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    Quote from R3mix97»

    You had me at EDM. Haha, I'll talk to the guys and see what they think. I'll hopefully get back to you on Skype within a week or two. Thanks for applying!

    Thanks! I'm glad you're considering me.
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    • IGN: H_Man247

    • Age: 14

    • Skype: pillsburrydboy

    • Location/Timezone: U.S. East Coast. I don't think this will be a problem, since I have been able to connect to servers on the west coast with a decent ping before.

    • How did you find this application thread?: I was browsing through the survival servers last night, and this one caught my eye. None of the others really stood out to me.

    • How long have you been playing Minecraft?: I have known about the game since Beta 1.8.1, however my actual purchase was when 1.3.2 was released.

    • Why do you want to join?: I have recently gotten back into Minecraft after a rather long hiatus from the game due to school and such. I got back to playing around a month ago, but singleplayer and massive public servers got old fast. For about 3 days, I have been looking for a server that stuck out, one that I felt I would belong on. I will admit, I have browsed various other server threads, but I just didn't feel that I would belong on most of them. What it is about this server that really stuck out to me was just how hospitable and friendly all the members seem. I have checked out most of you all's youtube channels, and I would love to play on a server with you all. It also occured to me that most of the members seem to be within my age group. I may be a bit younger than some of you, but I try to avoid the immaturity stereotypes that follow the 13-15 year old age group around. Back on topic, I just need a community, a group of friends that I can trust and have fun with, and this seems like just that.

    • Why should we accept you?: I have played on many SMP servers in the past, so I would call myself a relatively experienced player. I can also bring a dose of comedy to the table. I have been told by various people over the years that I am the funniest person they have ever met. I also believe I would get along well with you all. Most of you seem to share similar interests to those of myself, and I would really like to interact with all of you. I also really enjoy doing community builds, so I believe I could help renovate the server spawn (if needed), and build various shops. I enjoy doing little things, such as detail and decorating on various builds. As for my building style, it tends to be very flexible. Sometimes I build modern homes, other times I build quaint colonial homes. When it comes to building bases, I like to go above and beyond. I also believe that I could add diversity to the community as well, me being rather young of age.

    • Tell us a bit about you!: I am currently a freshman in high school taking all honors courses. I have always loved videogames, even when I was a kid. I live in the Southern area of the East Coast, in North Carolina. My favorite foods are pizza, chicken pot pie, and poutine. My favorite type of music is EDM, or Electronic Dance Music. I also enjoy most alternative rock. My favorite drink is cheerwine, a cherry flavored soda that is only in the South.

    • Please link any screenshots or your YouTube channel if you have them!:

    Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6V4-N5Ss0mgBzwLEJE5vYw

    No videos yet, just my personal channel.



    A little concept I threw together yesterday. I've really been digging the red stained clay lately.
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    • IGN:H_Man247

    • Age:14, male

    • Skype:Will pm if accepted

    • Location/Timezone:East Coast, EST

    • How did you find this application thread?:I've been looking for a server to play on recently. The one I played on for a while shut down, and so did the community. I have just been looking for a group of people to chill with and be friends with. I really love making new friends, and I love minecraft, so stuff like this is really an amazing oppurtunity for me.

    • How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since beta 1.8 (the golden days)

    • Why do you want to join?:As stated, I have been looking for a new server to play on. I may have browsed the list on the forums a few times, but nothing really stuck out to me. Then I saw this one. I clicked the thread, and after reading it, I knew that I wanted to be on this server. To be in a group of people that have the ability to hang out with each other, and have community events, and do stuff together, I really cherish that. I love to just have people to talk to when I feel lonely, or have people to play with when I'm bored. I'm also thinking of starting a youtube channel soon, and I think this server would be absolutely perfect to record on. Why do I think this server stuck out more than most? Well, here are 3 reasons.

    -Community: The community on this server seems incredible. With a group of youtubers, and just some people who have the same interests as me, this server is unique in that form. I have never seen a group of people that seem more perfect to play with than you guys.

    -Performance: Unlike most servers I have skimmed by, this server has experience with running. AS you have said, there is little to no lag, and that is important to me, especially if I want to record. That fact really drew me in, along with the fact that most of you guys are from the U.S.

    -Hospitality: The way you stated certain things in the post just made me feel like this community is very hospitable and welcoming. I love a close-knit community that knows each other very well and collaborates with each other. If you can find a community like that, you should cherish that, and that's exactly what I'm doing.

    In all honesty, this server seems perfect for me. I may be only 14, but I can fit in a community like this one no problem, and that is exactly what drew me in and why I want to join this server.

