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    I read this in Duke Nukem's voice after seeing your avatar, and it made me laugh so hard

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    Would you allow this to be used in public modpacks?
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    I've been in love with this mod by あるべ since I first found out about it. I've never been bored with any of its features no matter how often I've played around with them!


    How can you be bored when walking upside down, 100 blocks in the air? :P

    But the mod seems to have been dying out recently without word from the author... or at least from what I've been able to translate...

    But anywho, I'm here to request/suggest a remade or enhanced version of this mod for Minecraft 1.7.10. Not a copy, but the same function and idea. Mainly just the Gravity Core block and the Anti-gravity wall plating thingies. Models and textures of your own, or even a complete overhaul should be included, making it distinguishable from the original linked above.

    A small and fun mod like this should have great potential to be widely noticed when published on a forum such as this one. :D
    ... plus, you'll have my eternal gratitude... who could resist that?

    Here's a showcase so you can see the mod in-game
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