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    Quote from PsiQss


    From what I understood from the wiki, they explode immediatly after falling near the player. Never saw an actual creeper explode after taking falling damage though.

    When a creeper takes fall damage, it will prime itself to detonate immediately, but won't actually explode unless within range of the player.

    An easy way to see this is to shoot a creeper off of a cliff or a ledge, you'll notice that when it hits the ground it will flash white in addition to red and grow like its about to kaboom.

    Another easy way to observe this is hang out in a ravine and watch them fall. Though usually when this happens, it's because they fall on top of you and explode on you. Haha.

    It's also important to note that I play on Hardcore mode, which means the game is locked on hard difficulty. Creepers love to explode on hard even when you're outside their explosions damage radius. And a point blank creeper explosion will kill you with full iron armor on.

    2/3's of the time, when I die on Hardcore, its because a creeper fell on me in a ravine or cave.
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    Quote from Zaibach

    lulz seems like the multiplication is being triggered by the enviornmental damage that the zombies are taking when they burn in the day :P This clearly falls under working as unintended but hilarious

    I'll say. Still a nasty surprise to have zombies falling out of the sky to land behind you and hidden amongst the other zombies moaning.
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    As of this most recent snapshot, playing on a new hardcore map to enjoy the features as usual, I can't help but notice the fact that zombies, and I mean this quite literally, start raining from the sky during sunrise. A side effect of the "zombies can multiply" feature.

    Unfortunately as you can imagine, with enough zombies, I'm seeing near exponential zombie population explosions happening.

    Glad its not creepers, because (unknown to most players AND the wiki) they prime their detonation IMMEDIATELY upon taking fall damage. Haha.
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    Technically, you messed up the info on Potions of Haste and Potions of Dullness, since potions have opposite effects on undead, Haste would slow down zombies and skeletons, while Dullness would speed them up. Much like how Healing Harms and Harming Heals.
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    I remember on a hardcore map my house wasn't even on a swamp biome but there was one about 50 blocks away and even then the sheer amount of slimes that would wander around my house or follow me home would just drive me crazy, not to mention all of the baby slimes that would occupy the 1 block deep water making a constant slapping sound all freaking day long.

    In a single day I would wind up with over a stack of slimeballs and wake up the next morning to see another horde of them waiting for me.
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    Quote from BrindIf

    Let's go for a fight then!

    The ghast (thanks for the name) went away, I'll see if she comes back, or I will go and explore.
    Would lava do the trick? I've got a bucket.

    Eeynope! Only a fire source or explosion can reactivate it. Just sit around the portal and wait, another one is sure to spawn soon.
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    Get it to shoot the portal again. Or if you manage to get the materials from the other Nether mobs, make a one use flame charge.
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    Well, assuming you had an infinite source of arrows then by all technicality a bow is better since you don't have much of a risk of the target shooting you back. But I prefer the sword, hiding is for cowards.
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    Quote from Jeeffee

    Very good guide, can't wait to see more added.

    Updated the last 3 mobs of the guide.
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    Oh absolutely and positively horrible enchantment to get when you spend 30 levels on a item. Sure you can one shot spiders into kingdom come, but they are already horribly weak and easy to kill anyways.
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    The Guide IS unfinished, and I WILL be adding on and continuing it later.

    Hello! HandofCreation0 here to provide you with a cumulative guide on how to survive on Hardcore Mode in Minecraft!

    As a veteran of Minecraft survival and PvP for over 2 years some of this knowledge may surely come in hand to both veteran players and beginners alike!

    This guide shall be split into a few different categories that should be pretty easy to discern.

    The BIGGEST tip about playing Hardcore Mode is to have fun! Every death you suffer is a learning experience and should be taken lightly. Even if you've cleared out a fortress and killed the Enderdragon, and then die sometime later, you shouldn't be angry about dying. I've never been mad about dying before.

    The Basics:

    - Upon the creation of your world, the first thing you will want to do is get a grasp of your surroundings and any passive mobs on the surface you see. Also take not of any features you see such as cave entrances or Sugar Cane stalks, which will come in handy later.

    - After you have a basic understanding of your surroundings, immediately chop down a tree to get some logs and make a workbench and a wooden pick, sword and axe. The axe will let you gather materials and quickly build a house for your first night faster than what your hands will. The pick will let you gather any stone and coal you need to build a furnace and make torches for the first night.

