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    posted a message on Woodpunch's Graphics - TOP NOTCH DESIGNS [#1 Source of Animated Banners]
    TYPE: banner

    DESCRIPTION: I need on the left for it to say 11th Dream Pixelmon with Pixelmon under 11th Dream. Then on the right I need pikachu to shoot lightning then I need the feature to appear every time POikachu shoots lihgntning. The first feature is 24/7, then No Lag! , Riding Enabled, Gyms, Elite Four, Play as Team Rocket!

    I will pay for this so add me on skype: shumin.song1
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    posted a message on [$6.00 PROFESSIONAL GIF BANNERS] Acp's GFX Shop Version 2.0 | I specialize in all kinds of animation!
    #1. What type of banner are you ordering?complex
    #2. What is the best way I can contact you?(Skype is preferred.) shumin.song1
    #3. Explain in detail how you want your banner.I'd like the background to be orangish. I'd like in the middle for their to be a pokeball. On the left side of the pokeball I need it to say 11th Dream Pixelmon in the pokemon font if possible. Now the pokeball has to roll onto the left side and open up as if releasing a pokemon and out of their comes the server features. The first feature is No Lag (In the pokemon font), then Gym Leaders, Shinies!, No Greifing!, Events!, Minigames!, Play as Team Rocket!
    #4. Anything else you would like to add? Nothing else if you could get this done in a couple of days that would be amazing.
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    posted a message on CLOSED
    What do you need: Server Banner
    Colors: Blue
    Text and font: Have it say in the middle of the banner in the font Pokemon uses if possible 11th Dream Pixelmon
    Details: Have it say the name then have Pikachu shoot lightning which then names the features as listed in the Pokemon font if possible No Lag, 24/7, Gyms, Minigames, Events
    (NOT REQUIRED) How good is my work 1-10: 9
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    posted a message on Youtube Shop - Professional - Cheapest - Outros, Channel Art, Thumbnails, ETC!
    Method of Contact: Skype: shumin.song1

    Type of Graphic: Animated Server Banner

    Description of Graphic: It's a banner for my server RangerCraft which is an RP of the Ranger's Apprentice Series. Message me on Skype and I'll give you the rest of the details.
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    posted a message on [LegionBanners] HD Animated Banners|Starting at $2.50|Fast
    I would like to purchase one my Skype is shumin.song1
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    posted a message on Exodus' Graphics Shops | All Free Goodies!
    May I have a server banner? The server name is Rivaling Elements. It's a bending server. I need it animated. If on the left side it could say Rivaling Elements in a cool font and then theirs a arrow thing that a lot of banners have. Then have it say Bending then have the arrow like sort of erase it and have it say Factions then the arrow does the same thing and it then says Raiding then it says SkyBlock then Become the Avatar! Then finally have it say Survival Games with Bending! The background can be whatever you think will go with the theme. If you do this good I will donate!
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    posted a message on [Closed] Taafe's Free HQ Shop | Animated Banners - Channel Art - Outro Slates - Logos
    Server Name: MCDefiance
    Server IP:
    Server Theme(Optional):
    Background Picture(If not given I'll use a random one of my choosing): Could it be like a grey kinda similar to Steam Crafts one?
    Effects that you'
    d like(If not chosen I'll do it randomly): So have the name MCDefiance with like fire around the letters. Then have a like > Thing in a color you think will look good. Have it first say Factions Then have the > Like go over the world Factions, then have it say TF2, then SkyLands, and then Survival Games, and finally SkyBlock you can pick iomages that you think would compliment the features of the server.
    Any other comments: Thanks for the work! :)
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    posted a message on Whacky's Professional Avatar Shop [OPENING TOMORROW]
    Minecraft IGN: volderman

    Will you Allow Me to Use your Avatar as an Example Below: Yes, of course! :)
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    posted a message on TheSmelter Premium Hosting | Fastest and Easiest | DDR4-SSD | DDoS | US-EU | ATLauncher - FTB - Technic - Curse
    Is their a problem? I can't seem to connect to your website and my servers config's have reverted to their stock form.
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    posted a message on TheSmelter Premium Hosting | Fastest and Easiest | DDR4-SSD | DDoS | US-EU | ATLauncher - FTB - Technic - Curse
    Great host I've had them for a few days and the support is great. The server is lag free and I absolutely love them. Kudos to Max K.
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    posted a message on BeastNode.com: SSD-Powered Budget and Premium Plans Starting at $2.99/GB with DDoS Protection!
    Do you guys support Voltz with MCPC+ installed and is Justin N still with you guys? That dude was amazing! :)
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    posted a message on 11th Dream Voltz Looking for a Sponsorship!
    Still looking for a host to sponsor!
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    posted a message on 11th Dream Voltz Looking for a Sponsorship!
    Quote from bubbawild

    Hey There,

    We would love to discuss this offer with you at your earliest convenience ideally over email or a ticket to our support desk. We really need to know how long you need a server, how much advertising you can do and that sort of stuff!

