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    Looks like a good mod. If it crushes vehicles such as minecarts, that will make my factory alot better!
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    Here's how you craft a rocket:


    N= Netherack I= Iron Block O= Obsidian p= Blaze Powder x= Nothing

    Once the rocket is crafted, it can be placed as a block. It is 2 blocks tall. When right clicked, a map appears with circles on it. Most of them are black, but the ones around Earth aren't. Click a planet that isn't black to travel there. Here's the different planets:

    Safe Planet: It is like Earth, but it uses a seperate seed. Other than the different terrain, it is pretty much the same.

    Ember Planet: It is a field of red sand. There are trees, but they have dark yellow leaves. There are alot of ravines. There is a snow-like substance that is blue, which falls in certain biomes. Rather than rainstorms, there are dust storms. It makes it harder to see, and temporarely gives all exposed blocks and entities a red-orange tint. During these storms, a tornado can and will occur. They are slow, but they break weak blocks and send entities in the air, causing fall damage. There are alot of ravines, and the stone in the ground is also red. Ores generate as normally, but there is an infinite sea of lava over bedrock. Villages generate like normally, just without roads. Mobs spawn normally.

    Frost Planet: It always snows. Dirt and stone are light blue. Lava is very rare. Villages generate like normally. There are trees, but they always have dark green leaves. Mobs spawn normally.

    Ocean Planet: Grass, dirt, wood, leaves, sand, and stone are blue. There are bunches of tiny islands over a huge, endless ocean. It is possible for ravines underwater, and sometimes even huge holes that hits bedrock. There are no villages. Due to the difficulty of getting to the stone level, ores are more common. This biome is home to the Endersharks, which are found near bedrock. They never stray too far from bedrock, but be warned. There is also coral blocks underwater.

    Superflat: Very rare.

    Ember, Frost, and Ocean are also avaible as World Types.


    Making Custom Galaxies:

    When reading the map in the spaceship, there are 20 different planets. With a special device, however, you can make your own planet, or if you want, your own galaxy! When you right click the device, it asks if you want to be suprised or if you want to enter a seed. After that, you can choose what type of planet you want. You can also choose to make a recreation of a dream you had, which allows you to open up your previous worlds. Want to merge your castle with your city? Simply place a rocket next to the entrace of both worlds, and now it's possible!

    This can be very useful when making SMP servers, custom maps, and both at once.
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    I love this idea! It even inspired me to make a story for Minecraft. Thanks!
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    Quote from InfinateX

    I never found one... I guess you can add that as a rare item in dungeons. Or we can add Dragon's Lairs that spawn on mountain and in huge caves in mountain sides.
    The quickest way to get a Notched Pickaxe is to climb Throat of the World. The pickaxe is somewhere at the very top. It increases your smithing and does 10 shock damage.

    Here's some ideas for the Minecraft Notched Pickaxe: It can mine everything a diamond pickaxe can, and it has the speed and sadly the durability of a gold one. Here's why it's worth it: It duplicates the amount of drops from an ore block. If you have it where it gives you two ores instead of one, you will get four drops, and so on. If you mix it with a high enchantment, and you can make diamond armor from one ore! Another cool feature is that you can use it as furnace fuel. It lasts 30 seconds longer than lava, and instead of breaking the pickaxe, it slightly drops the durability.

    By the way, I though of an idea for specific dragon drops:

    Baby Dragon: 1 dragon scale, 1 dragon bone shard. Make a 2x2 area of shards to make a dragon bone.\Dragon: 0-3 scales, 0-1 bones.
    Blood Dragon: 1-4 scales, 1-2 bones.
    Mechanical Dragon: 2-5 scales, 2-3 bones. Unlike most dragons, it drop 0-2 gold ingots.
    Frost Dragon: 3-6 scales, 3-4 bones. Unlike most dragons, it drops 0-4 ice blocks and 2-6 snow blocks.
    Crimson Dragon: 4-7 scales, 4-5 bones. Unlike most dragons, it drops 10-30 torches and sometimes flint and steel.
    Ancient Dragon: 5-8 scales, 5-6 bones. Unlike most dragons, it will very rarely drop a Notched Pickaxe.
    Lightning Dragon: 6-9 scales, 6-7 bones. Unlike most dragons, it very rarely drops 1-4 diamonds.
    Netheric Dragon: 15-25 scales, 10-15 bones. and 5-10 eggs. Unlike most dragons, it drops 1-8 diamonds.
    Enderdragon: Two stacks of scales and a stack of bones. It will also spawn a chest, containing some very precious rewards.

    And maybe after this mod, there can be a "You Are The Dragon" mod, where you play as a dragon and attack villages! Nah, that would be too complex... But that would be very epic!
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    So You Are Minecraft was a sucsess, huh? I bet that a server like this gets attacked by griefers daily. I hope there is a YAM2!
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    I think I might have the solution for spawning stronger dragons! Instead of leveling up, you kill 10 of a dragon to make stronger ones appear. Blood Dragons appear after you kill 10 normal ones, Frost Dragons appear after you kill 10 Blood Dragons, and so on. I would love to see dragons having sieges against naturally-generated villages like they did in Skyrim... That would be the best Minecraft experience involving Testificates!

