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    <--- Liked it as well.
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    Quote from Zymph


    Crowbar_Rebellion/Calicade- Looking forward to seeing you on the server.


    HappyBlueBerry- Alrighty, first off, your power gaming definition is a little wrong. You've got the basic idea, however. Powergaming in general is forcing RP upon other players without giving them an opportunity to react. However, your example, "*Thrusts sword, aiming for chest* Powergamer: *Uses invincibility magic* Fighter: “((What the hell man?)", is a form of powergaming. Either way, I think you get it. So the OOC portion is more or less, okay, and you should fair fine on the server.

    Second of all, your app was just.. Impossible for me to follow, I'm sorry. Let me go into further detail.
    - Your character must start out in one of the settlements listed in the OP. I'm sorry, but you may not hail from this Huertiin.
    - The names of your character.. and other character.. Made this too hard to follow. I ask that you remove the mechanic where after a character dies, you take their name, it'll really make my job easier and I'd appreciate you for it. You also sometimes refer to your character as Une and other times as Nahtalk.. and other times as one of your many other names.
    - Why is your character afraid of sheep..? And what was with that scene with the sheep?
    - Why did your character want to become an actor? Flesh that out a bit.

    Is your character supposed to be insane? If so, specify that somewhere in the app, don't leave it there for me and the other whitelisters to try and assume.

    Man, I gotta say, I can tell your app has potential, but this app was just a mess. Please do apply again and try and fix up the app, or just try and explain it a bit to me. You can get in contact with my on the enjin forum, send me a message anytime and I'd be happy to work out any communication errors we had.

    Good luck! :)

    Haha, Alright alright, I should have said "I have no idea why this would ever be accepted". With all honesty, I didn't think it was all that great either, in fact, I think the whole idea should be scrapped. I just wanted to see how far it would go. Test the waters. I'll make a better character right away. Sorry for possibly wasting your time, but it was hilarious to read your edits/comments on it. I am actually tearing up.
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    Out of Character Information

    IGN: HappyBlueBerry

    Real-Life Age: 17

    Do you have a Skype? If so, what is your Skype Name? (This is by no means required and holds no weight on your acceptance. We just use Skype a lot):
    Sorry I don't have one. If it is necessary, I can get one.

    Have you read all of the rules, agree to abide by them, and by the decisions of our staff?:
    Of course!

    What is the definition of “Powergaming”?:
    I think in an RP context, it has to do with making unconditional ultimatums. Example: In an RP fight. Fighter: *Thrusts sword, aiming for chest* Powergamer: *Uses invincibility magic* Fighter: “((What the hell man?))

    What is the definition of “Metagaming”?:
    It is when you take information, say, from the forums and allow your character to magically know it as well.

    What is the definition of “Roleplay”?:
    When you pretend you are someone you are not, creating a whole other life!

    Who can use flymod, X-ray and other such clientsided mods?:
    No one.

    When are you allowed to cause the death of another character?:
    When the both of you have decided how to do it and if it works with in an RP sense.

    When are you allowed to speak out of character?:
    When you put the double parentheses around your words, but you should probably not do it too much because it is boring and not RP.

    Have you read the primary server lore of our server and agree to roleplay in accordance with it?:
    Yes, I finally got my act together and read it. Hopefully I got it all… I’m positive I did. Also, yes, I agree to RP in accordance with it.

    Who is allowed to use magic?:
    Mages… who did the long process of becoming one. You need a degree of some sort then you can be accepted into the mage college. Even then I think you don’t learn any spells until you are fairly well into the college.

    Who are the Fallen?:
    The people who got separated in the “Raising”.

    When and how did our current government come to be?:
    The Church selected a new chancellor because they wanted to continue the period of relative peace and stability. This is about 284 AR.

    Who are the Order of Aradin?:
    They are guards of the whole Chancellery.

    What previous roleplay experience have you had, if any?:
    I played on the Silver Age server, Gamer ran it at the time.

