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    Quote from mrman928

    YES just yes

    how about Birthdays, or when you bought a minecraft account, people give you cake and gifts.
    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:

    GREAT IDEA! IDK why I didn't think of that yet? Or maybe the day you spawned in the world could be your birthday, and it's a random date. (Or you can set it)
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    Just normal Minecraft is the same almost every day, And if you just stand there, barely anything happens, excluding mob spawning. To make that false, here is my idea of time! Enjoy, and please comment! I thought long and hard...

    ALLOWING TIME: When creating a world, you can enable or disable time. You can also enable/disable certain eras, which I will explain later.

    HOW IT WORKS: You will start at the beginning of summer. If you place a calendar, you can check the day. When the sun rises, it advances to the next day.

    EFFECTS OF DATE: The date will effect villagers, weather, and the enviroment. For example, children don't go in the schoolhouse on Weekends, the months June and July, on holidays, ect. I will explain seasons first.

    SPRING: Rain is slightly more common, but don't worry, thunderstorms are also more rare. Animals can and will breed by theirselves. Hostiles are slightly less common, even in caves. Animals also spawn more commonly.

    SUMMER: Rain is less common. Nights are brighter; the light level is 6 instead of 4.

    FALL: All plants turn orange. Leaves will fall from under trees, and despawn in contact with a solid block.

    Winter: It snows in all biomes. There's even a tiny chance of snow in deserts, but that's Spider Jockey rare. Snow eventually melts, unless you're in a tundra or taiga, of course. Nights have the light level 3 instead of 4.

    During certain days, a holiday will occur. Please note that holidays only affect the Overworld; They never occur in the Nether or End.

    New Year's Eve: During the week before this day, fireworks are sold. Villagers will shoot their own fireworks. When shot, they go flying upward. They will explode once they reach the clouds or if they hit a block. If you attempt to place fireworks in a dangerous place like under a house, a villager will halt you, so don't try anything stupid! If you fire them during New Year's Eve, you get experience. They're still useful after New Year's Eve; they will do more damage than TNT to mobs above you, which makes it useful in caves. Bottle rockets are also sold. Unlike fireworks, you can aim. If you aim somewhere else rather than upward, you will be halted. They're useful outside of villages, as you can fire the at monsters. You can even shoot them out of dispencers.

    Valentine's Day: Hostiles do not attack, even when provoked. Take this as your advantage to get resources from them or dark caves, but act quick, because they attack once the sun rises. Children give cards to other children, adults, and even the player. If you recieve one, you get experience, so try wandering around near children. You can also give cards once you buy some, which gives you more experience.

    Easter: Eggs are dropped all over the map, but mostly where they're hard to find. Be careful when egg-hunting in villages, because children might beat you to eggs. They never wander into the wilderness, even if they see an egg beyond the village, so take advantage of that. Eggs contain either food, experience, or materials(Iron, Gold, Diamond, ect.). Very rarely should you find an egg that's actually a spawner egg.

    July the 4th: Same as New Year's Eve, except the fireworks look different.

    Halloween: Children wear suits of any of the mobs in Minecraft. They look slightly unrealistic, so you can tell the difference. You can buy your own, too. Unlike the kids', suits you buy look like the real mob. The player still uses its humanoid model, unless you're disguised as a Slime, Ghast, ect.

    You can either left-click the door or press the doorbell. You will get experience if someone's home. You get less if you just walk in without permission. If you're wearing a suit, you get more. Even when Halloween is over, you can use suits as an advantage. A Pig Suit causes Pigmen to trust you more, an Ocelot Suit causes Creepers to run away from you, a Skeleton Suit makes your arrows faster, shoot farther, and hurt more, and so on. I will make a chart about effects of all mob suits later.

    Christmas: If you craft a stocking, you will get presents. If you've been kind of good, you get full stacks of wood, stone, ect., if you've been bad, you get coal, and so on. Similar to Halloween suits, I'll give a chart later.

    Here's a few examples for being good. If you save a villager by killing a monster chasing it, that villager gives you "Reputation Points". If a family member, friend, the mayor, or so on hears about it, they reward you points. It's not limited to saving the lives of others. It can be small things, like finding some stuff a villager dropped. Also, if a Creeper blows up a house, you can fix their house for them. The bigger the task, the more Reputation Points you recieve.

    Or you can be bad. If you steal something from a villager, you lose points, unless they stole it from you or someone else. Murdering villagers brings down lots of points, and destroying whole towns can change the fate of the gifts you recieve.


