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    Basically what's going on here is that I'm wrapping up my degree in Computer Science over at University and I'm really tired of coding thing's I have no creative direction over, so I'd like to reach out to you guys for some help:

    I'm interested in developing a kind of RP/RPG interface for (Forge) servers that's more about localizing as much functionality as possible. However, I haven't played this game in quite a while and I no longer know what fantasy server admins would like in terms of RP functionality and game mechanics. If you have any ideas as to what could be added to the mod, please make as many suggestions as you'd like; just please be as specific as possible before making a suggestion because the details are essential.

    Anyways, the consensus seems to be that something which handles "quests", "character creation", "skills", and "economy" were suggested to me in DMs, but I can't really do anything with that information due to lack of details on the actual, desired behavior of the suggested content.

    So, if you're an admin or know one that can chime in, please share this thread around and make as many suggestions you can dream up. I'll start organizing this post by suggestion provided there's suitable interest.

    (last update: 10/26/17)

    Features planned for first release:

      • Character Creation GUI: A GUI for assigning/viewing character skills, attributes, a render of the player character, biography, and other information relevant to the player character.
        • PROGRESS: [■ ■ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □]
      • Skills System: A system for creating arbitrary in-game skills.
        • PROGRESS: [□ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □]
      • Health/Mana/Stamina System: Arbitrary and variable player health/mana/stamina gauges with optional hooks into player attributes and skills.
        • PROGRESS: [□ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □]
      • Experience System: Arbitrary reward system based off of desired, in-game player actions.
        • PROGRESS: [□ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □]
      • Prerequisite System: A tiered system of required prerequisites dependent on player skills with optional hooks into player attributes.
        • PROGRESS: [□ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □]
      • Chat System: Proximity chat system based off of arbitrary and variable distances.
        • PROGRESS: [□ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □]
      • Dice Rolling: Literally dice rolling.
        • PROGRESS: [□ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □]
      • Permissions System: An inhibitory system for player access to commands and in-game actions.
        • PROGRESS: [□ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □]

    "What the hell is this?"

    Think of this like a toolbox for your server. If you enjoy roleplaying or fantasy themed servers (the time period doesn't really matter I guess), this API should allow admins to create their desired in-game behavior and mechanics. Think custom skills, custom character attributes, and other things like that. The goal here is to minimize the amount of time admins have to spend wrestling with often conflicting and numerous plugins to create an imaginative and fun in-game experience for their players intuitively and with ease.

    "Will there be a single player version?"

    I guess I could set up a single player version but it won't be until initial release. It's not a priority.

    "Are you getting enough sleep?"

    No, probably not.
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    Hey guys,

    I'm currently a senior at University studying for my degree in computer science, and as a way to just practice and keep my abilities up to date, I thought messing around with Minecraft's code might be a decent way to stay sharp.

    At any rate, I'm creating a client-server RP/RPG interface that's aimed at just localizing as much relevant functionality as possible.

    However, I'm not sure what would be most desirable for both admins and players alike, as I haven't played this game in years and I no longer really know what RP/RPG servers might be interested in with respect to the whole roleplay/rpg experience. If you're interested in giving me some input as to the direction of the program's development, please send me a DM; if this sounds like something useful to you, I'd be more than happy to send you the mod as it becomes better developed.

    I'm not interested in being a staff member or anything, I'm just here to do dev work, and you lot looked like you knew what's up.

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    Greetings everyone! I am the software engineer for this new server and the current administrator tasked me with putting up a recruitment post. We are looking for mature, motivated individuals who want to be a part of something big. We do not discriminate on basis of age as we believe maturity can be somewhat independent of that factor and so, if we believe you are qualified, you are more than welcome to join our development team, regardless of whatever age you might be. We are currently in very heavy stages of development and are not so much looking for admins or moderators but rather artists and lore developers. Staff positions will open up as we find that certain positions are required so this thread will likely be an open recruitment platform for quite some time.

    What We're About
    Our goal is to become an immersive, fantasy-themed role-play server with a focus on character development and player-to-player interaction. As I've stated above, I am the team's resident software developer and will be writing custom software for the server and its various mechanics. We have absolutely no problem with funding and have a professional build team constructing our world, a high-end server host, as well as a reserve for outsourced, commissioned artwork. Our core principle in developing our soon-to-come community is to foster a sense of family among our players and make the gameplay/interaction of our users as immersive as possible; so, the responsibility of you as a staff member will be to uphold the positive integrity of the player-base and usher server development in a unique and favorable direction. Depending on your role, you may be expected to interact heavily with players or be entirely distant unless extreme circumstances would require it otherwise. If you fail to be active or prove to be a negative influence among the staff's group dynamic, you will be dropped.

    An official website should be up by the 18th of December, 2015 for anyone who is interested but reluctant.
    Estimated Launch Time: 3-6 months

    Custom modded server
    Deep, Immersive lore
    Many dynamic skills
    Story-driven updates
    Several playable races
    Unique character development system
    Active/Passive leveling systems
    Racial Languages


    Unique roleplay combat mechanics

    Large, beautiful open world
    Free-market, cross-world economy
    Professional, supportive staff
    Gray/White/Black listing
    Official website and forums

    We do not have any fill-in-the-blank applications. If you are interested in any currently available open position, please explain why you think we should choose you and any other relevant material that you think would further qualify you. If your application is of interest, we will be sure to let you know and a verbal interview will then take place on Discord (a service similar to Skype).

    Available Positions:
    Lore Master [Open Positions – 2]: You are expected to work well in groups and develop concepts such as lore, geography, and any other information pertinent to the background or future or the server's in-game history. This will include such things as quest creation, plot development, and history fabrication. This position is highly involved and if you don't fancy yourself as a particularly imaginative person, this position is likely not for you.

    Artist [Open Positions – ∞]: You will be expected to develop, depending on your preferences/abilities, images or videos to promote the server and make our offline presence more aesthetically impressive. Your role is mainly concerned with generating greater outside interest in the server and your role will be highly concerned with our public presence.