    If you have played on other RP servers, please say which and why you left:
    Silver Age. I left because at the time, we used Spoutcraft and I was having some serious technical difficulties that I could not fix. Also, certain personal issues arose and I became less and less active until I just gave up and left. I am back now because I am interested once again in picking up RP. I might be quite a bit rusty in my RP skills, but I’ll try to improve them as time passes.

    Character Information

    Name: Une Nahtalk Iejue Qylic Uleji Egunoi

    Age: 35.55182132351358739333519573569

    Class: Craftsman

    Physical description: I’d say he is a thin, lanky man. Not much fat… or muscle for that matter. He doesn’t stand up straight either, giving him the impression of some sort of nocturnal creature. He has greasy, disheveled hair and an average, if not, slim nose. Deep-set eyes which seem to be in a state of perpetual staring. Pale white skin. He wears the jester outfit of his late acting master.

    Screen capture of your skin: Sorry that it isn’t all too official looking.

    Biography (Minimum 400 words. Cannot include loved ones being killed, kidnapped, tortured, or the like, unless you can do it in a non-cliche manner.): Une Nahtalk Iejue Qylic Uleji Egunoi was born in a town, Huertiin that was relatively removed from the rest of the Skylands. It was self-sufficient because of the fertile land it had come to rest on. His first name was Nahtalk. Une’s/Nahtalk’s family was the Uleji’s. They were a semi-average family living in Huertiin. It consisted of his father, Ghuod Uleji, his other father, Ujikl Uleji, his sister Yloia, and himself. He and his sister were adopted because neither Ghuod nor Ujikl could bear children. Ghuod was the town crier and Ujikl had set up his own psychological counseling center. The center was for the hunters that had years of bottled up feelings about not wanting to kill living things but doing it anyway. Nahtalk and Yloia went to school and participated in the town gatherings like all the normal Huertiinian townsfolk.

    After he had finished school at age 14 (this was the average age to finish at the time, Une is not some child prodigy), Nahtalk needed money to live so before choosing an occupation he wanted, he started working for the local morgue. The pay was as dismal as the scenery but he was fed and given a place to sleep. All the dead that came through were those of the many hunters and the occasional elderly person. The lifeless faces had frightened Nahtalk at first but his manager and owner of the morgue, Iejue Qylic told him that they were no different from anyone else so respect should always be given to them as if they were alive. The man was fairly close to death himself, but morgue work was not exactly physically taxing and the job of carrying the bodies was placed onto Nahtalk. On the inevitable day, Iejue Qylic died, but not before passing on his name to Nahtalk (as was the tradition of Huertiin, to take the name of one who has passed away in front of yourself). Iejue’s brother, Tyruike, took over and Nahtalk, now Nahtalk Iejue Qylic Uleji left the morgue. He had assumed he had made enough money to survive until he chose his real job.

