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    I recommend staying with your current pc, and building up money to buy a much better one in the future, you should specifically by pcs around the 350 mark because they are all good for their price, but if your budget is 300, I know a good pc.

    I recommend this

    But as you pay more, you get less for what you bargained for, as some 600 dollar pcs and 1000 dollar pcs are identical but with different branding and small upgrades.

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    Quote from DaveTheTwerker»



    Applying For:





    I was a owner of several servers, And have made many public with lots of players from 100-100,000 I use to be a former Sr.Dev on Mineplex and Hypixel aswell some others well known servers such as the HiveMC most of this plugins I created and runned required OP and every command, Hopefully that is not to much to ask for.

    Why I’m Applying:

    I am applying because I love to help out servers and make them fun for everyone and I don’t have a server to help on at the moment and I really want to join a faction server since it requires lots of plugins to execute and run!

    Why you should accept me:

    I should be accepted because I am a well experienced, mature person that will help this server be awesome and make it become one of the best server in the Minecraft Community. I will make sure people have fun and make sure no one breaks the rules of the server.I will help anyone that needs help with anything, unless it’s against the rule. Aswell as try my best to create and improve the server by adding more plugins and better things such as that.

    Just by looking at this application its fake, I have never heard of you, if you were truly a dev of all of those servers at one point I would have heard of your name someone around the forum. Also if you were a dev of all the communities why didnt you stay with them, there the biggest servers in minecraft
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    Try to make a unique server, here's some advise. Your server must have unique elements like a special mini-games, if you host survival games and other common stuff your server wont get attention. Take hypixel for example, it has common mini-games but the reason its so famous because of its unique and hypixel (get the joke) quality mini-games.

    More advise is if you make your server based on certain game-modes(if thats what your going for) make it have unique aspects.

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    Funny you denied the older and more experienced ones and allowed the younger ones -_-. I don't know what your plan is but some advise is getting older staff that are mature.

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    Looks wonderful, you should use this for a server minigame of some sorts. Goodjob on you and your friend

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    Just use world editing apps, correct me if i'm wrong, to amplifie a biome would require the modder to practically recreate it entirely. Hard job to do, but on the other hand making a mod to edit super flat wouldn't be that hard.

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    Sorry I Didnt Know I Made A Second One So Just Go To The Newer One. Sorry For Multiple Posts.
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