    Current Staff:
    • Administrators: 0nefourth
    • Software Engineers: HTTP_404
    • Lore Master: DonSlips
    • Lore Master: Lancer369
    • Artists: Outsourced Commissioning...
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    posted a message on (CLOSED) AKAVIR: The Elder Scrolls Minecraft ✧✧ {24/7}{Serious RolePlay}{MMORPG}{Nations}{Dungeons}{Player-Economy}{Land Ownersh
    Quote from Mister_Jorafa

    Time you can dedicate:1/3 hours a day
    Why us?:i love skyrim,i dont have the game,but i watch a lot of videos
    Define Role-Playing in your words: (See front page for examples) a game where you are a special charater,and there are a lot of different storys
    Define Meta-gaming in your words:go to a forum/wiki and see who to do a mission,or to find a chest etc...
    Define Power-gaming in your words: OP things,example: sharp 5 fire 2 sword

    Name: John (João in my country)
    Nickname: (Optional)
    Gender: male
    Appearance: jumping,bow and sword,sleeping,treasure hunt,explore
    Personality: calm guy,ninja like,treasure hunter,always ready to recive some money,smart.
    In-game RP example: (Include dialog) some minecraft servers,more,no.
    Background: (Detailed and in-depth, 2 paragraphs)
    born in a comun house,whit comun parents,studies,trains,and sneaks very good,good to a ninja.
    he is very naughty,and sometimes explores the world.

    Let me save everyone some trouble and just say that you've been denied. As far as constructive criticism goes: your everything is lacking.
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    My most recent contribution to the server (as by angeleyes' requests); feel free to give feedback:

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    The Wastelands
    A product of: NGM

    Please do not spam the comments with emoticons, it's annoying
    Any videos of the Wastelands will be in the Information and Downloads section

    The Wasteland mod is a very large collaborative modding project between me (Beu50) (code), Lancer369 (Lore/Ideas), Dillo (coder) GrumpyOldWizard (lead coder), jimmydeansauce (concept artist), and Fluxigon (artist/Modeller). The Wastelands project was an attempt to give the Minecraft community the thrill of surviving and exploring a realistic and in depth post-apocalyptic Minecraft environment. In the Wastelands mod we hope to bring the most complex and thrilling collaborative project that the community has seen. The Wastelands mod will offer many great aspects of the Minecraft game all lopped into one mod. These aspects of game-play include: guns, skills, experience leveling system, randomly generated instances and structures, and much more. It is worth noting that this is a pretty large mod and the work that needs to get done is a bit overwhelming. It will take time to get this mod up and running and it will actually never be finished; I'm planning on adding onto this mod for a quite some time. This mod is in its early stages of development and one of the reasons I've posted this, was to get any ideas from the community that I could add to this mod. The creativity of all contributors will be given credit once this mod has been released. This is not only an attempt to make a good mod but to better the game-play of Minecraft.

    I will highlight the following things in colors representing their perceived level of difficulty. Green meaning easiest, Orange meaning the task is of medium difficulty, and Red meaning that the task to code the idea is perceived to be difficult. In addition to the color code, I will the task's progress percentage in purple brackets next to the name, so followers can track the slow but steady development of the mod. Any item descriptions will be highlighted in blue; this include things like stats and item descriptions. Again, if there are any ideas or questions please comment. Every bit of creativity counts to the progression of this mod. This Minecraft project is of course open to the community. I would like this project to be a community effort (at-least for the concepts and ideas) and we'll handle the coding.

    Regarding textures or sprites: None of the shown images are final and may be subject to modification. There are two types of resolutions that will be in use: 32x32 and 16x16; they will be placed in that order if both definitions are available. Graphics for everything except mobs will count for 10% completion. 32x32's will account for 6% completion while 16x16's will account for 4% completion.

    If you have a suggestion then follow this application. If you have more than one just cut and paste another and repeat for as many ideas that you have. For the game play theme, I am shifting towards a organic, rather then mechanical feeling. This would more things like mutants and plant life than industrialized super complexes and robots. Also what caused the Wastelands to become what it is, was a prolonged nuclear war followed by a slow reclaim by nature. So please make sure your ideas fall within those guidelines.
    The Wastelands Idea Application
    1. What is the name of your idea?
    2. What group does it fall under?
    3. What subgroup does it fall under?
    4. Give a detailed description of your idea.
    5. Include a picture if needed.
    6. Any other miscellaneous information that might be useful to know.

    A note to the impatient: There are certain conditions to which this mod gets developed. First off me and the other 2 people writing this meet twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) for about 3 hours and whatever gets done in that time is what gets done. If I have the time to work on it other then those allotted slots of time then I may decide to write more, but for the most part I think dedicating 6-8 hours of time on this is enough. Writing this mod is not my job, its a hobby. In order for any block to be considered complete, I need to have the proper texture and the person making them has a life as well. In addition to his generosity in making the textures he's making a 16x16 and a 32x32, obviously that will take time as well.

    LATEST UPDATES; 2/28/12:
    Sorry everyone but I've abandoned this project for a different one. Noticing the amount of time till our lives are destroyed at college we decided to create our own game and we plan to sell it on steam. So basically we dropped this for a funner more original project. We will post a link to the source if anyone wants to pick up where we left off. We're also all just tired of minecraft, it's just not that fun anymore to be honest (we've been playing since Indev).

