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    posted a message on what do you want to see in MCPE 0.16.0/1.0.0

    I don't want to see any "version exclusive" features. Period. The sooner MCPE is brought current to the feature set of Java Minecraft, the better... Then we can start to see interoperability between all versions and who knows *BLASPHEMY ALERT!* maybe make the leap to all versions being written in a common language (C++) and being merged into a single product?

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    posted a message on An April Apology
    Shouldn't there be a policy against creating new threads instead of nerco-ing old ones to cut down on the thread count? (I'm sure there's a linen joke in there somewhere...)
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    posted a message on To Mod Creators: Copyrights and Malicious code
    My 2 cents, for what they're worth...

    This is why "standard" EULAs and other legal documents are wrapped in so many pages of legalese that the average person's eyes glaze over at the first sentence. Such documents are usually quite clear an succinct in their language, leaving no leeway for arguing about meaning when read by another lawyer.

    Mojang's attempt to express their EULA colloquially has led to the multitude of interpretations seen these past couple of days and is partially generating the bad juju seen in the forums recently. If they had left the language to the lawyers I don't think the reaction would have been as great.

    When trying to write legal documents in plain language you open up each and every word to arguments about actual intent of meaning as opposed to interpretation, as witnessed by Bill Clinton's "definition of the word 'is' " defense argument in the late 80s, after all.
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    Funny... It's still in my installation of 1.7.4.

    Opening screen --> Options --> Video Settings

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    posted a message on Minecraft Weekly News: Pre-Release 1.7.3, Redstone Handbook & ModJam 2013!
    Quote from Marko413

    They have been working on the api, but the groundwork for it takes a lot longer than the things we see. It's no far off from when you see a construction crew building a new home or building. What takes the longest? The foundation. Seems like they stand around the empty lot for months doing nothing. Then suddenly when the foundation is set and done, a building seems to appear overnight. After that, the slowdown is all the minor details inside the structure.

    It's no different with the API. Most of the recent updates have included something that is setting a foundation for a modding API. It takes a long time and it seems like they are doing nothing. Then some day you'll suddenly see them announcing all these new things we can actually work with on the API and we will be like, "took you long enough!" In truth, they were always working, it just took a long time to lay the groundwork.

    For the record I'm not pulling this out of my butt, I do software development for a living. You'd be surprised how many months you can spend on the functionality of one button. Building a game with a modding API from the start is a lot easier than adding one to an existing game.

    One thing you've forgotten to mention... They are also trying to retain a shred of backward compatibility so all the mods won't have to change overnight, as is the case with the Numeric/Named block ID change, Modders still have a while before having to change, since both are still working at this time, but the smart ones will adapt early.
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    posted a message on (random question) what if minecraft was going f2p?
    Quote from FromAndToMC

    guys, what would you think of minectaft if it was going f2p?(f2p = free to play)
    just think about it as if it was tf2 or some other game.
    i appreciate every thought.


    In order to go "Free to Play" Mojang would have to come up with some sort of micro-transaction system or go out of business/shut down MC as a cash drain. Nobody would buy it anymore.

    I play an MMO called Dungeons & Dragons Online. It's been around since 2006, but "invented" the most successful micro-transaction system so far when they went "F2P" a few years ago...

    Most game essential items are available for free... Weapons, treasure, etc. There are a few "incentive items" for things like pre-purchasing the game on '05, remaining a subscribed customer, etc.

    Most content is available, but a lot has to be purchased by "Premium" players (has spent cash on the game) or "F2P", which immediately bumps them to "Premium". Subscription customers get all access except for the two expansions (so far) that everyone had to buy.

    Would you like MC more if instead of buying the game outright you had to pay $15USD for access to "The End" or "The Nether"?

    How about if access to breaking obsidian had to be earned via some type of in-game currency?

    Worse, suppose they sold advertising that logo-stamped various blocks (This Cobblestone brought to you by Slurm Soda)?
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    posted a message on Can I go to prison for playing cracked Minecraft if I bought the game?
    You probably needn't worry... There aren't enough prisons to hold all the Game/Video/Music pirates in the world.

    Unless they decide to just shoot them... jk :D
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    posted a message on When will 1.7.2 bukkit updates come?
    As I understand things MCP needs to be completed before any of the other loaders can even start to update.
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    posted a message on I only get 1 hour of minecraft a day is that fair
    Quote from Frog81

    Bah, sometimes the parents think we're all bots or alt accounts or something anyway which just makes it worse. Also, considering the last time someone asked for dating advice our main 2 ideas were dueling and becoming homosexual, we aren't very good with advice anyway.

    The point I'm making is that a lot of pre-20s out there put too much importance on what opinions from a faceless horde are worth, thanks to so-called "social media"... What good are a lot of opinions of strangers who 1) have no say in the situation to begin with and 2) might be saying things trying to be funny?

    Trying to get said opinions and use them is like arguing "But everyone else gets to...", and that probably works as well as it did for me 40+ years ago.
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    posted a message on Anyone else think the Acacia wood is hideous?
    If I don't like the color of a specific wood, I convert it to charcoal. Problem solved.
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