    Nahtalk joined the local theater to try and become an actor. The owner, Hidge Tijun, placed Nahtalk under the ‘master’ performer, Egunoi. After a few months of working under Egunoi, the town of Huertiin experienced a huge economic and agricultural decrease. The river that supported most of Huertiin’s life was never large but with the drought, it completely dried up. This had only minimal effects on Nahtalk’s life because the acting company was fairly well off and had rations that could last the whole crew for a year, if necessary. And so business went on as usual.
    One day (Oh noes, the obvious "one day" plot changer) Egunoi decided to eradicate Nahtalk’s fear of sheep and he tied Nahtalk to a chair and sat a sheep in front of him, in Egunoi’s storage room/cellar. Egunoi would come in and feed Nahtalk and the detestable sheep every so often. The sheep ate horrifically with all the menace of a death god. It stared deathly at Nahtalk for a few hours at a time and then would stalk around the area. Then the sheep started talking to Nahtalk, “WhyaaamIhere?”
    Nahtalk didn’t have the mental willpower to answer. The shock of a sheep talking to him was too great, let alone his already established fear of the creature itself. The sheep asked another question, “Whodidthistome?”
    “He i-i-is the p-performer in our e-e-entertainment company.”
    “To- to train me to not be afraid of sh-eep.”
    “Ye-yes, I am afraid of you, so intensively afraid,” Nahtalk was beginning to tear at this moment. His words were becoming stronger but his nerves were not. The sheep seemed to frown, “Iaaamsorry, Ididnotmeaaantomaaakeyouaaafraaaidofme.”
    Suddenly, Nahtalk felt the urge to apologize, “No, no, its nothing personally about you, I just don’t like sheep in general…”
    “Iwilltrytogaaainyourfaaavorbylettingyououtofhere, yes?”
    “You will? Yes! Yes, please do so,” Nahtalk forgot he was talking to a sheep and then quickly said, “But how? You can't untie me.”
    “Idonotneedto, Ihaaavemymethods.”
    “Err… ok.”
    “Butbeforethaaat, whaaatisyournaaame?”
    “My name? Oh yes, Nahtalk Iejue Qylic Uleji.”
    “Aaapleaaasuretomeetyou, Naaahtaaalk. IaaamUne.”
    “The pleasure is mine, Une.” Une fell silent for a while and then abruptly spoke once again, “Itisdone, yourescaaapeisaaabouttohaaappen. Goodbye, Naaahtaaalk, wewillneverseeeaaachotheraaagaaain.”
    “Wait, what? Where are you going?” The door to the cellar opened and Egunoi shooed Une out of the room.

    –Time Passes-

    Nahtalk approaches behind Egunoi, “What ever happened to that sheep? The one you trapped me in the cellar with?”
    While not looking up, Egunoi says, “Ah, him, I killed him for food, can’t go hungry now, can we?”
    Nahtalk couldn’t see it, but he imagined a smile following that remark. Nahtalk raised his hands, the ash fell from the item unto the floor, and “I just want to say thank you for helping me rid myself of my fear of sheep…”
    Nahtalk opened his eyes to see the poker wedged deep in between Egunoi’s neck. Surprisingly little blood flowed, only once Nahtalk pulled the poker from Egunoi’s neck did a spray of blood shoot out and slowly trickle down his back and chest. Nahtalk took Egunoi’s name and costume and left the room.

    –More time passes-

    The mystery of Egunoi’s death was never solved. The drought was still at large so no one really paid any attention to it. A missionary arrives in town and teaches the wisdom of The Church to the town of Huertiin, along with better crop growing techniques for drought ridden times. A man of 35.55182132351358739333519573569 years old in a jester suit travels with the missionary back to the rest of the world.

    What is your character’s main goal? (Motivation):
    Une wants to continue his interest in acting as well as make a living off of it. Also, he would like to erect a statue of Une sometime in the future.

    Strengths (Both physical and personality):
    He is fairly good with his hands (No sexual innuendo intended). He is can be very blatantly honest.

    Weaknesses (Both physical and personality):
    He is a bit weird. He isn’t really strong in any sense of the word. He can preform manual labor at best. He is a bit of a hypocrite. He doesn’t have a strong grasp of morals.

    Will your character likely join an existing faction? If so, which? If not, why not?:
    Probably not, because I can’t imagine him in a strictly structured community.

    Does your character have any connections to currently-existing characters or characters yet to be accepted? If so, which? (See “Character Linking Aid”. Please post a link to the topic.): None.

    In-Character-Responses (ICRs. For each scenario, write at least a paragraph describing entirely in-character how your character would respond to the situation.Your ICRs will be used to see how well you can RP. Please post them as if in IC chat. An example can be found after this form.)

    Walking down the streets of the Capitol, you encounter a pair of heavily armed and armoured men harassing a young girl.
    Une: “Ah… I love the smell of hubris in the morning. Such a lovely endeavor made by the finest man has to offer.”
    ((If none of the men take any notice, Une continues on his way.))

    A man approaches you with a proposition - Go to Bloodstone and retrieve something for him, and you will be well rewarded.
    Une: “Oh yes, I’d just love to get my neck ripped out by who-knows-what. That would be fantastic!... Not a chance.”