    The Wastelands mod for server use.
    • SMP [0%]- I am indeed planning to make this mod for server use. Keep in mind that this will not be within the near future and when it does eventually come out, it will be riddled with bugs. Hopefully this will be another aspect of this mod that sets it apart from the rest of mincraft mods. Its big, fun, and for server use (hopefully).
    • In SMP all skills will be able to be trained but only up to a certain point. It's then that you choose 3 skills that you wish to specialize in, after selecting the skills you will be able to train only those 3 skills further. This may not seem like much but each skill will have 3+ sub-skills each equaling each other in total experience needed. so this would make for 9+ sub-skills on top of all the other skills you can train to the experience cap Making a total of 21+ skills you can train. This method of player development is meant to force players to interact with one another (and to reduce the amount of unnecessary PvP), as well as support an economy.
    • We will probably be keeping the SMP portion of this game private for a bit, to build up an official Wastelands server. We will be offering all the aspects of the wastelands with some extra SMP features to enhance SMP play. Unfortunately we will have to make it a monthly subscription, but, the more people that play the less it will cost. Here is the (correct) math:
    • The (professional EC2 hosted server) will cost us (the server owners) 24 cents an hour to host. This means $5.76 a day and onto $172.80 and further onto $2,073.60 a year. As you can see this is a bit pricey for us to host so we will work out a subscription deal. Initially the price will be $5. we will need about 35 people to be P2P players for the price to stay at $5 but once more then 35 start to join (hopefully); the price of subscription will drop. Also we will probably offer special game "things" for people generous enough to spend extra money on them. This may include: Emotions, Titles, Player modifiers, special weapons or items, Charisma rebalances and if there are people who actually purchase these things then I'll calculate the according profit and adjust the subscription to better fit the trend.
    • I personally like this idea. Its gonna take us a lot of our personal time and resources to get the SSP version of this mod working and even more for SMP and i think a bit of money will definitely be worth the ability to play with other players, join factions, create cities, run businesses, and so on. Also with those extra SMP tidbits thrown in. That's just my personal opinion it's like a worthwhile way to compensate the developers.

    Objects or utilities that will be used to cause damage to enemies or destruction to the world.
    Currently, the default bullet image is used as a place holder for a few bullets with no current (unique) image.
    • Active:
    • Inactive:
      Trigger Stickies [0%]- This explosive can be placed in strategic locations like dark corners, ceilings, and door-ways. Once placed this medium powered explosive can be detonated from a distance threw the glory of a remote control.
    • Landmines [0%]- Blocks that will somewhat resemble a half-block. When placed on the ground and activated, they will cause a powerful concentrated explosion.
    • U-Bomb [0%]- A bomb that is considerably more powerful that TNT. The U-Bomb will have a large explosion radius, high damage, and will leave behind a decent field of radiation. This bomb is nick-named "U-Bomb" because of the fact that the bomb will contain uranium.
    • EU-Bomb [0%]- A bomb stronger than the U-Bomb. This bomb's explosion strength and blast radius will be larger than that of the U-Bomb and will leave behind a strong radiation field. This bomb is lovingly named the "EU-Bomb" because the bomb will contain certain amount of enriched-uranium.
    • Pu-Bomb [0%]- This bomb is (predictably) stronger than the EU-Bomb. This bomb's explosion strength and blast radius will be greater than that of the EU-bomb and will leave behind a very strong field of radiation.

    Close Quarters...
    • Paw-Claw [6%]- The Paw-Claw is a close quarters weapon that resembles that of a bear's claws. This weapon is good for fast moderate damage when getting up close and personal with the enemy.
    • Swords
      • Blood Stone Sword [100%]
      • Vulfram Sword [100%]
      • Aurum Sword [100%]
      • Oombra Ferrum Sword [100%]
      • Ferrum Sword [100%]

      Guns, Artillery, and Other Ranged Projectiles...
      • Flame Breather [100%]
        • Maximum Range: 20 meters
        • Damage: N/A
        • Accuracy: N/A
        • Recoil: None
        • Ammo: Oil
        • Crippling Shot: None
        • Fire Rate: Fast
        Description: The Flame Breather is a weapon that spits out flames in the hope of incinerating whatever it needs to.

      • Pins n' Needles [100%]
        • Maximum Range: 35 meters
        • Damage: .5
        • Accuracy: Average
        • Recoil: low
        • Ammo: Small Bullets
        • Crippling Shot: None
        • Fire Rate: Fast
        Description: Pins n' Needles is a small, light-weight, automatic weapon. This gun can spit out an enormous amount of bullets but deals small amounts of damage.

      • Basilisk [100%]
        • Maximum Range: N/A
        • Damage: N/A
        • Accuracy: N/A
        • Recoil: None
        • Ammo: Launchable Grenades
        • Crippling Shot: None
        • Fire Rate: Slow
        Description: The Basilisk is a powerful grenade launcher that, when used skillfully, can be a deadly and terrifying weapon; unleashing powerful onslaughts of grenades that can fall from the sky having a wonderful effect of fear and confusion on your enemies.

      • Big John [100%]
        • Maximum Range: 200 meters
        • Damage: N/A
        • Accuracy: Great
        • Recoil: N/A
        • Ammo: Rockets
        • Crippling Shot: N/A
        • Fire Rate: Slow
        Description: Big John is a rocket launcher, can deal high damage, and can shoot missiles. Damage with Big John is increased further with splash damage, implying that the shrapnel from the missile's or rocket's case exploded and fragmented within the splash zone.

      • The Sky Hawk [100%]
        • Maximum Range: 35 meters
        • Damage: 2-3 hearts
        • Accuracy: Good
        • Recoil: Low-medium
        • Ammo: Bullets (regular) Hallow Point, and Explosive Bullets
        • Crippling Shot: 10%
        • Fire Rate: Medium-fast
        Description: The Sky Hawk is the equivalent of your regular every day pistol.

      • Sporter [100%]
        • Maximum Range: 80 meters
        • Damage: 3-4 hearts
        • Accuracy: Great
        • Recoil: Low-medium
        • Ammo: Rifle Bullets
        • Crippling Shot: 15%
        • Fire Rate: Medium
        Description: The Sporter (Rifle) is a medium range weapon used more for range than power. It is a fairly simple gun, nothing too fantastic about it.