    Q: Holidays sound stupid! If Jeb considers this, I will never play Minecraft AGAIN!

    A: Don't worry, my idea also includes the ability to disable certain holidays. You can disable all holidays if you want.

    Q: I also hate the time thing...

    A: You can disable that too.

    Q: I like the holiday idea, but I don't think Minecraft Worlds should be only in America.

    A: I will find an "excuse". For example, for 4th of July, instead of America winning their freedom, they will celebrate the day the Enderdragon was banished to The End... Or something like that. I'll give a full list of excuses later.

    Q: I like better villages, but do I have to spend all my time with these caveman squidwards?

    A: I have a GREAT idea! Most villagers look like Steve. The current villager models are still used, but are less common, and are more likely to own a store than be a villager. I even plan having Pimgen spawn, but not as often. I will explain in a different thread, as I know that putting more than one idea in one post. So check for another post made by me.

    ----------------------------------------------------------------I will constantly think of more things to make this better. If you too have an idea or two, please post it. Also, please post your complaints about this system. This way, I can make it sound enjoyable for everyone. Thanks!
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    You know how you can use either default or superflat in the 1.1.0 update? I hope there is more. Before that, however, please, just... please, I hope Jeb makes slimes more rare in superflat. They have always annoyed me! They are loud, get in the way, and screw up my crops! (Not that they're important, as I farm just for the heck of it) Anyway;

    Superflat+: Like Superflat, just deserts, tundras, rivers, ect. spawn. Mountains must be ommited though.

    Islands: Like Default, except biomes are smaller and are seperated by ocean water.

    FLOATING Islands: This used to exist in Indev, and it was pretty cool, so why not revive it? However, I doubt it will, as the Sky Dismention will probably replace it.

    Unfair: This is based off of "Hell", which was also from Indev. It is far worse, however. Monsters will spawn even in PEACEFUL Mode. It is dark enough for monsters to spawn at day, but monsters at day are rare. Creepers are ALWAYS charged. Thunderstorms occur during almost every rainstorm. Zombies are replaced with the unused Giants. Water is replaced with lava. Spider Jockeys have a 80% chance of spawning rather than 1%. Monsters from the Overworld spawn in the Nether, and Charged Creepers are the most common. Did I forget to mention that Ghasts also spawn in the Overworld? All enemies spawn in The End. NPC Villagers are replaced with Zombie Pigmen. Sometimes, if you get close enough to a passive mob, it will turn into a Charged Creeper. Passives have a small chance of attacking you. Imagine playing an Unfair level in HARDCORE Mode!

    Civilized: NPC Villages are very common. They are usually close to each other.

    Lonely: No mobs will spawn, period. Houses in villages are stuffed with cobwebs. Time goes very slowly. Extremely rarely, you'll hear faint footsteps not from you. If you hear it, get prepared. A Creeper will jump in front of you and scream in your face, then explode, causing you to die. If in First-Person Mode, click immediatly to kill it. Stay out of third person, as it will still ambush you like it does in First-Person mode, except it's unstoppable.

    Extreme Mountains: Similar to Floating Islands, except you are on super tall mountains. The void is exposed, but it is white and covered in clouds.

    Post your ideas!
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    Quote from nerd-boy

    See the problem is I can't really add new enchantments without editing base classes. I can probably trick minecraft into thinking it's a sword for the purposes of enchanting and only use the sword enchantments. I will still have to figure out how to apply the effect to an arrow through.

    Give me time to implement the quiver before we start on enchantments.

    I like the quiver, this is basically what I had in mind for it (on the player model at least).

    As for the shield model

    and when not in use (sorry have no pics without arrows stuck in)

    This shield IS functional. Click my sig for the download.

    As I said above, I have the shields done. Functionality is a bit different from the description.

    After I have fixed a few compatability issues and got enchantments working OK will start work on either limited duel wielding or quivers.