    You pass an old man lying on the side of the street, begging for food.
    Une: “May I interest you in a new invention of mine? I call it ‘loaning’. I give you money and all you have to do is pay it back at a later date – with a little extra – How does that sound?”

    In a tavern, a slightly inebriated fellow insults your mother.
    Une: “No, no, no… you need to insult an area of my life that isn’t so obvious. You need to target a person’s real weakness when insulting. Using someone’s mother as the target is just indirect. Furthermore, mother’s are always targeted, people see it coming.”

    You take a liking to a beautiful necklace a passing woman wears.
    ((Um, Une wouldn’t do anything because it is not part of his character to care about something that has no value to him, physical or emotional value.))

    Do you have any questions about the server or our lore?
    Other notes:
    Sorry if the ICRs are a bit dull, I didn’t want to make the other persons seem unrealistic. I’d have to say it’s easier to RP with another real person. Also, the way I see Une is as a reactionary type, not one to randomly open conversation for very little reason. Furthermore, Une doesn’t have any normal morals so most of the scenarios just wouldn’t happen.

    Regarding the story, you may need to suspend believe for a bit of it, I was using limited 3rd person so it was in the mind of Une and he is a bit delusion. Especially at that time. However, that doesn't excuse things such as inconsistency or time lapse, so if things like that are a big problem, let me know and I'll fix them.
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    Minecraft Username: HappyBlueBerry

    Age: 16

    County/Time Zone: Eastern Standard Zone (US)

    Define Roleplay in your own words: Pretending to be someone or something your not and using imagination to create a world for that thing.

    Define Metagaming in your own words: Using information outside your RP character from sources like forums and implementing them into your RPing to gain superior and unfair knowledge.

    Define Powergaming in your own words: Not starting from the bottom such as starting where you are an all powerful pastry baker instead of a lowly intern to a pastry baker.

    Who are the only people who can use flymod?: No one. (Except maybe the occasional Admin). (But Gamer I did see you fly :P ).

    IC Information

    Character Name: Habeas Lebictus

    Character Path: Craftsman

    Character Race: Yarlak

    Character Biography (Should be at least 250 words):
    I, Habeas Lebictus, grew up in a small town house inside the safety of the New Cherzian walls. I lived with my father and mother, I was a late born baby. My two siblings, Caropius and Wrehn, were in their 20's at my birth. Corpius was studying to be a scholar in the art of literature while Wrehn was looking into recruitment for the army. I was unsure in which path I should take. They would -on regular intervals- try to persuade me to one side or another usually ending in an argument that would never escalate into a full-fledged brawl.
    I used to wonder what it would be like to learn about past literature or to skillfully impose onto somebody else, but then there was an idea. Simple in thought but compicated in practice: what if you brought those two capabilities together. I asked my father (as myself, a young man of 18, I still trusted my father to
    answer my most pressing questions). Anyway, I asked my father "What is it that creates to destroy?" He looked down at me and said "You are thinking of a Smith." The announcement came with a sigh of relief as my brothers were weary of their fights to win me over. On my 24th birthday, I was ready to leave the house and make a life for myself.

    Additional Questions
    (These should be answered in character and RPed out)

    Your character stumbles upon an injured man with the mark of an assassin group on his hand. You know that this is the Assassin's Guild's work. Do you help him? Or do you leave to preserve your own safety?

    *Stumble upon injured man*
    What happened??!
    -Injured man says what happened-
    You look mighty banged up, here come along to my house I have some medicinal supplies
    *Bring the man home and nurse him back to health.*

    You walk into Borikheim and a guard comes to you, telling you that you have been accused of treason. You know that you are innocent. What is your reaction?

    *The guard comes up to me and says I'm wanted for treason*
    *Puzzledly* What? What happened?
    -Guard says I am accused for plotting against the Empire-
    Can I have a trial because I don't think you have the right man?
    (I'd be as cooperative as I can be, but this senario has too many unknowns).