      • Gutpuncher [100%]
        • Maximum Range: 20 meters
        • Damage: .5-5 hearts
        • Accuracy: N/A
        • Recoil: Medium-High
        • Ammo: Shells
        • Crippling Shot: 20%
        • Fire Rate: Medium
        Description: The Gut Puncher is a powerful short to medium range weapon that delivers a burst of pullets in the enemies direction, causing a great deal of damage. Due to the nature of its ammunition, this gun's fire will spread gradually of a certain distance, becoming less and less concentrated.

      • Hand Cannon [100%]
        • Maximum Range: 45 meters
        • Damage: 2.5-3.5 hearts
        • Accuracy: Medium
        • Recoil: Medium
        • Ammo: Large Bullets, Hallow Points, Explosive Bullets, and Bullets (regular)
        • Crippling Shot: 20%
        • Fire Rate: Medium
        Description: The Hand Cannon is a high caliber revolver which can shoot large bullets and give you plenty of bang for your buck.

      • Long Shot [100%]
        • Maximum Range: 180 meters
        • Damage: 5
        • Accuracy: Great
        • Recoil: High
        • Ammo: Large Bullets and Rifle Bullets
        • Crippling Shot: 25%
        • Fire Rate: Medium-Slow
        Description: This high powered sniper rifle was designed by master weapon-smiths during the great war that created the Wastelands. Needless to say, this is a deadly gun. With a great scope range and large bullets, you have the power to stealthily take out your targets with ease from great ranges.

      • Flanger [6%]- This bow is hard to obtain and even more difficult to construct. When fired this bow shoots a blue laser that will move slightly slower then a normal arrow but will ignore all armor.

      • Normal Bullets [100%]- Normal bullets will have no bonus damage modifiers or special abilities. All these will do is damage enemies from a range (with a gun of course).
      • Pellet Shell [100%]- The Pellet shell is used but shotgun type devices in order to achieve a powerful spread of fire. The fire from this ammunition will cause damage as though multiple regular bullets were hitting the target, although each individual pellet will not be too strong.
      • Explosive Bullets [100%]- These bullets will do all the things regular bullets do but will cause an explosion on impact. This will mean an explosive damage modifier to each explosive bullet.
      • Rifle Bullets [100%]- Rifle Bullets are the basic bullet for all rifle-like weapons. This specific bullet offers a greater range than normal bullets but is not particularly powerful.
      • Hallow-Point Bullets [100%]- These Bullets will do all the things regular bullets do, just with more damage.
      • Large Bullets [100%]- Similar to the regular bullet, the large bullet's only difference is a slight increase in damage.
      • Incendiary Bullets [50%]- These bullets will do all the things regular bullets do but will cause whatever it hits upon impact, to catch fire. This will mean a fire damage modifier to each incendiary bullet.
      • Rockets [90%]- Long ranged, explosive ammunition for use in rocket launcher type weapons.
      • Launchable Grenades [90%]- Long ranged, explosive ammunition for use in grenade launcher type weapons.

      Siege Shells...
      • Fire Drop [0%]- This bombardment shell will explode dealing explosive splash damage and will light a large area of ground aflame dealing additional fire damage upon impact.
      • Lobby [0%]- This bombardment shell will explode dealing large amounts of damage in a large area with explosive splash damage.
      • Massive Shell [0%]- These Gatling bullets are fired at a reasonable pace and deal good amounts of damage upon impact.
      • Rokk [0%]- This rocket causes a concentrated area of ground to be affected by very high powered explosion.

      Flame Breather Ammunition
      • Cane Tail Alcohol [0%]- The alcohol made from cane tails can be used as a easy to make, low-medium damage fluid for the Flame Breather.
      • Oil [90%]- Somewhat rare, oil burns at the temperature of a regular fire and does not have any special characteristics.

      • Barbed Wire [100%]- Barbed Wire will be a block that can be placed on the ground and moved threw. If you or an enemy moves threw barbed-wire, 1 heart of damage will be taken and movement speed will be decreased by about 15%. Crafting results will yield 4 Barbed Wire blocks.
      • Razor Wire [100%]- Razor Wire is a stronger and more deadly version of barbed-wire. If you or an enemy moves threw some razor-wire, 2 hearts of damage will be taken and movement will be decreased by 30%. Crafting results will yield 2 Razor Wire blocks.

      Objects or items that will be beneficial to adventurers in some way.
      • Led Suit [8%]- This will be a suit made of led comprising of a head, chest, legs, and boots. Each piece of the suit will over a different level of protection to radiation. The full suit will over complete protection from the harmful affects of radiation. Due to the fact that led is heavy, the suit will also greatly reduce movement speed.
      • Raider Garb [10%]- The Wastelands is home to many types of cut-throat bandits and this is the traditional dark attire of the Raiders.
      • Diving Helmet [0%]- When worn, this helmet will (I'm sure you can guess) give you an increased air supply while under-water. This helmet will restrict your range of vision while wearing.
      • Texture:
      • Sprite:
        Radiation Goggles [6%]- When worn and activated, these goggles will change the color of world to a gray-scale color scheme. The only thing that will have color while your goggles are activated, will be radiation, which will be shown in various shades of green.

      • Ferrum Rod [100%]- A rod made of ferrum typically used for equipment.
      • Vulfram Rod [100%]- A rod made of vulfram typically used for low high equipment.
      • Aurum Rod [100%]- A rod made of aurum used exclusively for aurum tools.
      • Ferrum Tools:
        • Pickaxe [100%]
        • Hatchet [100%]
        • Spade [100%]
        • Hoe [95%]
        • Oombra Ferrum Tools:
          • Pickaxe [100%]
          • Hatchet [100%]
          • Spade [100%]
          • Hoe [95%]
          • Aurum Tools:
            • Pickaxe [100%]
            • Hatchet [100%]
            • Spade [100%]
            • Hoe [95%]
            • Vulfram Tools:
              • Pickaxe [100%]
              • Hatchet [100%]
              • Spade [100%]
              • Hoe [95%]
              • Blood Stone Tools:
                • Pickaxe [100%]
                • Hatchet [100%]
                • Spade [100%]
                • Hoe [95%]

                • Rubble [0%]- Rubble will be easy to get and be pretty much everywhere. Rubble's main use will be for camouflaging traps and other things you may want to hide from your enemies.
                • Poker Chips [0%]- The main currency of the Wastelands. Poker chip value ordered from least to greatest would be white, gray, then black. 100 white chips would be the equivalent of 1 gray chip, while 100 gray chips would be the equivalent of 1 black chip. Poker chips can be found in a variety of ways: loot from chests or lock-boxes, monster drops, or quest completion.