    It actually was better to upload a pic with the arrows stuck on, just to show that it works! BTW it would be cool if you can make different shields, like for example, using glass will make a Mirror Shield, which reflects light, but has lower durability. Or possibly a joke shield, like a Tennis Racket, where you can hit projectiles to knock them back. But this mod is already cool!
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    Quote from butterfingersman

    Just to say something here, Sheep eating grass to replenish wool was added in Survival Test 0.30 :wink.gif:
    (That's one of the test editions of Minecraft, for those who don't know)

    It's cool that Notch/Jeb is reviving that feature. Maybe Zombie Armor will come back! However, I don't think Shears exsisted in the Classic era. I might be wrong.
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    Quote from nerd-boy

    Haha, the thing is we may never actually get official modding support. It has been something that was promiced months agao but we have not heard anything since then. Sure we may have more chance with Jeb in charge but i wouldn't hold my breath

    It is announced that the Modding API "will be released no sooner than March". So you all can raise your hopes! BTW I'd like to test it! I only have a few current suggestions: Shields with spikes, dealing a little damage to attackers, but with less durability. You should also make shields take effects from enchantments! I hope you like these ideas! :smile.gif:

    P.S.: I'd like the Beta one after the Modding API is released too! I would be more than happy to test them! I have no experience of modding, despite I try to learn, so I won't be able to test it until the Modding API is released.
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    I flinched when I saw this thread. Notch did a good job developing Minecraft, so I will miss him. However, I also do believe that Jeb will do a great job making Minecraft grow for the rest of it's lifetime. Jeb will probably do the same as Notch did and give Minecraft to another worker. Then that worker to another worker. Minecraft's developement will be a tradition! They will make a Kinect version, so players feel like they're in the world of Minecraft. Sci-fi fans say that in the future, there will be games with extremely realistic graphics that you can go inside of. If that ever exsists, Minecraft will be made for that thing! I believe that even when all of us die, Minecraft will continue to grow without dying! It will become better until all life ends! That's NOT going to happen, so Minecraft will exsist FOREVER! Anybody agree?
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    I have a great idea for making you own model! It might be slightly different than the rest of you guys. I don't like to brag, but I have so many suggestions of what Minecraft can use that I don't know what else I can think up of, but this took longest, so I just have to share this. Besides, I like the idea of character modeling. Anyway...

    You must use a template. The templates shapes like the default model and every mobile. If you click a square, you can either move it, rotate it, or change its size. You model's size limits are as small as a Silverfish and as big as 5 terrain blocks tall. You can also use that "bone" method mentioned by someone else. You can turn on X-Ray mode to turn blocks transparent and reveal bones. Bones are lines in the center of blocks. They can be set as "limbs", "torsos", "attacked objects", or "capes". You can set blocks as the "Head". Heads will face the camera and display your username in SMP/CMP. Any object jointed to the Head Block via bones will rotate with the Head. When finished, you can create a skin template.

    This can be used for inapropriate models, so here is my solution!
    If you enter a server, players can report a model for the an opp to see. It will show the skin, too. Then the opp can state his opinions and send it to the Admin. The Admin will decide what to do. This involves: Banning, Spawn Jails, :Lava: Pits, Loopkilling, and so on, but I recommend banning. This means players cannot have their character with their unessesary parts showing, being Adolf Hitler, ect. Admins can ban them even if it's not inapropriate, like being Justin Bieber, as long as the Admin hates Justin Bieber. Unless that player is acting as him, and players are encouraged to kill him. Admins can wear whatever they want, period. This is useful for avoiding people pretending to be you by wearing a similar skin/model and using a name-change mod. And the Admin can decide not to ban inapropriate models/skins, like if it's a World War II roleplay, and being a Nazi is nessesary. Or if that Admin is a perv and encourages players not to wear clothes, which is just gross.

    To prevent unfair bans: For example, if a Sonic Fanboy sees a player dressed like Mario, they might be childish by reporting him. The Opp can decide to ignore the report. Reports show the username of both the reporter and the reported, so the Admin can punish people for False Reporting. So that Sonic Fanboy should've just ignored that guy dressed as Mario rather than reporting him. To prevent conflict, I must admit I like both games to be fair. It shows the reporters' skin too. Here's why: For example, someone builds a Strip Club, and two players called AwesomeDude and CoolMan dress as inapropriately-dressed women. If they get mad at each other, AwesomeDude might use CoolMan's skin as an advantage and report him to get rid of him. So the Opp checks their skins, and both are banned. It also allows opps/admins to understand why the Sonic Fanboy reported the Mario-Dressed guy, in case he was wearing something Sega-Related.

