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What I don't understand is how Nomies (Normal people, You know the ones) Go around thinking their Just, Oh I don't know evreything. When in reality, they suck. I swear I was blamed for something I didn't do. Nearly everyday I'm blamed for something. Everybody knows I didn't do it, but theres always that group of people who just ruin people's lives. You know the group. Theres always one. And then you got the smart people ( I am proud to be part of) stuck with a bunch or Normies. Normies who copy OFF OF YOUR ANSWERS!! That just grinds my gears, up until the point where they're just nothing more than a pile of dust. ANd you know what else? I'm just pissed off at the fact they can't comprehend ANYTHING I say. They say its like I'm speaking in a foreign language. When we're all speaking english. Now I swear my gears have been ground to the breaking point. And my temper may be a little iffy at times, but by reading this you know. You know of what certain peoplehvto go thugh. And its better off just being ignored. I was for the longest time. I admit this, but hey I'm proud of what I've done. I'm just a quiet timid person. Just ask my friend from long ago. They know, they know.
Interests Alto Sax, Music, books, art, Papercrafts, Minecraft

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