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    Hello people of minecraft,

    I have now six minecraft maps that I created and I am putting it in
    one post together. These maps have been fixed from any huge mistakes that happened while
    making it, so they are not fully the same as the original from my other posts. These
    maps are not a series, they are all just single maps. The time is estimated by if you
    have not seen the maps yet and/or do not know where the wool is.

    The main objective of all these maps are to find Wool to complete your teams
    Supremacy Monument. The Wool can be found in a chest located somewhere on your teams lane.
    First team to complete their Supremacy Monument wins.

    For those who do not know Complete the Monument
    Complete the Monument is a PvP/PvE type of game. The map is divided into two identical lanes
    that run parrellel to each other. The lanes are each 16 blocks wide and players cannot
    leave their lane. Players are allowed to craft, mine, and place blocks in their lane and
    can do anything in order survive (that does not interfere with any other rules). Each
    team must find wool to complete their Supremacy Monument. First team to do so wins. You
    cannot dye or craft your own wool for the Supremacy Monument. Players are allowed to
    injure, kill, or slow any opponents on the other lane with range weapons only. This
    includes but not limited to; Cannons, bow and arrow, and TNT. Remember your opponent can
    fight back. Gamemode must be on at least Easy, but never Peaceful.

    What do you do in Complete the Monument?

    Once the game starts, players must stay in their lane at all times. If a player dies and
    respawns at the Respawn Point, they must re-enter their lane only.

    If a Player is pushed outside of their 16 width lane, they must kill themselves

    Nothing can be broken or taken from the Respawn Point.

    No PvP in the Respawn Point after the match starts.

    Players can do whatever you must to survive without going against all other rules.

    Players can craft, mine, and place blocks.

    Players can only mine Inside of their track and place blocks inside their track. They
    can however destroy redstone outside their track.

    Players can attack the other team using range weapons only. EX. TNT cannons, Bows and
    arrows, and TNT.

    Building your own weapons,bows, Cannons, and swords, are allowed.

    Monster Spawners cannot be destroyed.

    To win the team Supremacy Monument must be completed.

    Players cannot craft or dye wool for their teams Supremacy Monument.

    Wool will be found in chests somewhere in the map.

    If a team is unable to complete their monument because a Wool chest is emptied by too
    many tries or falling out of the world with all the wool in their inventory; They lose
    and the other team wins by default.

    No player can destroy any Chests containing wool or the Supremacy Monument.

    Difficulty must be at least easy but never peaceful.

    Here are the maps

    Fast Track

    Time Estimated: 30 min+

    This Track is as its name implies. It is a fast track with the lane only being 350
    blocks long, it makes for a quick game. However, if the game does last longer than
    anticipated, the track does hold a wheat farm, and ore. There is also a good amount of
    cannons that everybody will be able to at least shoot a cannon once. This track is great
    for beginners, because not only the shortness of it, but also uses cannon and bow power
    to show how useful they can be in any match.

    Changes from previous map: Added team color at starting point, replaced most of the gold
    with redstone, redid the Supremacy Monument, fixed starting chest, fixed wool to make it
    more noticable, replaced any unneccessary chests, fixed the gravel area with less
    explosion, fixed traps that were unable to work, minor fixes to rest of the map.

    Pictures of Fast Track

    Respawn Point

    Supremacy Monument


    Bridge and ruins of another fortress

    Mountain of cannons

    End of the track

    Fortress Run

    Time Estimated: 30 Min+

    Fortress Run is a large map that is all about looking for the pieces of wool. The
    lane is 550 blocks long, and all the wool is hidden. With this map having no signs on
    which chest will contain the wool makes the map even harder. If you want an even match
    against any player, this is the map. This map also uses a lot of bow power and aim to
    take out most of your opponents lane, because a rusher can be slowed when they have no
    lane to travel back on.

    Changes from previous map: Added team color at starting point, made ready lever on both
    sides, fixed traps affected by the 1.3.1 update.

