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    Quote from Silentscope88

    Could you add an Attack of the B-Team supporting spell that, once performed, has a permanent effect on the caster that causes 80% of the bullets that fly towards the caster to melt and disappear before even reaching the caster? I'm mainly suggesting this to save Chimneyswift's life.

    Chimney can just make a ton of vampiric poppets and have them in the poppet shelves. They'd all just be killing each other at that point.
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    The thing I'm afraid of is players murdering all of the cows. People see animals on SMP and think "KILL" not "Oh, maybe I should farm these animals." The server I play on barely has any cows or pigs, I wish animals would spawn like they used to...
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    posted a message on We should be able to store our XP in Enchantment Potions.
    Currently, we can only obtain the bottles o' enchanting in Creative, which sucks... So I was thinking, when players on servers and have a lot of XP what don't they want to do? Die. So If we could store our XP, we wouldn't have to worry about our deaths, also this would allow players to give away XP and use it as a type of currency.
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    posted a message on How much damage does a snowball do to a Blaze?
    They do damage to Blazes.
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