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    posted a message on Saplings not growing
    Probably not enough vertical room
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    posted a message on How to reset a nether portal
    Best bet is to tear down the old portals and go a few chunks over in the overworld and rebuild. What makes this the "worst spawn" in the nether? Stuck in a cave? Most normaly lead to surface, and digging straight normally finds something at some point. If its over a laval lake, your next best bet is to grab a bunch of cobble and build a path over to land.
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    posted a message on I found my 2 year old Alpha world (Video/Download)
    I still have my first map generated in Alpha 1.1, so pre-nether. 322MB, mostly from going through a nether portal, digging out all the resources I can find, then going back to the neter, destroying the portal, then doing that again. Its at the point where its roughly a 20 minute adventure in the nether to find new places.
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    posted a message on Protecting Mules
    If you want temporary, just make a 2X3X2 rectangle out of dirt. I've never had a problem with my horse getting out of something like that.
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    posted a message on --
    Save some time and just start shipping out large quantities of "self-control".

    Seriosuly. You want to remove something that, in general useage, exists in single-player only, because you find the fact that other people, in their single-player worlds are doing something -you- think is cheating?


    Really. Why. Why does it bother you so much what other people do in their own worlds. Its not like you can hop on any old server and turn the entire servers difficulty down to peaceful in 3 clicks. Its not like some other random person's difficulty choice is going to force you to play on peaceful or easy.

    Just... Why?
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    posted a message on Location of a Stronghold from Alpha...
    Any pre-stronghold update maps wont have them if you've ventured too far from the spawn area. I've tried on my Alpha 1.0.17 using a copy. It simply doesn't generate it. I do belive it was noted in the patch notes themselves that they wont generate if you've gone too far, which you probably have if its been there since Alpha
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    posted a message on First Pokemon you caught on any Pokemon Game?
    Way back in yellow, it was probably a Ratata. It also probably sat in my box for the rest of its life
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    posted a message on What happend in your first world?
    First world was in Alpha 1.0.XXX

    Built my first house atop a huge cliff, made it out of wood because I could. After a while, I decided to go out and collect some lava I had seen. Brought it back to my house, threw it in a 2X2 cobblestone thing, and proceeded to watch my house burn down because of it.

    Packed that up, wandered for a little bit, then found my houses current location. A nice little island surrounded by mountains. Built up a house on it, slowly but surely I started to completely separate my island home from the mainland, then built a lava moat around it. It was there I discovered the glitch to make lava flow through water.

    Slowly, over the years I've had that world, I have added about 6 vertical floors to the house, have an absolutely huge underground mineshaft, an old style mob grinder, a huge forest on the mainland around my house, and I've even rebuilt my old house, and added a sky rail system from my spawn to the old house, to my new house. I've gone every way in the nether, and because of it I've got access to everything that has been added to the spawning system, including an empty village that I use as my HQ, with a huge cave underneath that I have made into a massive room. I have several areas that I traveled to with the soul purpose of mining diamonds, and as such have acquired well over 100. I have a vault in my house that contains well over 1000 iron made into blocks.

    And I have exactly 1 dog, because they don't spawn in Alpha chunks, and I don't have anything even relatively close to go to that can spawn them.

    So ya, thats my main world, my first world, and probably my last world. I just haven't grown tired of it.
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    posted a message on A Third Use For Gunpowder
    Quote from Epicness1324

    Search bar, please.

    First: I just did. Guess what, nothing comes close to this idea.
    Second: Search is useless and very rarely turns back helpful results.

    I personally like this idea. If it was put in right, it could be pretty cool.
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    posted a message on Do you remember when you were a noob?

    My first successful house. Still have this world, still live in this house. Granted, its got about 8 floors now, and its completely separate from the main land complete with a lava moat
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    posted a message on New vine climbing interactions
    I think there was a mod that added some kind of vines that you could climb. But then again, I think it also looked like a re skinned fence post.
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    posted a message on Preparing to visit the Nether...
    Travel through the portal your first time with cobblestone tools, and a few stacks of cobble stone. Seriously. Chances are you'll bring along all your fancy gear, only to have your portal spawn over lava. Thats also the time every single Ghast fires at you, either outright killing you or knocking you back into the lava below.

    The most important resource you can bring is cobblestone, since Ghasts can't destroy it, your best to spawn, build a small cobble cube, then go back and get your stuff, just to prevent getting obliterated.
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    posted a message on Different stone pickaxes
    Its a terrible idea, through and through. You can cite all the reasons you want, such as real tools using string, but you forget something. There is no such thing as a gigantic spiders in real life. There is no way to forge diamond into a pointed tip with only your hands. There is no such thing as zombies or skeletons. Not everything is made out of blocks.

    Minecraft is Minecraft, not the real world. Adding this adds yet another pointless jump towards artificial difficulty. I can say fairly certainly that a large majority of people would quite Minecraft if a blunder like this is added.
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    posted a message on Goodbye Minecraft..
    Quote from Marcus101RR

    It is still survival, I don't know what you have been smoking, but as it stands, still today, it is survival.

    No. No its not.

    Survival in alpha was grit-your-teeth-and-get-ready-to-die. Survival in Beta was hey-you-might-die-but-you-had-fun!.

    Survival in the full version? Enchant your sword and weapon, live among other human-like people, fight off a few zombies, and build monuments to vanity because nothing can kill you

    Now, you wanna know where minecraft took a turn for the worst? The Adventure update. The update that we had anticipated for MONTHS. The update that would add a third mode to minecraft, where you didn't break blocks, you went on an adventure. That never happened, and not many people remember those expectations anymore.

    The Adventure update, to me, ruined the ambiance of minecraft. You wake up, alone, on a single piece of sand (always sand). You get your bearings, you punch a tree, you make a pick, you get stone, you make another pick, you find coal, you set up shop, and then go from there. You had no short cuts, no "cheating". You didn't throw logs in a furnace to make charcoal because you didn't find coal, you sat in a 1X1X2 hole over night hoping nothing decided to kill you for fun. The Adventure update took away that feeling of pure loneliness. Suddenly, there is villages, albeit empty, they still said "Hey kiddo, you aren't alone!", and it sucked.

    But you want to know what really killed the feeling of Minecraft?


    Yes, I'll get flamed. Yes, I'm prepared for it. Honestly though, nothing against the guy, but he ruined it. He looked too long at his net worth from minecraft and suddenly got lazy. Suddenly, he pulled an activision, and pulled all the worst ideas the community had, and left the glorious ideas that the real thinkers had. He started ignoring the community outside of here, communities that used to support the game, but hate it because of him and his ideals.

    But whatever. You guys wont listen. Too many people pollute these forums and spew out hate for older veterans because they miss what minecraft could have been. Too many people joined up during beta, when everything started to slide.

    So come and get me, I've encased myself in adminium, I'll live through your flaming.
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    posted a message on Do Gypsy trees annoy you?
    Quote from ULM_Mizoki

    Will...Will the Gypsy tree tell me my future? :o

    This OP. Do we have a fortune telling tree in our games now?
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