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    Very interesting server, I can spend hours playing Dystopiax. I've seen so many players online commenting how much they like the server and I bet you would too!

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    Hello Everyone!

    Sandycraft is back, we are recruiting a whole new team to operate our network. If you are looking for a instant job then your at the right place as we need staff asap!


    - All staff must be age of 15+ ** If you are under 15 years you can still apply however you may have more questions from our Administration team.

    - You must not hold a staff position at another existing server.

    - You cannot apply if you cannot be on for at least 1 hour a day!

    - You must be experienced at staffing. When we open we are expecting a high demand as our old members will be returning so you cannot be in-experienced!


    Developer: (2) ***PLEASE NOTE*** Developers must be qualified or experienced with the Java Enviornment and Plugin Management.[/i][/b]

    Head Admin: (2 Per Server)

    Admin: (5 Per Server)

    Moderator: (MAX 10 Per Server)

    MiniMod: (Trial Period - For un-experienced members)

    PLEASE NOTE *** If you do not have experience with our plugins and our custom plugins, dont worry! We provide outstanding training for our staff. You will be put with a staff trainer for a short period of time until you get the idea. ***[/b]

    Please register on our website before continuing! www.sandycraftnetwork.enjin.com (Currently Down)

    And join the server! play.sandycraftftb.com

    Please copy and paste the following form below:

    Minecraft Name:[/i]


    What position are you applying for?[/i]

    Have you registered on our website?[/i]

    What does leadership mean for you?[/i]

    Why should we recruit you over someone else with more experience?[/i]

    How long are you looking to stay with us?[/i]

    Do you have Teamspeak?[/i]

    Do you currently hold a staff position at another server? If so, will you be resigning from that position?[/i]

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    posted a message on Sandycraft Network | NOW HIRING!

    Minecraft Name: HDslayer101[/i]

    Age: 14[/i]

    What position are you applying for? Admin[/i]

    Have you registered on our website? No, but I will after this post.[/i]

    What does leadership mean for you? Someone who acts as a role-model for others showing professionalism and maturity, also some use of grammar.[/i]

    Why should we recruit you over someone else with more experience? I have been on many servers and have been Moderator and Admin many times, I have experienced building, leadership and helping players.[/i]

    How long are you looking to stay with us? Possibly a month or year.[/i]

    Do you currently hold a staff position at another server? If so, will you be resigning from that position? No, I currently am not staff on any other server.[/i]

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    In-Game-Name - HDslayer101
    Age - 14
    Skype - (Will give out if accepted)
    TimeZone / Location - (UTC+10:00) Australia
    Name (Optional) - Hayden

    Ideal Position - Moderator

    What time are you most often on? (your time) -​ Weekdays usually after school for 2-7 hours and weekends possibly all day.

    Have you ever been banned or temp banned on any server? -​ I've been banned on a few servers.

    How many hours can you contribute per day? - I can give 4 to 6 hours a day, sometimes all day.

    How long have you been playing Koala Network? - Not too long. Maybe a day?

    When did you first play Minecraft, how often do you play? -​ 2010, nearly all the time.

    What advice would you give someone who had to deal with people younger than them? - To act like a role-model and show respect, listen to them even if they weren't to listen to you, calm them down and speak to them in a kind manner.

    What is your previous experience in any form of staff? -​ Moderator, Admin and Helper.

    Why would you like to become staff on Koala Network? - Well all my other servers I have been staff shutdown or we had too many problems and I'd thought to give it another try and help another server out.

    Why should we choose you to become staff on Koala Network? - I'm responsible and respectful, I speak in a kind tone but if someone were to break the rules I'd be to crack down on them and read them the rule that they have broke, I will investigate any reports of hacked cilents and punishment will be severe and I will not tolerate lies, I will make sure everyone is treating each other nicely and make the server a great place.

    What is the role Helper and what does it do? - Assist players by answering questions, reporting bugs or glitches to Admins, reporting hackers to Admins and Moderators and if asked helping them out with plugins.

    Any personal information or concerns you'd like to share? - Just hope I can help out.

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    posted a message on Kuyacraft Factions 24/7 Needs 5 more staff

    IGN: HDslayer101

    Real name: Hayden

    Country you're living in: Australia

    Experience: I've been Mod and Admin on a lot of servers, working with players and other staff to reach our goal of growing into a large server, sadly it never happened on any of them, I am a great at builder at times but more so at helping players. I am very active and can spend hours online assisting with and I am willing to give time and effort.

    Age: 14

    Skype: (Will give out In-game)

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    posted a message on New Server looking for all kinds of staff!

    Your Ing (In Game Name)


    The Rank You Want (Dev Builder Admin Helper Moderator)


    Why should I chose You?

    I have had a lot of experience in the past years of playing on minecraft servers as staff, I know many rules and hate racism and wouldn't let a single hacker touch the server, I respect everyone equally.

    How Old Are You?


    Tell Me How You'd Make The Server Better

    I will help players when they ask for it or seem confused, I will answer any question and be completely honest with everyone, I will make sure hackers are caught and banned and that racist or hurtful comments are never said in chat. I will also put in a lot of hours to ensure the server is active and safe.

    Why Should I Trust You?

    I am the type of person that is honest, I have skype for faster contact and wouldn't be unfair to the players, I do not pick sides and I will always be ready to help.

    More About yourself (optional)

    I am 14, I play many games and spend many hours sometimes staying up to 4 AM, I am respectful all the time and would only swear if it were a joke (No racist jokes), I have been staff on a few servers in the past year, I am mature and smart when it comes to minecraft.

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