    In Single Player, you technically own that world, so you can wear anything, no matter what. For SSP/CSP, you can also change the size of an object called a "Sensor Box". The Sensor Box is what detects other blocks, entities, ect. If your character is as tall as the 5-Terrain Block limit, it looks wrong when your character passes through a low ceiling as if it were transparent, so you can change your sensor box. Or for example, you can't fit through a hole because it's not two blocks tall, and your character is one block tall. Then there is the "Hitbox". Let's say your character is wearing a hat with a two block long cap(Don't ask), and a Skeleton attacks. It looks wrong if the arrows go through, and also if it hurts just from hitting the area above the cap. So that's what hitboxes are for. There is the "Crosshair Block", which cannot be resized, deleted, ect. It's not too serious, but if you're an Enderman, wouldn't it suck if your eyes are technically on your chest? You can move the camera block up to the face. Lastly, there is the "Zoom Box", which determines how close the camera is to your character in third-person mode. It can only be resized. Want to have a Hawk's vision? Well now you can! If this sounds too complex, you can use the "Auto-Box" option. This makes the sensor and hit boxes trace the main model's edges, as the Zoom Box is put in a suggested size and the camera moves to the Head's "Face" (which can also be set). If you are not satisfied, you can edit it yourself.

    Of course, these boxes can be majorly abused in SMP, so you will have the positions of the default human, no ands, ifs, or buts. This will prevent griefers from making their hitbox so small that it takes players forever to find it, if they ever do, or making their vision further than other players'. However, opps and admins can use it. For example, you might know about arenas, where either opps spawn monsters in the field or have two players fight. It gets old and repetitive when only players fight, so opps can make their character a dragon with a gem on its forehead, and only the gem can be hit. Opps can be de-opped by the Admin if he/she abuses this, or just at least disabled. Admins can always use boxes, period.

    I hope you like my idea! It might sound complex, but either me or someone else might think of a system that you might like more. But I hope my effort wasn't wasted. Thanks!

    No comments yet...
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    Quote from Keshboin

    I like the taunting idea, but I don't know how it is related to bicycles....

    I put Taunting because bikes have a bell to taunt enemies, so I thought that you should be able to taunt on foot. Rather than a bell, Extreme Bikes will play a motor sound. Consider them motorcycles.
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    Sorry if this was suggested by someone else before, or heck, if even this was already made, but there should be a Bike Mod. How to craft:

    L I
    I I I
    M M
    I=Iron Ingot
    M=Minecart(DON'T ASK)

    When placed, bikes will stand up straight. If you right click it, you will get on. Consider it as a minecart and boat hybrid. Pressing the U key will make you ring the bell as a taunt. This increases hostile mobs' search range until the taunt is complete. You can also do this while on foot, which makes you wave your arms in the air, but you are immobile for a half second. You can jump while on a bike. There is both natural and man-made ramps. Natural ramps are usually dirt, sand, or stone. They can be crafted by placing a block of your choice and a sword in the crafting area. It doesn't matter where the items are. You will recieve two ramps, and the sword stays, so don't worry when using a Diamond Sword! While you may build your own, there are Bike Parks naturally occuring in some NPC Villages. Your bike will drop as an item in contact with water and lava, and will drop also drop when falling from a huge height HOWEVER, you can create an Extreme Bike by mixing a diamond with your bike. These never take fall damage, jump higher, preform wheelies when you immediatly hit the S key while holding W, and if youre going fast enough, it will skate across water and lava. This is very useful if you want to have epic bike shows in SMP. Griefer protecting himself with a lava "forcefield"? Just zip over the lava and pwn him!! You should be able to use items while biking. What else can you do? You can have bike races, you can have bike fights(Where you chase and slice each other), both, and even more!
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    Quote from kbrideau

    you put a lot more thought into than i did :tongue.gif: that would be a pretty decent mod if someone could code it XD i like it

    Thanks! I always think up of new ideas for Minecraft, from taming spiders to more bosses(Like that mentioned). Sometimes I have stranger ideas, like rarely, it could literally rain cats and dogs! (Wolves spawn in mid-air during rain)
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    posted a message on Shield and Quiver Mod [ 2300+ Views!]
    You should examine the Adventure Update's logo. :steve_wink: is holding both a sword AND a shield! But I must admit that shields, quivers, and an "Other" slot for armor is a GREAT idea! I have more suggestions to improve this mod, but I'm not trying to steal the spotlight, I'm just trying to help. Parachutes can be crafted by:

    L L L
    S S

    If you jump, hit the J key wih the parachute equipped to expand it. You will fall slowly, and suffer no fall damage. You can press J to put away the parachute. You can also be more extreme by jumping off of a mountain and pressing J before landing. There should also be a craftable rocket. Crafted by:

    W=Wool(Any color)

    If you equip a rocket, while jumping, hit J to rocket into the air. You go probably like 100 blocks in the air! They are not very reliable, as they have low durability, but they can be crafted into jetpacks:

    R I R

    I=Iron Ingot

    Jet Packs are interesting. Press J to fly, and press again to cancel. If canceled on accident, you can press J again to fly again. While flying, the durability goes down VERY slowly. Once it depletes, rather than breaking, it will cancel your flight, and will slowly refill after a few seconds.

