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    posted a message on [WIP](1.11.2) 10-9-17 Digimobs(0.9.9) Pre-Release Redux-er Digimon in Minecraft! Now for 1.11.2

    I know this is not a MOD bug report, but I do have a problem I thought I should report. I went onto the digimobs multiplayer server earlier today (digiadventure.ddns.net), and it told me that I was in unclaimed land. The problem is that it told me this while I was in the basement of my base, I am now trapped in what used to me a chunk that I owned, but is not under a "safe zone", the reason I am trapped is my only exit is a ladder that is blocked by a block of granite that I placed. To add to this my koromon is still trapped in a v-pet that is in a chest on a wall in the basement, a chest that I can not open.

    If any admins read this, the only thing I want is to get my stuff back.

    If an admin goes in to try to help me, and it is within the next half hour, then just ask for the guy trapped in his basement, I will be in the server for the next half hour or so.

    If I don't get help today I will try again at a later date

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