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    posted a message on 1.7.2 Vanilla Mindcrack-inspired server! Looking for Youtubers & or Great Builders!
    1) IGN (InGameName)- HAClarke
    2) Age- 18
    3) Gender (just good to know)- Male
    4) Why you would like to join- Looking for a true to the name vanilla server, plugins get to be too much, plus I love how the MindCrack server works, and it seems like a lot of fun!
    5) Why you think you should be accepted- Good person, laid back, active player, love community builds, can contribute a lot :)
    6) Building skill (Be honest)- Above average
    7) Redstone Skill (Be honest)- Pretty basic, most advanced thing I know is T flip-flop
    8) Favorite Mindcracker (not necessary)- BdoubleO100
    9) Skype name- haclarkee
    10) How much you will play- 1-3 hours a day, depending on school work and sports.
    11) Something(s) about you- Play highschool football, watch lots of mindcrack videos, nothing special
    12) Will you be dedicated to recording on Youtube- Nah, play as recreation
    13) Favorite Block- The new dark oak! (trains)
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] [Whitelisted][Vanilla][16+]New Mindcrack/Hermitcraft like server.
    Age: 18

    IGN: HAClarke

    How long have you played Minecraft?: Since Beta 1.3

    What can you bring to this server?: Good personality, visually appealing builds, will contribute to community projects and events.

    Do you consider yourself mature?: Yes, very relaxed, play the game for fun, not for drama.

    Youtube channel? (will greatly increase your chances of getting in): Don't record.

    Skype: haclarkee

    Is skype a good way of contacting you?: Yes, always logged in, may not be at my computer at the time, but I will see it soon as I am on it.
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    posted a message on 100% Vanilla Minecraft Server - Whitelist
    IGN : HAClarke

    AGE : 18

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    posted a message on Looking for players who love Minecraft and Mindcrack.
    Why no PVP? PvP leads to frustration when focusing on building, PvP events are fun, but when only with those who want to participate.

    Why join? I love survival, but when I play single player, i'm so tempted to switch it to creative to save time, which ruins the whole experience. With being on a server this eliminates this problem. I watch a large majority of the Mindcrackers, and want to join a similar styled server.

    What are you good at? Gathering resources (community projects) building, design, not so much redstone, but I know the basics.

    If you curse will you use slang instead? Absolutely
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    posted a message on C-Craft [Vanilla] [Survival] [1.7.2] [Whitelist] [Accepting!]
    IGN (In game name): HAClarke

    Gender: Male

    Age (I wont mark you down for being young): 18

    Reason for wanting to play (Why do you want to join this server?): I want to play on a Survival server, where there is no way I can be tempted to cheat.

    Strengths in Minecraft (What are you good at): Resource gathering, group builds/planning, above average design style
    Time you can be on (Make an estimate): After 7:00 P.M. during the week (football after school)

    TimeZone (If you don't know it, look it up): ATS (UTC-4)

    How long have you been playing minecraft: Beta 1.3

    What do you do most in minecraft?: Collect resources, expand house constantly

    What can you contribute to this server?: Active member, will contribute to the community as much as I possibly can.
    Have you been banned before, if so, why?: Not that i'm aware of
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] *~KohakuCraft~* 24/7 [Factions] [Mcmmo] [Economy] [Shop] [PVP] [Trading]
    In-game Name: HAClarke
    Age: 17
    Why do you believe you're suitable for the role?: I can manage community projects, as well as keep peace in the world between players. I can be a great addition to your staff.
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    posted a message on [Tekkit 3.1.2]-[NO ITEMS BANNED!]-[Whitelisted]-[Factions]-[14 Slots and growing]-[24/7]
    Age: 17
    Sex: Male
    Country: Canada
    Language: English
    Will You Obey Rules?: Indeed I shall
    Do you have Skype?: Yep
    Your InGameName: HAClarke
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    posted a message on MineCracked - MindCrack inspired server
    Age: 17

    How long you've been playing minecraft: Around a year and a half.

    Why you want to join: I want to be apart of a server with mature people, and great builds.

    Do you know what MindCrack is: Yes, a server where popular youtubers play, and build.

    Do you understand Vanilla: Yes, no Mods/Plugins

    Will you follow these following rules- No greifing, stealing, attacking, or bullying: Yes I will.

    How many times a day will you join: As many as possible.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Roleplay whitelist no pvp no grief lots of plugins
    IGN: HAClarke
    AGE: 16
    Skype just in case: haclarkeee
    Rank you want: Any
    Is pvp allowd: No
    is griefing allowed: No
    are hacked clients allowed: No
    why would you like to join: I want to be on a server that I can make builds that I am proud of.
    what will help the server with: I will help keep a sense of community in the server, by helping those who are in need, and by being a good person inside the server.
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