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    posted a message on Harvest Block [18+ Only][Anti-Grief][Spigot][Vanilla Feel]

    Birth Month/Year (mm/yy): 10/21/1997

    Minecraft Username: HangleMcCrangle

    Do you understand what we stand for?: Yes, the community comes before the individual.

    Have you ever been banned? (If so, tell us why, and please be honest. Having a ban doesn't mean an automatic rejection.): No

    Are you ready to participate and become a part of our community?: Absolutely!

    Please tell us a little about yourself? IRL, I love to play a variety of sports. After graduation here in a couple months, I will be attending Kent State University for college studying Computer Science. Overall, I'm a pretty laid back guy who's very easy to get along with. Definitely not one to start any trouble.

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    Name: [/b]Parker

    IGN: [/b]HangleMcCrangle

    Age: [/b]17

    Do you use teamspeak? [/b]Not typically, i'm more likely to use skype however if needed, I can.

    Have you ever been banned? [/b]Nope!

    Why do you want to join this SMP? [/b]I would like to join this server because I've been away from the game for a while and some of the new updates that have come out inspired me to get back into the game. I have always liked to play on pretty strictly vanilla servers, so I ended up here!

    What are you the best at on SMPS? [/b]I think that I am at least a relatively decent builder.. But for the most part, I enjoy the mining and exploring part of the game!

    Do you accept the rules? [/b]Absolutely!

    Timezone? [/b]EST

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    Youtube channel (if you have one) and if you plan to record: I do not have a channel, and do not plan on recording.

    Minecraft username: HangleMcCrangle

    Your age: 17

    How often do you get on Minecraft?: For the most part, every day however, with school and soccer, there will be some nights where I wont be able to get on the server. As far as soccer, I travel quite a bit so, there will be an occasional weekend where im unable to get on the server simply because I'm not home.

    Why do you want to join this server?: I want to join the server because, I have been searching for a vanilla server that has a good, mature community for a while. I think that this may be the server that i've been looking for. I love to get to know everyone in the community, and with the weekly events y'all will be hosting, I think there is a very good opportunity to do just that.

    Tell me a little bit about yourself: I'm 17, love to play soccer and I am from the USA. In my free time, I like to play video games and listen to music.. My favorite artist is Kid Cudi. For the most part, I am pretty laid back and very easy to get along with. Outside of that, theres not a whole lot to know.. im a pretty simple guy :P

    What is your favorite thing to do in an SMP community?: My favorite thing is getting to meet new people and doing community events so that the community has a real tight-knit feel. Have you read the rules and do you agree to them?: I have read the rules and do agree with them.

    Do you have TeamSpeak and are you willing to use it?: Yes and yes!

    What is your Skype?: x2xdabeeflicks

    Do you have any questions for me about the community or the server?: Not that I can think of!

    What would you do for a Klondike Bar? Well, personally I'm not a HUGE fan of chocolate so I mean, I'd commit like a small crime, maybe kick over a trash can or something ;)
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    posted a message on (CLOSED) Look at new post!
    IGN: HangleMcCrangle

    Age: 17

    Skype (Send me a PM if you’re not comfortable to put it online): x2xdabeeflicks

    What time zone/part of the world are you from? Eastern Time Zone, from the USA

    A little about your life: I love to play soccer, I travel quite a bit for it, so there will be some weekends where I wont be able to get on Minecraft simply because, I'm not home. I have a job, I work 3:30-6:00 PM, Monday-Friday. I have 2 brothers, one younger, one older. I have a dog, his name is Rowdy and he is about 1.5 years old. Other than that.. There isn't much going on, I'm a pretty simple guy :P

    What’s your experience with Minecraft? I have been playing Minecraft for about 2 years now.

    How much will you play, and for how much time per week? (Will you be casual/active?) I should be on a bare-minimum 1 hour a day so anywhere between 5-20 hours a week. As I said earlier, I have a job and sometimes soccer/ schoolwork will prevent me from being on a ton but, I'll be on whenever I can!

    How do you think you can contribute to the server? I think that I can bring forth a mature and fun attitude. I am very easy to get along with and would love the opportunity to get to meet some new faces. I love to do stuff with the community so if there are events or anything going on, you can count me in! I would love to participate in any community builds going on such as mob farms and things of that nature.

    What is your favourite block? Andesite

    What is your experience on servers? Have you been banned on a server before? I used to play on a server called "MatvorCraft" where I was an Admin, it has since been shut down. I have played on several other purely vanilla servers that have been shut down for the most part. I have never been banned.

    Will you be willing to donate a little (a few dollars) to help with the server? It is very possible.. I will have to check the server out and everything before I commit to that ;)
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    posted a message on OminousPie
    Is the server still up?
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    posted a message on *Mindcrack Like* A Decade Of Statues SMP Server Accepting Applications Ages: 16+
    IGN: HangleMcCrangle

    Age: 17

    How long have you been playing and whats your favorite part of Minecraft?: I have been playing for about 2 years, my favorite part is mining.

    How often will you be able to play?: For the most part, everyday for at least an hour. There will be some days that I wont be on due to soccer or school.

    Rate your building potential on a scale of One to Ten (Ten being the best): 6-7

    Whats your area of expertise? (ie Builder, Miner, Redstoner,etc.): Miner

    What kind of player are you? A loner? Community? (Theres no wrong answer): I'm more of a community player, I like meeting new people and doing some different kinds of things with the community.

    Have you ever been banned for any reason? (Yes doesnt automatically mean you wont be accepted): Nope!
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    posted a message on MineWarp Vanilla Server [Whitelisted] [Youtube!] [Epic Builds] [Strictly 16+]
    Name: Parker

    Minecraft Name: HangleMcCrangle

    Age: 17

    Skype: x2xdabeeflicks

    Will You Do A YouTube Series: Unfortunately no, I do not have the equipment to do so.

    Minecraft Play Style (Builder, Redstoner, Modder, etc.): Miner/ Builder

    YouTube Channel Link: N/A

    Why You Should Be Accepted: I should be accepted because I am a mature and laid back guy. I get along with just about anyone and don't ever really get mad or rage. I'm decently social and would love to get the opportunity to meet some new people. Of course, I have read (and accept) the rules so, I know what is expected from members on the server.

    Major City Around You (For Timezone purposes only): Cincinnati

    Few Words About Yourself: I worship bacon religiously ;) I love to play soccer and travel quite a bit for it so, there will be some weekends where I'm not on the server because I'm not home. Along with that, depending on my homework load and whether or not I have practice, there may be some week nights where I'm not on so much either but, I will be on as much as I can. Hope to see y'all soon!
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