    - Your sword is your most trusted and useful tool, not having one is virtually suicide, even during your first day, you never know when a creeper might crawl out of a cave and put an end to your little adventure far too prematurely.

    - If your sword breaks and your in a bad fix, use your axe! It does the next best damage to mobs and is better than nothing!

    - Don't kill off all of the passive mobs around your house! Leave at least 2 of any animal around your house, especially cows and pigs. Travelling for hundreds of blocks to find another herd of animals to bring back home isn't fun and time consuming.

    Mob Guides:

    The Zombie: Zombies are pretty much a pushover when it comes to fighting them, even if you don't have armor or a good sword, a horde of 2 or 3 isn't much of an issue.

    However, if you are unarmored and have weaker weapons, should you encounter zombies along with skeletons, you should take great care to dispatch them carefully... or just run if you must, a few zombies aren't worth dying for. Be careful if you are exploring a ravine or large open cave though! Having one drop down on you from above can be quite surprising and might knock you into a nasty situation.

    The Skeleton: Perhaps the most annoying and frustrating mob to go against, especially as of 13w03a, they are capable of shooting you from up to 15 blocks away, often surprising you before you even have a chance to hear them in an open environment or in cover. Be careful along narrow ledges and ravines, getting shot by one can knock you into it and cause you to fall to your death or put you in a VERY nasty spot.

    Encountering and trying to engage a group of 2 or 3 of them without armor or a bow is stupid and will likely get you killed, just run from them. Or if you encounter one with armor, when you don't have any yourself, it is best you just avoid it for the time being.

    As of the most recent snapshot they will rapidly shoot at you should you approach them in close range, dealing a good bit of damage to you, even in armor, and knocking you around and away from them quite a bit. This has made skeletons virtually impossible to fight in water or against streams and even more annoying than usual. Take extra caution in these environments now.

    The Creeper: Yea, you know what this thing is and what it does, but of course you should still read this guide on it.

    The creeper is a silent killer, making little noise on grass and dirt, and virtually silent on stone. Even in full iron armor, a point blank explosion from a creeper WILL KILL YOU! Should you be mining or other be preoccupied and you hear one hissing up behind you, IMMEDIATELY turn around with sword in hand and at least knock it away from you with one hit and try to block the explosion with your sword! You will probably still take a good bit of damage, but it will more than likely save your life

    When you're on the offensive and you are openly attacking them, take care if there are any skeletons around them, as a shot that hits the creeper might put it directly in your face, causing it to explode far too close to you.

    If you exit your house after dawn breaks and are in a forested area, take care and be observant, creepers may be hiding out of your sight and can give you quite a nasty surprise during the daytime.

    IMPORTANT! Although this is not listed in the Minecraft Wiki, what I am about to say IS an observed behavior of the creeper that I have both seen and been affected by with deadly results. Whenever the creeper falls from a height, it WILL BEGIN TO PRIME ITS DETONATION! It even does this when it is not remotely close to the player or any mobs in general. Should a creeper see you and fall from above to attack you and lands right next to you IT WILL EXPLODE ALMOST INSTANTLY! You will have NO TIME to react to it. Unless you have full diamond armor or armor enchanted with Blast Resistance, this is almost guaranteed instantaneous death, and has happened to me on multiple occasions. If you are exploring a ravine or a cave, do take care and keep an eye out for creepers above you.

    The Enderman: Not nearly as destructive or annoying as people make it out to be, but should you accidentally look at one, or openly attack them, take care, they are a powerful opponent and can kill you in just a few hits!

    Combating them is pretty simple, but be very careful. Only attack them if you have iron armor on and a iron sword or better. They have a lot of health and do a lot of damage, should you be unarmored and under-armed and look at one, don't try to fight it, take cover!

    In the End: Assuming you've survived long enough to make it to the End to fight the Enderdragon, always keep your view pointed upwards, you have enough to worry about with fighting the Enderdragon, getting attacked by 2 or 3 Endermen while there is a guaranteed game over and all of your hard work was just for naught.

