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    Oh, and I also do other videos as well.. in case I didn't make that apparent. XD
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    Hey guys, it's been quite some time since I've posted on the good ol' MC forums, but I'm looking to re-enter the community. As of recently (9 months) I've been creating videos (mostly Minecraft) for my channel. They've been for the most part; 20+ min episodes on a vanilla SMP server (simply know as Cubed Planet). I've been steadily improving my channel with intros and outros, advanced editing, and additional music. Unfortunately, despite all the time and effort that has gone in to creating and editing (the more recent videos for my channel), it has all gone unnoticed. I'd like to change that. I know that there are those of you out there that are always looking for new Minecraft videos to give you inspiration, or even just give you something to watch at the end of a long day. So I'm asking that you give my channel a fighting chance against these other 1 million+ subscribed channels. (Though they don't need any help, it seems that they are the only ones being promoted by youtube.) I'm going to post my entire playlist of 'Cubed Planet' and I'm opening the doors for constructive criticism. I'd advise you watch them all. However, if you're looking for one to start on in particular, I'd recommend Ep. 10 "Withered", I put a lot of time into that one. Enjoy! =]


    If you didn't enjoy any one of the particular videos in said playlist, feel free to leave a 'dislike'. Fortunately youtube views a 'dislike' the same as a 'like', so any feedback is welcomed. I only ask that if you do 'dislike', you leave a comment as to what it was that you didn't enjoy, so that I can improve upon this in the future. If you did like it.. well, you know what to do, and I'll appreciate you doing so. If you'd like to see more of my content, subscribe for more. I'm always working on more content, and I have big plans for the future on this server. From pranks to collaborations, there is so much more to come from this series, and out of my channel.
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    Great idea, I support. This isn't just useful for survival PVP, this also has practical uses for map makers as well.
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    Seems useless
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    We got you covered, Wolf! =] Welcome back to vanilla minecraft.
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    No complaints, so thats always good.
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    Glad you added the rule that prevents the use of obsidian to cover up the beacon. However I played a round where someone (who will remain unnamed) generated obsidian over the beacon, and we were still able to break through and win. It added an extra lvl of stealth to the match, as I had to sneak across and spend the extra time mining the obsidian (whilst not being seen), and break the beacon.
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    The guys and I on the server actually played 2 rounds of this the other night. It was good fun.
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    I like how you used 'tnt cannon' as one of the descriptive words for the post. haha
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    Sorry everyone, we're currently full at the moment. Thanks for the interest, and keep yourself posted as we might be adding new slots for new members soon. We will be sending out personal messages to those of you who are applicable to join, when we are accepting applications again.

    Rebuiltcraft Server Admin

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    Rebuilt Craft

    Welcome to the Rebuilt Craft Forum page.

    -Introduction: The way Rebuilt Craft was started was the old server I use to play on shut down, it was a great server but it had a few problems. So after it went down I talked with the other members of the server and they wanted to find a new one, I suggested that we start our own and thats how Rebuilt Craft was started. The server (if you are accepted) is not the main Rebuilt Craft server, it is a test to see if you are a good builder and dedicated enough to join us on the main server. We will be talking to you and getting to know you on the test server to see if you are the kind of person we want to have on our server.

    -The Rules: The rules are basically the same as the MindCrack server. All members on the server right now are MindCrack, you don't have to watch Mindcrack to join but it is a great server and I would Recommend it. The server basically runs off an honor system.

    -No Greifing for ANY reason (Pranks are allowed but no TnT, Lava, or Fire, you also need to leave a sign or book saying that you pranked the otherwise it will be considered greifing.)
    -Be kind and respectful to the other members.
    -PvP is on but that doesn't mean that you can randomly kill others, it is a friendly system used for events like brawls and paintball with bows. If you kill somebody all items are to be returned.
    -No stealing items from other players.

    -The Requirements:
    -Must be 16 or older (please don't submit an application if you are younger then 16 we will be skypeing you before you can be whitelisted so we will be able to tell if you are 16 or not by your voice.
    -Must have skype, it is needed for events on the server and communicating in general.
    -Must be able to upgrade to snapshots because the server runs the latest snapshot at all times unless it is to buggy.
    -Must be a dedicated builder and on at least once a week or you will be un-whitelisted, unless you let us know ahead of time that you will be gone on vacation or something.

    -Application: We are only letting 25 people on the main server so first come first serve. If you are accepted I will send you a message on skype with the IP and we will be calling you to sometime during your first week to get to know you and see if your voice matches you age.
    -Real name (not needed, but nice):
    -Skype name:
    -Any other means of contacting you:
    -How much can you be on a day in hours:
    -Age (please don't lie):
    -Type of builder (redstone, houses, mob traps, castles, ect.):
    -Why we should whitelist you:

    Contact us:
    -My skype (Admin):thehalfdecentgamer

    -Tk's skype (Owner):tkelite
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    Quote from TheNinja140


    Welcome to the Endercraft Community Server! To learn more about this server please look up







    Over 13

    LOTS of playing time


    Recording/LiveStream Ability


    Know what MindCrack is


    Good With Pranks

    Short Term Events (Custom Maps)

    How often do you think you can join?

    What do you consider yourself good at?

    Why do you want to join?



    I will PM the ones who are chosen to join.



    Great with pranks. Creativity is my specialty (thats why I love this game), I especially like psychological pranks. They are always civil, in that they do not involve TNT, fire, and if used are done so in a tasteful manor, (won't result in property damage).

    I like custom maps, but they are more fun to do w/ others.

    At the very least, I will be on once a day.

    I wear multiple hats in this game, I'm great at building, redstone, pranking and adding my own sense of creativity in the listed aspects. I enjoy venturing out and locating new terrains to build in that others would normally brush to the side... and of course, mining.

    I'm currently on a mindcrack style server, whose member who were once highly active are now scarcely seen.(which, as you can image doesn't allow me to showcase my pranks as often, if at all). I hope to be able to play on a server with other mature minecraft players, who won't greif, spam the chat, or take materials from me.

    IGN: HalfDecentGamer

    Skype: thehalfdecentgamer

    Hope you'll take my app into consideration, I'm a nice guy and a halfdecentgamer.
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    It looks far too much like cobble from a far distance, especially when its dark (in a cave), it can confuse the player into thinking they found a dungeon. I'm not a fan of gravel in general, but I'd much prefer the old texture.
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