Jet Pack and a Dispenser in the Crafting Area, no Table required! Rockets are used as ammo. You can shoot a rocket while holding nothing by right-clicking. If you mix a Rocket with a Redstone Torch in the Crafting Area, you will make Homing Missles. They home into mobs/players other than you. In Survival Test, Zombies wore armor occasionally. They should be able to wear JETPACKS occasionally! Skeletons should too, but they will shoot rockets at you. Very rarely, spiders will wear a jetpack! They always have a spider on them, too! Spiders shoot rockets, and Skeletons shoot arrows! SPIDER HOVERBOARD FTW! I would like to ride one lol! :laugh.gif:
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