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    posted a message on Monster Hunter Frontier Craft 1.4.8 `Updated to 1.12.2 - Rathalos , Kirin, Akura Vashimu are Back !!`

    Your mod crashes the server.

    Error from the log:

    07.09 19:59:54 [Server] Server thread/ERROR [FML]: Caught exception from mhfc (java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/mojang/realmsclient/gui/ChatFormatting)
    07.09 19:59:54 [Server] Server thread/ERROR [FML]: A fatal exception occurred during the server starting event

    (Let me know if you need the full log)

    Game/mod versions:

    Minecraft 1.11.2





    Seems like people have posted a similar problem but the issue definitely is not fixed and this is the mod from the "Official Download" on the first post of this thread. If you've got a fix please upload it to the first post or reply so that we can use it on our server. Thanks!

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