                Randomly Generated Structures
                Structures and obstacles that will randomly generate within the Wastelands.
                • Mine Fields [0%]- Mine Fields represent an interesting aspect of game-play, resembling traps that past people have lain in anticipation of unobservant enemies to wander into, or rather on to. Mine fields are plots of land that will have mines hidden all across the area. The only way to evade these traps would be to not go into them or be observant.
                • Fields/Lines of Barbed Wire [0%]- Due to the war time battles that past people have fought in these lands you'll be exploring, you may find your self in fields of barbed wire or random lines of defensively placed about.
                • Fields/Lines of Razor Wire [0%]- These fields and lines of razor wire are very similar to that of its barbed wire relative, except these plots of razor wire are simply more deadly.
                • Radiation Fields [0%]- These random fields of radiation will generate rarely and present a hidden obstacles for the player. These will be thrown into the game to simulate the detonation of bombs in different locations of the world (like the remnant of a war). These will most likely be paired to a crater in which a bomb has exploded (maybe even a ruined town).

                • Wastelands Gateway [100%]- Similar to that of the Nether portal, this will be made of Oombra Ferrum blocks and lead to the Wastelands.
                • Buildings [0%]- These will range from homes to industrial buildings. Buildings will may on occasion, be inhabited by people who may or may not welcome you into their homes. Buildings may contain loot inside and are worth exploring. There will most likely be many different variants of them.
                • Ruins [0%]- Ruins will be much like building except they will offer a more dilapidated and run down appearance. This will hopefully give a greater sense of passing time to the player. Noting the differences between the building and ruins.
                • Towns [0%]- I'm not entirely sure how to approach this one but I'm sure that there is a way. My goal with towns is to be able to generate multiple buildings at once in a concentrated area, giving a town-like feel. I would like to be able to have different variants of these as well; inhabited, ruined, and so on.
                • Stores [0%]- Stores will be located in a variety of places and take a hand-full of forms. ranging from friendly house like structures in towns, to military outposts in the middle of nowhere. Stores will sell a variety of things but it ultimately depends on which store your at. Some may sell food, some ammunition, explosives, etc.

                Pre-Wastelands War Machines
                These machines of war were used during the war that sparked the creation of the Wastelands.
                Some of these machines can be crafted while some are spawned as structures due to there size.
                These can be in 2 state of conditions, usable and ruined.

                The Massives...
                • Thor [0%]- Thor is a massive structural heavy weapon. Finding a Thor is quite a rare thing. Only spawned in military outposts/towns, is not possible to construct, and cannot move. Thor's appearance: a platformed base with a pivotal rode leading to the head of the weapon. The head consists of a center area were the player will sit inside, aim, and shoot. linked to the cockpit are two large barrels used to fire the needed ammunition. There are different types of Thor: Bombardment, Rocket, and Gatling. If you find a Thor you will also need ammunition, for these massive weapons the only suitable thing that can be used is a special round called a siege shell.

                The Environment
                Things pertaining to the environment; like weather and things that will have an impact on either the environment or weather.
                • Acid Rain [0%]- Every now and then, the normal blue rain that you expect to fall from the skies will not be as it usually is. This rain will be a sort of brownish tinge and will slowly hurt you if your in contact with it for extended periods of time.

                • Radiation [0%]- This one I always have trouble explaining. Imagine a block that acts the same way as water does. There are two types (just like there is water), a source block and the currents that extend outward from that source block. The radiation source block will have its currents extending outward in every direction. Unlike water radiation will not be affected by gravity so its currents will extend out ward in every direction like a large sphere. I'm thinking of having different levels of intensity, 3 to be specific. Each with a greater radius (larger sphere). This block will be invisible, unless of course your wearing a handy pair of radiation goggles. Also unlike water, radiation will move threw anything, except a few materials like led. This means that you could be underground somewhere and accidentally run into a field of radiation that originated from somewhere on the surface. When exposed to radiation there are a few effects (that stack) that you will most likely experience: a steadily decreasing speed rate (up till 25% speed reduction), followed by a steady decline in accuracy (up to 25% reduction in accuracy), followed by blurred movement and vision, and lastly you will be assaulted with the shrieks and moans of the Wasteland's creatures.
                • World Generation [100%]- I need a way to actually generate the Wastelands. so naturally I'm going to need to figure out a way to generate everything from dirt to buildings.

                HUD's and Interfaces
                Notifications and Interfaces on your normal display screen and other screens that are used for player interaction or information.
                • Experience Bar [0%]- The experience bar will be used to track how close you are from leveling your character. Leveling your character will give you the opportunity to unlock better and more powerful skills or attributes. Getting experience for leveling your character will either be done in two ways (I haven't decided which yet), a total experience system that throws everything that would offer you experience into one large experience pool in which your character would level in that way, or a fragmented experience system in which specific things will give you a specific type of experience; such as herbalism experience, explosives experience, and so on.
                • Radiation Bar [0%]- The radiation bar will much like your health bar (hearts bar i guess) except it will keep track of the level of radiation you've contracted. 1 being the least and 10 being the worst. The notch that the bar is at will correspond to the amount of health you will lose after a certain period of time after being exposed to a field of radiation. When exposed to radiation you will go up 1 notch on the bar after being exposed to a certain amount of time. The amount of notches you've accumulated are there to show you how much health you will lose and what radiation effect/s you will be suffering.