    Pictures of Fortress Run

    Respawn Point

    Supremacy Monument

    Forest at beggining

    First Fortress with 2 pillars of ore

    Sand Fortress

    Water towers

    Broken bridge into the hill

    Final Fortress

    Great Lengths

    Time Estimated: 35 min+

    This map being 500 blocks long may not sound like the longest of all the tracks but
    the travel and climbing does make it the longest track. With cannons placed everywhere
    along the track and ore blocks below most cannons, make it so that it is a first come
    first served basis. The ore blocks are placed a certain way so you must use your cannon
    skills to time your shots to make your opponent diamondless. Not only does Great Lengths
    apply to the last piece of wool but also the other two. whether you must use blocks to
    make a bridge over nothing, to making a bridge over lava... twice. And if your not
    careful, your opponent will easily shoot you off your bridge.

    Changes from previous map: Added team color at starting point, made ready lever on both
    sides, fixed diamond mine to make diamond rare, minor fixes to the rest.

    Pictures of Great Lengths

    Respawn Point

    Supremacy Monument

    Walkway into a town

    A forest with cannons in it

    Broken bridge into a ruin

    Lake to a mountain containing one of the wools

    High view of the mountain

    Cannon Lane

    Time Estimated: 35 min+

    As the name implies, this is a cannon map. Lots of TNT, and cannons to always keep
    your opponent looking into the other lane to watch out for any TNT flying their way.
    This map uses the cannon power to its fullest by not only by timing to destroy your
    opponents ore blocks but also able to build a cannon anywhere and fast. Lanes wont exist
    after a TNT comes there way, Houses will be razed, and mountains will become plains. Try
    this map if you love cannons and making things never exist again.

    Changes from previous map: Changed Starting Points look.

    Pictures for Cannon Lane

    Respawn Point

    Supremacy Monument

    A lot of cannons and TNT

    Forest that ends with a wall that must be climbed

    A town on top of ore mines

    Broken bridge with wool in the middle

    Mountain maze

    End of the map with ruins underground

    Extreme Heights

    Time Estimated 45 min+

    This is the shortest map of the lot, but the height will not make it the fastest.
    This map is 300 blocks long and goes from being on level ground to 150 blocks high, not
    just once, but twice. Not many cannons like any of the others, but you are still able to
    build your own cannons if you would like. Highly uses Bow and Arrow power with a lot of
    PvE. With how the start is immediatly a big mountain with no way around, you will be
    fighting with the other lane for some time until a way is broken through.

    Changes from previous map: added team color at starting point.

    Pictures for Extreme Heights

    Respawn Point

    Supremacy Monument

    First mountain

    Valley between the two mountains

    Forest before the final mountain

    Final mountain and maze


    Ruins of Minave

    Time Estimated: 35 min+

    This map goes through the ruins of Minave and the destruction of a once peaceful town. Again silence is broken as the two teams battle it out to find the hidden wool throughout the map. Not only must the players watch out for the other team, but they must also watch out for mobs that roam the old ruins. This map is 550 blocks long with players traveling through forest, ruins, and a sea of lava.
    How long can you survive in the ruins?

    Respawn Point

    Supremacy Monument

    Broken Bridge to the Ruins

    Ruins of Minave

    Fortress of Minave

    Lake of Lava with Bridge

    Mountain and Wool

    Sea of Lava

    Here are all the downloads

    If you want all five in one download

    Fast Track

    Fortress Run

    Great Lengths

    Cannon Lane

    Extreme Heights

    Ruins of Minave

    Hope you guys enjoy these
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    posted a message on My first mutiplayer custom map "Testing center 2000 2.0"
    Tried it out and thought it was pretty good. Keep it up
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    posted a message on My first mutiplayer custom map "Testing center 2000 2.0"
    You posted in the right spot :D .

    You need pictures for the forum so people know what they are downloading.

    First go into minecraft and press f1 to get rid of the interface. Then press f2 to take a picture.

    Next exit minecraft and go to .minecraft and go to screenshots

    copy and paste those pictures to a folder of easy access(lets say the desktop)

    go online and go to a photo website( I use Imgur.com)

    download the pictures there

    Next copy the BBcode Which would say ([ img. ]somethingrandom[ /img ].)

    paste that into this post and voila Pictures for people to see.

    BTW if you cant find .minecraft go to start menu, press run or search and type in %appdata% and enter

    Hope this helps
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