    You can also add a canon by placing both a Jet Pack and a Dispenser in the Crafting Area, no Table required! Rockets are used as ammo. You can shoot a rocket while holding nothing by right-clicking. If you mix a Rocket with a Redstone Torch in the Crafting Area, you will make Homing Missles. They home into mobs/players other than you. In Survival Test, Zombies wore armor occasionally. They should be able to wear JETPACKS occasionally! Skeletons should too, but they will shoot rockets at you. Very rarely, spiders will wear a jetpack! They always have a spider on them, too! Spiders shoot rockets, and Skeletons shoot arrows! SPIDER HOVERBOARD FTW! I would like to ride one lol! :laugh.gif:
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    It would be cool if the mod had 4 types of tornadoes: Mini Tornadoes can spawn rarely during normal rain. They are the size of an Enderman. It won't damage you, but it would just throw you in the air. This, however, causes fall damage. The mod should include a craftable parachute
    The parachute can be equiped in the "Misc." section in the armor(For capes, rings, ect.) I might post a new thread later explaining this. If you come in contact with a Mini Tornado while the parachute is equipped, it will automaticallye expand, making Mini Tornadoes useful.

    Tornadoes should be mobs. You can "kill" one using a sword only, any other methods of attack(including projectiles) will simply push them back, and projectiles will go through. They will drop 1-3Wind Emblem(s) upon "death". They have two crafting uses; You can combine an Emblem with a sword to make a Wind Sword. These do alot more damage to tornadoes. If the Wind Sword's durability reaches zero, the Wind Emblem will be returned, considering how hard they are to get. Wind Emblems can also craft Wind Parachutes, which are blue, unlike normal ones, and it has infinate durability. Bigger tornadoes do major damage to noraml ones, so stay away until you get a Wind Parachute.

    Normal Tornadoes ONLY spawn during lightning storms. Mini tornadoes can lift up plants(excluding trees), entities(Except Ghasts), and very rarelyweak blocks such as dirt, sand, ect., but normal tornadoes will pick up weak blocks more com mon. The blocks/entities will swirl around inside the tornado. Blocks will become Entity Blocks in the process. Weak blocks are never destroyed in Mini Tornadoes, but normal ones will throw the blocks in a random direction, although they are usually destroyed in impact with another block, they sometimes don't break and simply get placed at the impact area. Tornadoes never lift blocks under them. If a tornado comes in contact with a block too strong for them, it will bounce off. HOWEVER, tornadoes can occasionally "hop" over blocks. Normal tornadoes occasionally lift up wood, but rarely destroy them. Normal tornadoes are the size of the Enderdragon.

    There are also Fatal Tornadoes, which spawn in Fatal Storms. During Fatal Storms, lighting in fatter and more common. Sometimes there are a spot where lighting might go "gangster" on, where it rapidly strikes. Fatal Tornadoes slowly damages entities other than Block Entities, and does bad fall damage. The player might die in the process. It will destroy wood and rarely stone/cobblestone. Shelters for these storms should be made of obsidian.

    Lastly, there are Zero Tornadoes, which occur during Zero storms. Zero storms are rarer than seeing a Spider Jockey in a village, but are deadly. They only start after the Enderdragon is slain. The sky is all black, and the light level becomes 0. Rain is made out of acid, which slowly depletes your hunger bar. Sometimes a Zero Tornado spawns. If you touch one, a cuscene starts, where a shadowy human-like figure grabs the Player and stabs him, killing him, and respawning him. It doesn't matter if you have a parachute or not. Zero Tornadoes will chase the Player. If you defeat it, it will shrink into a fatal tornado, but it still acts like a Zero Tornado. It then becomes a normal tornado, and then a mini. Once the mini is destroyed, the shadowy figure isn't there, and a red Enderman appears. These are stronger than black ones, and will drop Mystery Emblems when killed. Did I forget to mention that acid rain doesn't hurt normal Endermen? If you combine a Mysterious Emblem with a normal or Wind Parachute, it becomes a Hero's Parachute. Then four squares form at the side of your inventory. These four squares are for holding four items that will respawn with you, and you cannot lose them no matter what, meaning you can't drop them, put them in chests, ect.