                • Equipment Pane [0%]- Due to the amount of equipment you will need to attach to your person in order to stay alive in the wastelands, we have decided to split your "attached equipment" section of your inventory from your backpack. This will give you a a single backpack and attached equipment pane (2 different ones). Your backpack will look no different then it normally does. Your attached equipment pane will have been expanded as follows: 2 ear-ring slots for each ear (4 in total), a head slot, a neck slot, 3 ring slots for each hand (6 in total), a shoulder slot, a chest slot, a cape slot, a belt slot, a gloves slot, a legs slot, and finally a boots slot. Most clothing you find will usually offer some sort of armor protection and maybe some sort of extra bonus granting you extra damage, special abilities, etc.

                Character Skills and Attributes
                Skills will allow you to construct and make a variety of cool and useful creations. Some skills may require you to practice more than one skill at a time.
                Some craftable items require a specific level to craft.

                Total Leveling Experience Graph...

                Y = 0 - 7,500,000 (experience)
                X = 1 - 100 (Levels)
                • This graph I made accurately shows the experience curve that players will encounter while leveling in the Wastelands.
                • My formula makes for a fun, long, reasonable, and non-grinding game experience (as you can see from the spacings between each point form both the x and y axis in relation to a leading point).

                • On SSP all skills will be available to you. You can practice anything you wish in order to see which skill you might want to use most while on the Wastelands SMP server.
                • Each skill has 3+ sub-skills for more of a specialization inside each skill. There is no restriction on training a sub-skill except when reaching level 99. Once at the level 99 you must select one sub-skill specialization to follow to level cap 100. Once at level 100 you will get a perk which will grant some sort of bonus or ability as well as being an achievement.
                • Fishing [0%]- Threw out the Wastelands you may come across a variety of aquatic life. Fish, crustaceans, or whatever you may find at the end of your hook (or harpoon) will most likely find some sort of use; be it as food, an additive in a herbal concoction, there are plenty of possible uses for the aquatic life of the Wastelands.
                • Herbalism [0%]- Practicing herbalism will allow you to create a wide variety of herbal concoctions by taking ingredients from nature to benefit the player in some way while staying in the wastelands. I'm considering renaming this skill medicine for plans of increasing the range of ingredients from nature to man made.
                • Brewing [0%]- Brewing will allow adventurers to brew their own alcoholic concoctions. Players may find brewing useful for anything from comfort to weaponry.
                • Gun-smith- The gun-smith skill will allow players to craft their own guns. This will allow for custom guns, meaning guns that have been customized with their own barrels, scopes, stocks, loaders, and more. This is will arguably be one of the most important skills to practice in the Wastelands. The better your level in this skill the better your guns will be.
                • Explosives [0%]- In the Wastelands you may find it useful to practice the explosives skill. This skill will allow you to create gradually more sophisticated, powerful, and useful, explosive devices.
                • Mining [0%]- Training mining will allow you to extract or from rarer and harder minerals without destroying the ore.
                • Trap Making [0%]- Trap making is a must in the Wastelands. This skill is one that will allow you to stay alive at night threw the strategic placement of a combination of razor-wire and landmines. You will find this skill useful for setup ambushes or self defense.
                • Farming [0%]- The Farming skill will allow players to successfully cultivate and grow a variety of plants. This skill is a great way to keep useful herbalism or brewing plants nearby.
                • Cooking [0%]- Cooking will allow players to create foods that heal a greater amount of health.
                • Engineer [0%]- The engineering skill may allow for the construction of various technological devices. This skill is crucial when making vehicles or complex machinery.
                • Forging [0%]- This skill will allow players to smelt ore into usable bars. The rarer the ore, the harder it is to smith.
                • Blacksmith [0%]- Blacksmithing allows players to forge weapons, armor and other other tools from forged bars.

                • Strength [0%]- The strength skill is probably one of the most basic attributes there is and will offer itself simply as a damage modifier to close range weapons.
                • Accuracy [0%]- The accuracy attribute will help reduce the amount of recoil a gun will give off and help the aim of an adventurer.
                • Agility [0%]- Practicing this skill will give bonuses to player speed, dodge, and an increased chance to reduce damage from high heights. If players wish to practice this skill they will need to fall from heights and take damage or fight monsters in the hope that they dodge any incoming blows.
                • Dexterity [0%]- My hope with dexterity is to somehow tie them into the skill's mini-games. I would like to make it so that the higher you dexterity skill us the greater chance of success you'll have while playing a skill mini-game.
                • Charisma [0%]- Imagine Charisma as a sort of Karma system. Doing good things will give you positive charisma, while doing bad things will give you bad charisma. For now all charisma is good for is increasing or decreasing shop prices slightly, from various npc stores. Here are ways to gain Charisma: Kill people/npc's and do quests. People with + charisma who kill people with - charisma will receive + charisma of the appropriate amount the more charisma in either extreme a person has (who you killed) will give you more charisma points. Now naturally we're trying to go for a certain amount of logic here were doing one thing for either side of the scale will give you attention from both sides in some sort of way, so we were trying to go with a opposites rule: good people kill bad people which gains good people good charisma, bad people kill good people which earns them bad charisma; which all makes sense because doing those sort of things would earn you attention from the according side. There will be a neutral zone as well. Take this example here: imagine a Charisma scale ranging from -200 to 200. the neutral zone would be something like -50 to 50. When neutral charisma people kill other people, they will receive the according opposite amount of charisma. Also people with neutral charisma will not receive a benefit to shop prices (while + people will receive a discount and - people will receive a mark up) also people who kill neutral people will receive no charisma points. For now this is the basic principle of charisma and we will be modifying it with various perks and other things to make it more fun and realistic. This has a lot of potential in my mind.

                • Gun-smith Malfunctions [0%]- In the Wastelands all form of weaponry is crafted. This does not exclude guns. When using a gun there will be a chance that the gun will jam causing a delay in fire, or it will stop all together and will have to be fixed. The higher your gun-smith level the higher the chance that your gun wont jam or break while in use.
                • Explosive Malfunctions [0%]- When using crafted explosives in the Wastelands, a few things may happen during the process of usage. Upon detonation your explosive device may either explode with less intensity then anticipated, or not explode at all.