    • Why should we accept you?: I can bring a lot to the table. I enjoy building, and I love community projects. If anyone needed me to help out, I guarantee I would be the first one to volunteer. Also, if new members are accepted after me, I particularly enjoy giving server tours. I also love playing with other people. I'm not a shy person, and I am not afraid to meet new people. I am very hospitable and could welcome new members or help others out with ease. Regarding building, I build in any style. I've never really noticed a pattern in my bulding, I just make it work. I actually enjoy landscaping a lot, and can landscape if anyone needs me too. I also enjoy designing interiors. I fI had to pick a weak area, it would be redstone. I have always been awful at it and always will. Anyways, I am a community kind of guy, I love building, landscaping, and helping people. I also love doing community events, such as UHC, if this server does that. I also have a good sense of humor, so I can lighten up anyone's day.

    • Tell us a bit about you! (IRL jobs, hobbies, personality, etc.): Well, my name is Henry. People say I have a very energetic and humorous personality. My main hobbies are gaming, swimming, and building lego architecture sets. I actually collect them. I have no jobs as of yet (may get one next year). I am going into 9th grade, and am taking mostly advanced preparation classes.

    • Please link any screenshots or your YouTube channel if you have them!: It just so happens I have some screen shots of my old survival world laying around. (not my best builds, but it's all I had) http://imgur.com/a/tqLK3

    Thanks for considering me, hope to see you soon!
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    Those are not "some builds". They are "awesome builds".
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    You, my friend, are one of the people that makes me enjoy life.
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    If you want to do a tutorial, go ahead. It's your choice, not anyone else's. Same goes with practice. If you, personally, think your building needs improvement, then by all means, practice. My point is, do what you want.
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    So many apps jeez
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    Past Experience: Well, in my 4 years of playing minecraft, I have been mod on 7 servers, all of which are no longer up. (Sadly). I have banned many a griefer in my time, and I know how to handle many situations that occur on servers. I enjoy helping people, as well as punishing the people that are being the opposite of helpful. I can calm down a fight and handle a griefer better than most.

    Why would we pick you over others?:I have much experience with being a moderator in the past. I know more than most about how to handle misbehaving players. I am calm enough to break up a fight gently, while I am strict enough to bring down the ban hammer on those big, bad, griefers. I can handle my powers responsibly and not take advantage of my elevated privileges. I also am an expert at how to mod on different types of servers, whether it be prison, minigames, or creative, I can handle the situation. I have a cool and confident personality, as well as an open mind to accept new ideas and carry out new tasks. I can and will accept what those overruling me tell me, and I will respect and see the good inside every player on this server.

    How much time are you willing to spend for us: As much as I need to. I will most likely be on in the late afternoons into the night (because, you know, school). If I had to give an estimate, I would say 12+ hours weekly.

    How will we contact you? (Skype is preferred): Skype-pillsburrydboy.

    How would you handle swearing?: I would remind the player that swearing is not permitted. If the player continued to abuse this rule, I would give them 3 warnings, then a kick, then a tempban. And if they continued after that, I would permanently ban them unless instructed otherwise.

    How would you handle racism?: I would tell the player that racism is not permitted, and that all people are equal. I would give them 3 warnings, then a kick, then a temp ban, then a perm ban if they continued. (If you can't tell, I go by this 3 warning system for everything.)

    How would you handle Homophobic calls?:I would tell them that homophobia is not permitted, and that all people should be treated equal no matter what their sexual preference. I would then go by the 3-Warning system, then a kick, then a temp ban, then a ban.

    How would you handle two players fighting?: I would ask what is wrong and ask each for their side of the argument. I would then give a solution to the argument and break it up, or offer suggestions on how to compromise the argument.

    How would you handle two staff members fighting?: I would ask why they are arguing and what for. I will ask for each one's side. I would then offer suggestions on how to compromise of a solution to the argument. If the argument is about how to punish someone, for example, I would make a fair judgement between the 2 statements. Say one staff wanted to kick the player, while the other wanted to ban the player. I would offer a compromise of 10-minute temporary ban to solve the problem. If a person in the argument argues with that, I would then ask if they had another suggestion. If they did, I would listen. If they did not, I would continue the course of action suggested by myself and possibly other staff members.

    .If you got into a fight with another staff or player what would you do (Write two explanations) :

    1: I would attempt to sort out the matter peacefully, without causing disruptions in any of the player's gameplay or just plain fun on the server.

    2: If a compromise could not be reached, I would consult another staff member for further actions on the matter. I would then try and break up the fight even if no compromise was suggested or agreed upon.

    Thank you for considering my application,


    You can't really tell from my application, but I'm also a pretty funny and easy going guy.
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    I can add more info if needed. I just wanted to throw out a basic app to see how you liked it.
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    • Age:14
    • IGN:H_Man247
    • How you you handle a griever?:Ban them. I go as far to consider griefing stealing someone else's work, unless it is VERY minor griefing.
    • Skype:pillsburrydboy
    • Experience:I have been mod on plenty of servers in my 4 years of playing. Unfortunately, all other servers that I am staff on are either closed or down. I was looking for a server to be staff on, and this seems like the perfect one, since I love playing on prison servers.
    • Thank you for considering my application.
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    Wow, these are really cool. You could make money off of that, you know.
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