    A Cherzian is being robbed by two armed men. Do you help him/her? Do you flee?

    *Run for a guard or two at one glance at the two men*
    Come quick! A <Insert Gender Here> is being mugged!

    This is my second character on this server and I hope I put this app. in the right place.

    Also is the Bio more than 250 or is it short anyone want to figure this out?
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    Quote from EvilBanana5757

    Hmm... Is it just me or has the number of mages gone down drasticly?
    I think its people are getting bored of the class and (in Marcellan's case,) people are just leaving because of how unhelpful the college is to the rest of the world.
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    I have to admit I try to get some attention (to no avail as I am completely worthless as a farmer in a battlefield) but that is everyone for RP that is mostly made up as it goes along (such as we're didn't plan out every scene line by line). If no one wanted attention there would be little fun in the events.
    Guy runs up to the giant dragon valiantly attacking it with all his might just to smacked into the wall on the other side of the room.

    Everyone (including man from narrative above) cowers in fear. The dragon shoots a single fire ball at the crowd and they all perish in flames.

    Now tell me which one is more interesting to see in front of your eyes: The attention seeking warrior with good intent or the fear stricken crowd huddled in a corner?
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    Quote from MythhunterDere

    Okay i see the problem with the farmer class, but we still need the miner, weapon smith Etc. Since they are specialy suited to make weapons. they are definatly needed
    They are needed but since there is no monsters there is a limited need for swords or armor. This might change with the expansion.
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    Quote from gamer9726

    So we had a tournament... and it was crashed by two demons. Take a look at the arena now. It's a mess.
    Yea i saw that when I logged back on, its so confusing and hard to understand whats happening when you log off then back on a bit later.
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    We are in a state of instability with updating I think we are updating fairly soon but I dont know exactly when that is a question for Gamer.
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    Quote from MythhunterDere

    I support some of this. As a mage, i want to be able to have more spells but i would keep the different types of mages. i think it adds a bit of variety to the class. but i don't think every one should be able to use magic. Sure anyone can become a mage but i wouldn't want a swordsman to be able to cast magic. As so warriors and archers should have skills that only they can use. Taking away the class system will mean people wont need to buy since they can get everything they want. No one will use the shops when they can do the exact same thing for free. but having sword smiths and other rural classes that make things we cant there will be demand and they will have supply and they get money. if farmers are removed and any one can farm then the wheat will go down in price and will basically become worthless.
    The problem with not getting rid of farmers is that the farmer class (frankly) sucks, i play as it i cant sell my bread ANYWHERE. Wheat is worthless no one has money to buy it and if they did I doubt they would mages dont have to buy bread because of their canteen.
    Quote from MythhunterDere

    We need more professors at the school
    No we need less people at the college. The college is what is stealing players away from the far off towns and its ruining the economy.
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    I think we should not change the currency; the physical currency is a good RP element and the non physical Iconomy currency is harder to use than just a simple item.
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    What was up with the thousands of chickens in Ionia?
    I went around killing them because it was just a mess sorry if it was for a purpose?
    (Was this a necromancer thing is some out of RP thing?)EDIT: "...thing or is some..."
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    Quote from gamer9726

    Farmers will be given a free class change, but will still be able to use farmer tools because all classes will be able too.
    Ok that sounds good because I like my farm and home and amount of produce. When do you think farmers will be dissolved?
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    Quote from gamer9726

    And for the next expansion, I may take away the farmer class altogether and make it so that anybody can use their tools, since it is not very popular.
    What will happen to the current farmers they just make a new character or do we get put into something else.
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    Quote from Python199

    Proof mages are overused, overrated, and overpowered.WARRIORS FOR THE WIN!
    I do have to say that mages are overused, I dont know about overpowered and overrated might be a bit harsh. They are too greatly used and Gamer should close them off to anymore people because although we have a "balanced" amount of classes now, if mages arent closed more people will want to switch from the borrowing life of a miner or farmer or blacksmith to be the adventurous and mystical mage.
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