                Skill Mini-Games and Devices
                Skills will often have a "mini-game" of sorts associated with them. These will be what allows you to craft what you need to craft and give you certain amounts of whatever it is you're trying to craft depending on the level of success you had during the course of the mini-game. It is worth noting that there is, at this point in time, no solid plan or recipe to an skill mini-game.
                Skill Mini-Games...
                • Herb Table [0%]- The Herb Table is a skill mini-game associated with the skill of herbalism. This skill mini-game will most likely contain all of the major concepts of making herbal solutions. The mini-game will include aspects of "potion making" such as mixing, crushing, and heating various components of your mixture/s.
                • Brewing Vat [0%]- The Brewing Vat skill mini-game will allow players to mix and ferment various substances in the goal of eventually getting some sort of alcoholic mixture.
                • Gun-Smith Bench [20%]- The Gun-Smith Bench mini-game will allow adventures to craft all aspects of your weaponry. Players will be able to craft things like gun barrels, sights, stocks, loaders, magazines, bullets and combine them in a way that would be most advantageous to you (if your level permits it).

                This skill will allow the player to make alcoholic concoctions for consumption or other uses.
                • Alcohols and Brews [0%]- The difference between alcohols and brews is that alcohols are used in weapons like the Flame Breather. Due to their high alcohol content they're actually dangerous for human consumption and are much more useful in weaponry. Brews however are perfectly fine to drink (to a certain extent) and will often offer some sort of stat bonus.
                • Cane Tail Alcohol [0%]- The alcohol made from cane tails can be used as a easy to make, low-medium damage fluid for the Flame Breather.

                Books in the Wastelands will gradually fill themselves out with information as you discover things threw-out the Wasteland.
                Guides and Journals...
                • Journal [0%]- Journals will have adjustable titles and will allow players to write and keep data of their day-to-day adventures of the Wastelands.
                • The Gun-Smith's Hand-Book [0%]- This book will (as long as its on you) keep track of all you're newly crafted gun's and their parts as you have found the formula and have crafted said item for later reference.
                • Nature's Guide to Medicine [0%]- This book will (as long as its on you) keep track of all you newly mixed medicinal concoctions for later reference.
                • Guide to all Projectiles [0%]- This book will (as long as its on you) keep track of all your newly crafted projectiles for later reference. This includes things like bullets, throwing-knives, and arrows.
                • Bomb-Makers Hand-Book [0%]- This book will (as long as its on you) keep track of you newly crafted explosive devised for later reference.
                • Aquatic Life of the Wastelands [0%]- This book will (as long as its on you) keep track of all newly caught aquatic life in the Wastelands, for future reference.
                • The Wastelands Bestiary [0%]- This book will (regardless of being on your person) log and keep track all slain Wasteland creatures.
                • Wasteland Vegetation [0%]- This book will (regardless of being on your person) log and keep track of all vegetation found withing the Wastlands for future reference.
                • The Book of Poisons [0%]- This book will (as long as its on you) keep track of all crafted poisons for future reference.
                • Home Brewing Guide [0%]- This book will (as long as its on you) keep track of all brewed alcohols for future reference.

                Wasteland Mobs
                The Wasteland will be home to many new and exciting creatures; some deadly, some friendly.
                Ghosts and the Undead...

                • Cipher [0%]- (Hostile) Ciphers are ghost like mobs that inhabit the Wastelands. Ciphers are a rare and deadly mob. Ciphers will appear as slightly see-threw and glowing. Ciphers will simply stare quietly at you make eye-contact with them but as soon as you turn your back a Cipher will start to shriek and make sounds as it hovers towards you. If you turn back then they will stop and stare quietly at you again. Ciphers can move threw 1 block thick walls and are only hurt by fire. Hope your prepared to kill it when you see one, or rather when one sees you.

                • Flatjack [0%]- (Hostile) A Flat Jack is a semi-large fish like mob. Flat Jack's will wait on the dark bottom of ocean and lake beds for helpless fish or adventurers to wander just a tad bit too close. Flat Jacks are flat in shape and will wait until you come within a 2 block radius to attack. Flat Jack's will attack suddenly in a burst of movement in an attempt to inhale you along with the water in a giant desperate gulp.

                Wasteland Vegetation
                The Wasteland will contain many new forms of vegetation. Most forms of plant life will offer some sort of benefit to the player. Its worth discovering and logging them for (mainly) medicinal purposes.
                • Nuke Bloom [0%]- This special flower will only grow in a radioactive environment. From an herbalism standpoint, you may find this flower useful in mixtures used to cure your self from the effects of radiation. This flower is unusually beautiful for living in such an inhospitable environment.
                Water-Side Plants...
                • Cane Tail [0%]- Found mostly on the edge of marshy lakes, Cane Tails are sweet reed like plants that grow tall and are useful in brewing.
                Non-Flowering Plants...
                • Smoke Leaf [0%]- A plant that is easy to grow. Smoke Leafs are base herbalism plants and can be mixed with a variety of other plants. Players practicing herbalism will find Smoke Leaf a necessary starting plant.
                • Deadwood [0%]- The Deadwood tree is the name that was given to the trees of minecraft that have "survived" the Wastelands apocalypse and have stayed rooted. These tree's are brittle and dead, there for, they have lost their strength and are a very poor wood.

                Ores and Other Blocks
                Soils and Earth...
                Here you will find all the minerals and blocks of the Wasteland.
                If block completion percentage is at 90% all that needs to be done is the block's texture.