    Minecraft is a big game, and adding only 5 types of dragons makes it a minor addition. Here's a list of the extra dragons I thought of, from weakest to strongest.

    Small and green.
    Dragon- Normal-sized and brown.
    Blood Dragon- A bigger, green dragon.
    Mechanical Dragon- They are dark yellow, and some limbs have golden replacements. Slightly based off of Dwemer Automatons.
    Frost Dragon- They are white and ALWAYS breathe frost. They are weak to fire.
    Crimson Dragon- They are big and bright red. They usually breathe fire, but can breathe frost.
    Ancient Dragon- They are very big and dark orange.
    Lightning Dragon- They have a very bright yellow color. Their eyes glow. Unlike most dragons, they breathe electricity. Beware!
    Netheric Dragon- They are huge and red. They breathe either Nether Flames or Ghast Frost. They are rare in both the Overworld and The Nether.

    Last but not least... THE ENDERDRAGON! It is 10x bigger than normal, and alot more aggresive. It will breathe Void Matter. It does more damage than most dragon breath, and can rarely does some serious damage. It can teleport, too, but its heavy body makes it take longer... So it can still take an arrow in the knee! It will sometimes charge at you, which pushes you into the air, causing fall damage. Very rarely it will preform Void's Fate. The dark dragon with take a deep breath first, and it never turns his head until the attack is over, but it will do some extremely fatal damage. Sometimes it can kill you. If possible, you should tweak the death animation. Perhaps you can make it sink to the ground, then have an epic but harmless explosion, spawning the portal to the Overworld.

    I understand that some of this may be too complex, so ignore any ideas that is either really hard, impossible, or if it will take forever. If it will take forever to make skins for these, I may be able to cheat(not literally). HINT: It involves Microsoft Office 2007. If the programming is too complex for even the best modders, I will find a more simple solution.

    PS: Tonight, I will think about specific drops for these dragons.
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    posted a message on Terrain Seeds Are Useless! And Here's Why (Poll Added)
    When I played Minecraft 1.8, I loved to explore. I was so busy exloring that I was far from my spawn point before clicked a single block. These days, Minecraft's terrain is boring like Superflat, except that it's harder to build big castles. If Jeb hears about this, you are a hero!
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    HARDCORE MODE: Have a zombie chase players the whole time. While the player on the pig can throw snowballs at it, but only push it in traps. The op hosting the game will spawn another zombie shortly. While you can use other mobs, I recommend zombies due to their pathfinding.
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    At first I doubted that 1.3 would be exciting and worth it. Today? Too excited to wait! At first, I thought that exploring in Minecraft would be boring. With pyramids and jungle temples, I will definately leave no stone unturned(Literally!). Testificates were originally bunches of bald dudes with the smarts of a pig. They may become more advanced than NPCs from The Elder Scrolls.

    All that 1.3 needs is some new mobs, like mummies for pyramids, then we have the best update ever.
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    Mind. Blown. BEST MAP EVER! GREAT JOB! My eyes were wide when I saw 30% complete. After this, you should make a modern city similar to New York of today. Just one suggestion; I'm not trying to be racist, but can you please make a version where all signs are English? I wish I could know what buildings are instead of guessing. Despite that, the current language makes the city slightly more realistic. Keep up the good work!
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    It's being made? YAY! When it's done, I will download it.
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    This game requires the total of 9 players. There will be four teams of two. One player rides a pig, while the other lures the pig with wheat.

    The goal is to get to the finish line(Duh!), while avoiding obstacles. The player with the wheat lures the pig around obstacles, while the player on the pig throws snowballs at other players with wheat. There may be some leaf blocks in your way. The player on the pig must break them only.

    Only break LEAF BLOCKS.
    Only pig riders can throw snowballs, and they can only throw them at players with wheat.
    No placing blocks, dropping items, ect.
    No killing other players or their pig.

    The 9th player watches from above, disqualifying any cheaters.

    At first, you simply go around fences. Later, you must help your pig around deadly obstacles. When the time comes, you may push the pig or punch it. Late in the game, the 9th player is given zombie eggs, which are used as obstacles. Both players may attack zombies. If the server has the Elemental Arrows mod, the 9th player must zap the pig with a lightning arrow, and the two players must punch it to death.

    This cannot be enjoyed with mods allowing you to control pigs. Have fun!
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    It would suck if Endermen didn't pick up just blocks... They could pick you up! They will throw you in the air like a football, causing fall damage. If there is an obstacle nearby(Lava, long fall, cactus, ect.), they will throw you at the said obstacle. They will also pick up Creepers. The Enderman will shake it, getting it ENRAGED! Then he will throw it at you!
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    I'd love to see a mod like this. IDEA: The more dragons you kill, the more likely stronger ones will spawn. As you level up in Skyrim, harder dragons spawn, but there is no real leveling up in Minecraft.

    By the way, you should find a modder who has nothing to do. They might help you.
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