    If a Hero's Parachute is equipped while in contact with a Zero Tornado, you will go inside the tornado. While not logically being one, this is another dimesion like The Nether and The End. A cutscene starts, showing a boy similar to Beardless Steve with his head facing down. The Player turns his head in mystery. Despite you are logically flying, gameplay is the same, except you can jump again before landing. Now is the time to save. If you check your inventory you will notice that you have the Great Sword, a big spiked Broadsword with infinite durability, the Great Bow, which shoots physical arrows instead of real ones, and they hurt more. Consider that you have infinite arrows. AND you get a Bolt Rod, which shoots slow-moving electric orbs. Upon impact with a block or entity, lighting will strike the impact location.

    Once you approach the boy mentioned earlier, another cutscene starts. The Player will approach in caution. The Player looks down at the boy. The camera focuses on the boy. Then he quickly raises his head, revealing his blank, red eyes. Please note that there is no intended reference to that meme! The Player draws the Great Sword. Dialouge appears, saying "Pathetic human, do you think you can take me on?!" The boy's skin becomes lavender, and he grabs a Dark Blade. "Because I can take you on!" Then a battle similar to fighting a skeleton begins. The boy goes to the player's left, and then he lunges at the Player, but this is easily dodged by either moving out of the way or attacking the sword(NOT the boy). This sends him back, making him vulnerable. Or you can do the same attack method he uses, yet he can also stun you. You cannot use any other items in this fight. If you use another meelee weapon or punch him, it doesn't input.

    On top of the screen are purple hearts, and once they are drained, the boy lands on his hands and knees. He looks up, enraged, and says, "I think I babied you a little too much! I WILL KILL YOU NOW!" Then he yells with an adult voice, turning the tornado from black to red. It shows a Village in the Overworld. Villagers are watching the tornado with fear. A pig runs past the people. Then a Spider Jockey and a Creeper are shown far from the village and tornado, also watching. Then it shows inside the tornado again. The boys is still yelling with an adult man's voice. The screen flashes multiple times, and then stays white for two seconds. It fades slowly, revealing the boy's true form. It is a giant demon resembling Ganon from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, except it is red, is not pig-like, and has four legs and two arms. Then more dialouge starts. "You might have seen Creepers on your land. These are my minions! I will make ALL life perish... STARTING WITH YOU! PREPARE TO DIE!!!" Then another fight starts.

    The Moster attacks by breathing fire, throwing boulders that explode upon impact on the player, and slices with giant Dual Sword. To defeat him, you must shoot a fully-charged arrow from the Great Bow at him. He will get stunned briefly. This is long enough to shoot him with the Bolt Rod. Then he falls flat. You must rapidly strike him with the Great Sword to cause damage. Once he loses all his health, more cutscene starts. The player rapidly slashes him, then he sticks the Great Sword in his stomache. When he pulls it out, the monster uncontrollably screams, light shoots out of his stomache, he yells "I REGRET NOTHING!!! ...Except for dying!", and he has a brutal explosion. The tornado fades, sun shines on the Overworld, and it shows the village.

    The villagers are cheering. The Spider Jockey and Creeper mentioned earlier screams uncontrollably, eventually exploding. The Player lands in the village. The villagers honor him. Then the staff credits roll. Before the staff show, it says "This is the real end. The Enderdragon simply kept the monster hidden." Then the credits roll. Instead of the Mark Twain quote, it says "You are the true hero. Goodbye.", then the player respawns. The good news is that you keep the items obtained in the tornado. However, monsters and Zero Storms still occur, making it possible to fight the monster multiple times in one world. But at the end of the credits, it says "True heroes have good reasoning".

    I bet not even a mod can do that, but it would be cool! But I doubt that it would EVER be in the Vanilla Minecraft. But at least the tornadoes will do!

    BTW Tell me how you think!
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    posted a message on 11w50a?!
    I have watched multiple Youtube videos showing off "snapshots". I didn't care about tougher farmland. I was slightly impressed with sheep eating grass to replenish wool. But what REALLY excited me was Spawner Eggs for Creative! Call me a noob all you want, but I never saw these people's names in the Minecraft Staff Credits(After killing the Enderdragon). This suggests that these were pre-released. The problem is that IDK if they are avaible to public. The Duble Door glitch really annoys me, and I jumped out of my chair cheering after seeing the Spawner Eggs, so are these updates avaible to public? If yes, then how do I update .minecraft folder? Do I have to download something? Do you have to download earlier versions to acsess the Spawner Eggs? Are there any great tutorials to do so? If no, then is there any idea when these will be released? Please post a reply! Thanks!

    P.S.: I already Google'd these questions...
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