                • Sabulo [100%]- This is the common "sand" type block you'll find in the Wastelands.
                • Ayerdae [100%]- This is the typical every day grass block that you'll see in the Wastelands. Ayerdae in the wastelands does not spread due to the harm that the environment has caused it over time, more or less confining the ayerdae permanently to its one block.
                • Terra Forming Grass [0%]- The scientists of the pre-wastelands noticed this trend of destruction and in an attempt to save the collapsing ecosystem invented a grass that will spread, regardless of environmental conditions. This grass is tough and gritty but grass non the less. These blocks are rare to find and can only be found as loot and in small quantities, it can only spread grass to rich soil and fertile earth
                • Ayerda [100%]- This is the typical every day dirt block that you'll see in the Wastelands.
                • Infertile Earth [0%]- This type of soil has had all of its minerals sucked dry threw either the intense climate changes of the area its been in or any other reasons that might prevent things from growing on this specific block of land.
                • Fertile Earth [0%]- This plot of dirt has not been completely destroyed by the wastelands and still retains some minerals for use in farming.
                • Rich Soil [0%]- This chunk of dirt has not been affected in any way by the harsh environment of the wastelands and is rich with minerals. These dirt blocks are very good for use in farming.
                • Dry Soil [0%]- This soil block has been hardened by natural processes, is slightly harder than dirt, and is also infertile.
                • Mud [0%]- Typically found in marshy areas, mud blocks are soft and will slow your movement speed as well as suck your feet a bit into them. The deeper the mud, the deeper you may get sucked into it. It is possible to die from being sucked too deep into mud. The more you struggle, the worse it gets.

                Ores, Ingots, and Stones...
                • Sabulo Stein [100%]- This is the common "sand-stone" type block you'll mine in the Wastelands.
                • Flaster Stein [100%]- This is the common "cobble-stone" type block you'll mine in the Wastelands.
                • Stein [100%]- This is the common "smooth-stone" rock of the Wastelands.
                • Ferrum Ore [100%]- Ferrum is an iron equivalent found among the Wastelands.
                • Block of Ferrum [100%]- A solid metal block of ferrum comprised of 9 ferrum ingots.
                • Ferrum Ingot [100%]- The smelting result of Ferrum Ore.
                • Oombra Ferrum Ore [100%]- Oombra Ferrum is a form of iron found among the Wastelands.
                • Block of Oobmra Ferrum [100%]- A metal block of oombra ferrum comprised of 9 oombra ferrum ingots.
                • Oombra Ferrum Ingot [100%]- The smelting result of Oombra Ferrum Ore.
                • Aurum Ore [100%]- Aurum is a gold-like block found in the Wastelands.
                • Block of Aurum [100%]- A solid metal block of aurum comprised of 9 aurum ingots.
                • Aurum Ingot [100%]- The smelting result of Aurum Ore.
                • Vulfram Ore [100%]- A semi-rare metal found in the Wastelands used for high level recipes.
                • Block of Vulfram [100%]- A solid metal block of Vulfram comprised of 9 Vulfram ingots.
                • Vulfram Ingot [100%]- The smelting result of Vulfram Ore.
                • Blood Stone Ore [100%]- A rare metal found in the Wastelands used for high level recipes.
                • Block of Blood Stone [100%]- A solid metal block of Blood Stone comprised of 9 Blood Stone ingots.
                • Blood Stone Ingot [100%]- The smelting result of Blood Stone Ore.
                • Lead [0%]- Lead will not serve much of a purpose but to allow writing and radiation protection.
                • Uranium [0%]- Uranium is a rare mineral that can be found within the wastelands. Naturally occurring, uranium emits low levels of radiation. The main use for uranium will be in nuclear bombs.

                • Deadwood [90%]- This is the common (kind of) wood in the wastelands harvested from the Deadwood tree. This wood is used in crafting applications and is a bit weaker (brittle) then typical wood.
                • Dry Wood [90%]- Dry Wood is obtained in sets of 4 from Deadwood and is used in crafting applications.


                • Dry Boards [90%]- Dry Boards are obtained in sets of 2 from Dry Wood and is used commonly in low level crafting.

                Our mod support signature banner/s.
                [center] [url=http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/329473-mod-wip-the-wastelands/][img]http://mag.racked.eu/cimage/4415saa/The+Wastelands+Mod%21/Click+to+view%21/mca.png[/img][/url] [/center]

                [center] [url=http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/329473-mod-wip-the-wastelands/][img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/34347158/WastelandsBanner2.png[/img][/url] [/center]

                Information and Downloads
                Information and version history.
                • All downloads prefixed with "Alpha" are incomplete and are meant for community testing. For example, I'll be releasing the first download after terrain generation is done. This is so people other then me and the mod team can help speed up testing. This also means that the content you'll find your self playing with in all the Alpha stages of development will be lacking in gameplay.
                • The Wastelands will probably be in "Beta" for the majority of its development since it will basically never be done. There is always something more to add.
                • If there are any bugs that i have not listed, please post what they/it is/are.

                Sound Tracks...

                Sound track for those old abandoned military outposts that you'll be exploring. When exploring deep underground. The array of Cipher voices.

                This document is Copyright �(2011)(Beu50) of (hereafter referred to as "The Owner") and is the intellectual property of The Owner. Only Minecraftforum.net is able to host any of The Owner's material without the consent of The Owner. It may not be placed on any other web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. (Electronic mail is acceptable as long as you wait for a response.) If you mirror this mod page or anything The Owner has made on any other site, The Owner may seek compensation for the damages through a lawsuit.

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                Quote from Jimmydeansauce

                I support this idea. Maybe not only randomly generated highway, but also something like this?

                Something random like the would be pretty cool, for like, the outskirts of a city or something. Or maybe inside the city.

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                Loss of interest
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                Can you update your progress on the main page if it isn't too much.

                It is. But I'll do it.

                Quote from kieronyousef

                Hay guys it me posting again, if you need any testing done id be happy to do it and record every thing i did ! :smile.gif:

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                follow these steps:

                1. learn Java
                2. download Eclipse
                3. download latest version of MCP (minecraft coder pack)
                4. find a youtube video on how to set up mcp with eclipse for your OS.
                5. mod away.
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