    Zombie Pigmen: They are peaceful, and won't bother you as long as you don't attack them or accidentally hit them with a Ghast fireball you reflected. (This WILL make them hostile towards you most of the time!)

    Should you be brave (or stupid) enough to attack them, take EXTREME CARE! This will make ALL OF THEM IN A WIDE AREA HOSTILE TO YOU!

    They are extremely fast, numerous, tough and deal a ton of damage, in iron armor, they deal 2.5 hearts of damage per hit, which means if you get cornered by a swarm of them, your screwed. Run if you must!

    Blaze: The Blaze is an annoying enemy, it can set you on fire, fly, and has a powerful melee attack.

    I'd rather avoid them, but being necessary in the potion making process forces you to fight them. The easiest way to tackle them is funnel off their spawner and let them come at your one at a time.

    Another alternative in an open environment when they spawn naturally is to snipe them from afar with a bow.

    If you need to run from them because you're on fire and about to die then do so! There isn't any water around in the Nether to save you!

    Once you have potions of Fire Resistance, they become virtually harmless, although you still have to worry about getting melee'd by them, they otherwise prove a pushover and are a great way to farm experience if your into that kind of stuff. (Over 2 years of play and I've never built a mob grinder.)

    Enderdragon: The Enderdragon is long sought out for the vast amounts of experience it drops when killed, as well as its trophy the Ender Dragon Egg. Killing it is actually quite simple, although it requires some precision shooting or snowball spamming. I've killed it a few times, and it has killed me a few times in turn as well.

    You should prep by bringing your best gear, about 2 stacks of arrows and a few stacks of snowballs if you wish.

    The first thing you want to do once you arrive in The End is look for this monstrosity and always keep your eyes on it. Should you spawn away from the main mass of land there then you want to get there as soon as freaking possible. I've noticed it seems to dive bomb FAR more often at you if you are away from the mainland. Once you are on solid ground and have your sights on the Obsidian towers, if the tower is low enough, you can spam snowballs at the top of the tower to destroy the crystal, slowing the rate the dragon gets healed at, and forcing it to heal at other towers. If it is taller, use the bow, but don't waste too many arrows! Save them for the dragon!

    Still remember to keep an eye on the dragon at all times and ALWAYS keep your eyes above the general landmass, lest you want to look at Endermen and get killed by them as well.

    It can take some time but once you have most, if not all of the Towers destroyed the fight becomes much simpler, just stand in one spot away from the intact towers if you must and just wait for the dragon to dive at you, then pump one or two fully charged arrows into its face when it gets about 15 blocks away from you. Then rinse and repeat the process, if you are successful, give yourself a pat on back, grab that egg, the experience, some End Stone if you want it and head home! Congratulations!

    Wither: The Wither is a truly terrible and powerful mob, I have tried to take it on twice and both times it sealed my fate.

    The biggest tip I can give you is PREPARE! PREPARE PREPARE! Try to fight the Wither in a very small 3x3 manmade tunnel that is about 100 blocks long, bring tons of potions, buckets of milk and a lot of guts. Should you fail to kill it and flee from it, it will continue to rain death to anything and everything it sees. It can destroy any and all blocks except bedrock (of course.) and will burrow through the ground to reach its target.

    Otherwise, not even I have managed to kill it, and the time it takes to farm the Wither Skulls and risk it all for a beacon, not to mention the low experience it drops, is it even worth trying to kill?

    Advanced Survival: After you get the basics all done and over with!

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    Want the game to be harder? Here's some ideas.
    • Take off your armor
    • Wear leather armor
    • Don't fully light up caves
    • Play nomadic, don't make a permanent home and leave your location every sunrise.
    • Play Hardcore Mode
    • Don't light up your home on the outside
    • Go out and kill stuff at nighttime
    • Have staring contests with Endermen
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    Quote from Tompie913

    When I use this pack, I don't see any clouds.

    The Creator of this texture pack removed clouds from the textures for his own personal taste, just copy and paste the original clouds to where they would normally go and you'll be fine.
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    I'd love to see some actors to help me out and take some of the load off of my back, I am about to start college and working a job, I might not be as available to help play Rick as much.
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    It should also be noted that we are looking for dedicated people who are hopefully going to stick around, seen a lot of one timers helping us, people who just show up once, and then we never see them again.
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