    Just as an idea, our new dedicated server and all vps's running on it include the following:

    - Intel Xeon E3 1245v2
    - DDR3 Ram
    - RAID Hard Drives to ensure the fastest speeds and reliability
    - Guaranteed bandwidth of 200Mbps with up to a 1Gbps burst
    - DDos Protection
    - Free Website Hosting (Including MySQL, emails and more)
    - Discounted Domains
    - Discounted Reseller Hosting
    - 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    - 24/7/365 support!
    - Full Shell access
    - Full SFTP Access
    - You can run what you want on it!
    - Dedicated IP as standard.

    Those specs translate to SUPER FAST!!! Meaning you can go for miles on your map or worldedit in thousands of blocks (Trust me, i have tested it! ), and you will still not experience any server side lag!

    Best Regards,

    Ryan Wild

    Superior-Networks Founding Director.

    E: [email protected]
    T: @SNetworks1

    Alright I will email you shortly.
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    posted a message on 11th Dream Voltz Looking for a Sponsorship!
    Quote from BlubDaLegend

    I hope you get sponsorship man. The idea is awesome and I love Voltz!

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    posted a message on 11th Dream Voltz Looking for a Sponsorship!
    Hello my name is Jim Song. I was the owner of 11th Dream Voltz before it closed down due to lack of funds and a huge growth in popularity. I am here requesting a Sponsorship so I can bring it back.

    Your age: 17
    Name of proposed server: 11th Dream Voltz
    How much RAM you want: 3-4 GB's
    How many player slots: 40
    Describe your server idea: My idea is to make a a Voltz faction war server. Now I know what your thinking but theirs a lot of those out there! True, but this one will have no banned mods, factions, as well as great staff. Many Voltz servers out there have horrible staff or have most of the mods banned. This makes playing Voltz hard since Voltz is only truly fun to play when all the mods are enabled. A lot of the Voltz servers out there have horrible, abusive staff who ruin the game. This one like the old 11th Dream will have nice staff making playing on the server fun.
    Why you want this server: I want this server because I look at all the current Voltz servers out their and see in them either a huge amount of lag, abusive staff, or a ton of banned mods. This brings back good memories of the 11th Dream as well as empathy for the community since they have no choice but to play on these horrible servers. I want to change that and make a server that has none of these faults.
    On a scale of 1-10, how badly do you want the server?: 10
    Proposed Plugins: Factions, Essentials Chat, Essentials, Essentials Spawn, Enjin Minecraft Plugin, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, Votifier, GAListener, RandomSpawn, Slot Reserve, PEX, etc.....
    Donation Plan: Their would be 4 donation ranks: Warrior would be $5 and would include the rank Warrior, $1000 in game cash, access to /kit warrior /nick, as well as a few in game goodies. Hero would be $10 you would get the Hero rank, access to /nick /hat /kit hero as well as more in game goodies. Emperor would be $20 it would include the rank Emperor, access to /kit emperor /nick /hat /heal /feed in game goodies as well as a reserved slot on the server. God would be $35 you would get the rank God as well as access to /kit /nick /feed /hat /heal /speed and be able to set up to 6 homes. You would also get a reserved slot as well as a ton of in game goodies.
    Do you already have a community? If so, how many active players? If not, how will you be getting players?: I have many of the old community on Skype, I will advertise on PMC, the Forums, Voltz Servers List, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. Most importantly I would advertise on Voltz Servers List. I would offer nice rewards for those who vote. Even if only 5 people continually play on the server if they vote everyday in one week we'd have a score of 35 and would be on the 3rd page. From there we would go and be on the first page which would get us ton's of players since we would be on the front page of the website.
    What makes your server special? Why should I join your server instead of that other server?: The server would have no banned mods, nice staff, as well as no lag. We would have factions with no restrictions and a nice community
    Is there a reason why you can't pay for this server?: I currently have no money and will not be able to get any.
    What is your preferred method of contact? Skype? PM?: Skype (shumin.song1)
    What you will do for the company in return: You the company in return for hosting the server would get 85% of all donations, every 5 minutes on the server I would have it broadcast "This server is proudly hosted by (hosts name)" with a link in the broadcast to your website, in the Youtube videos me and my staff do of the server to get more players in the description we would always put a link to your website. You would also gain a demo server for potential clients to come on and see how your hardware is.

    Also here is proof that the old 11th Dream was popular http://i.imgur.com/W9gGRX9.png?1
    It's a screenshot of how full the server was in the morning.
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