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    posted a message on 1.8.4 Need help with Iron Golem Farm

    Your issue is likely related to the way that you added the doors. I remember a video or description of this farm that mentioned that you need to layer the villages like you do in the Iron Titan. So, it's more complicated than just building it and putting 100 villagers in there.

    The tutorial for the Iron Titan shows how multiple villages can be superimposed on top of each other. It's fiddly, but not overly complicated (well, a little complicated).

    I would recommend watching the Iron Titan tutorial to understand how the layered village mechanics works:

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    It may be due to the order in which the ores are added in. If diamonds are added in last, they may be placed over previously placed ore deposits, but since there is nothing added after diamonds, they will never be overwritten. This is just a quick theory of what could happen. If you use lots of custom settings, then you could get results that aren't exactly what you expect and I haven't looked into how the custom settings for ores work in great detail.

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    posted a message on Check if storage minecart is empty then power rail

    You're describing a minecart unloader.

    A quick search brings up several possible designs, here's the first you tube video that came up for me:

    Basically, they will all use a powered rail that sits on top of a hopper. When there are items in the minecart, they will fall into the hopper. A comparator is then used to detect items in the hopper, turning off the powered rail. Once the hopper under the rail is empty, the powered rail is then turned back on again, sending the minecart off to get more items.

    Most videos will also show you how to make a minecart loading station to go with the unloading station too.

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    posted a message on Villagers not spawning - iron golem farm.

    As long as you have at least 2 villagers in the holding cell you should be able to get them to breed by throwing them some food (chuck in a couple of stacks at least).

    This will be a SLOW process, so If you can wrangle up some extra villagers and transport them to the farm this will speed things up.

    Once they breed up to having at least 10 villagers, you should start to see iron golems spawning.

    The proximity to your house shouldn't be an issue, as long as you have no wooden doors. If you do, it will very likely move the center of the Village that the Iron farm uses and will mean that you either won't get any iron golems spawning, or they'll spawn outside the farm. You'll want to make sure there are no wooden doors closer than 65 blocks away from the doors in your farm. The only other thing that could stop the villagers breeding would be if you have a villager trading hall (or some other random collection of a large number of villagers at the same height (+/- 6 blocks) as the Iron farm and within a 65 block radius.

    One other thing to check. If the villagers won't pick up the food, make sure that you don't have the mobGriefing rule turned on.

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    Quote from danaphanous»


    Geoffrey's trades should never expire but I guess for the farmers you'd just rotate around to refresh their trades? I haven't done any large-scale trading before.


    Thanks for all the kind words :-)

    For bulk trading particularly with a farmer, its pretty easy. Maybe a bit too easy. Generally, I'll load up on an even amount of Potatoes & Carrots (it's ideal if your farmer has balanced trades for both too). Then you just pump Potatoes in til he wont take any more, then swap to Carrots and repeat. 90% of the time, after this he will reset. If he doesn't then you can grab half a stack of pumpkins or melons. In the extremely unlikely event he still doesn't reset, you buy a cake (I have 3 now :-) ).

    Rotten flesh is another necessity in this map. I use Branwen pretty much exclusively for my redstone supplies (and another Cleric for my Lapis). I just chuck a stack of emeralds in and get as much redstone as I can. He'll normally reset, but if he doesn't, a couple of stacks of Rotten Flesh usually sets him straight.

    I don't think the Melon/Pumpkin farms I built are particularly efficient, but they do enough and I just wanted to play with a different design. I have yet another different design on my main survival world, and I'm thinking changing that around a bit too. The pistons aren't Buded, it's a really simple setup with a hopper clock out the back, fires every couple of minutes (2 stacks of items, whatever that works out to be).

    I think a small server with this map would be great. Not sure if I'd have sufficient time to be on much though (and usually at odd hours as I'm on the other side of the rock to most people). Work for me is going to get very busy for a while I think :-).

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    Would have been nice to watch... but I was at work :-)

    I've continued on with the progress, made myself some more automated farms (all of which are based on the designs that MumboJumbo has used in the latest season of Hermitcraft):

    - A Sugar Cane Farm

    - A Pumpkin Farm

    - A Melon Farm

    The Sugarcane Farm:

    Melon and Pumpkin Farms:

    The Stone Works:

    I also made a quick and easy Smooth Stone generator. Now that I have an enchanting table, and some decent tools (including Eff IV picks with Fortune III and Silk Touch respectively), the old cobble stone generator just wasn't cutting it. My new Smooth Stone Generator will pump out about 2 stacks of stone before filling up. In my creative world, the T-Bud switches at the end of the row worked properly and automatically shut off the farm once it was full. However, for some reason the last row or two of downward facing pistons is playing up (like they're Bud powered) and jamming up the system. Anyway, it works good enough for me.

    A More Convenient Home for the Villagers:

    The overall reason for making the auto farms was pretty much to free up time that was otherwise spent harvesting crops to trade with Villagers for Emeralds. Trading for emeralds is another thing that I've upgraded a bit. There was a space underneath my auto Potato/Carrot farms that wasn't being used. Since it is outside the bounds of any Village, villagers there won't do silly things like glitch into walls and kill themselves (usually). So I converted the basement into a Villager Trading Hall. I've only converted one farm so far, and I haven't even bothered to fill it up all of the available Villager slots, but I have the ones I need there (farmer, tool smith, Branwen, and Gravel Grinder Geoffrey along with some awesome Librarians, one of which gives me Unbreaking III for 14 emeralds!).

    It's a pretty high security setup. Although I haven't had any hostile mobs spawning on this side of the fence in ages, no chances were taken. Fenced in with Double Iron Doors for added security.

    The first volunteer is a reasonably unimportant Cleric. In the event of a zombie incursion, he may not survive, but will certainly raise the alarm.

    The remainder fit in reasonably easily. I ended up going around the corner, but haven't filled the back of the U shaped room. I can repeat in the other auto farm if I really want to.

    The Reason for it all:

    At the end of the day, it's about dirt. Pretty much. That's what I need. Dirt to renew the world with. Now that I have everything I need set up, the renewal can begin....

    The first small hill is made. Much more work from here, but even this small area improves the feeling of the entire world :-)

    It was made over a reasonable time. Lots of dirt needed.

    More Terraforming to do....

    I still haven't got around to making a gold farm or doing anything with the spawners in the nether. That's on the back burner a bit now though.

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    posted a message on Mob spawner(overworld)

    There are a couple of things that you can check.

    Firstly, I'm assuming you're playing PC version 1.8.x.

    The most likely issue:

    You should check your video settings and make sure your render distance is at least 10 chunks. Any lower and you won't get many spawns.

    Other things I imagine you've already covered:

    - no spawnable blocks other than your farm in a 128 block radius from where you AFK. Making it high in the sky will usually cover this.

    - AFKing no more than 128 blocks from the furthest spawn pad.

    - AFKing no less than 24 blocks from the closest spawn pad.

    If you've covered all of these and it still isn't working, then maybe post a screen-shot or two of it in your world and we might be able to look into it further.

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    posted a message on Your reasons for automated resource "farming"?

    I guess it comes down to the way you view the game. While you view the game in a particular way, through the prism of an entomologist. I view the game in a different way (being a software developer). For me it is more about problem solving and working within the boundaries (but sometimes pushing them a bit) to get something to work. I particularly enjoy setting myself some constraints, and then trying to figure out how to work around them.

    This is, I believe, the enduring beauty of Minecraft. It is able to be different things to different people. None of them is wrong, just different.

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    posted a message on Final Battleground Survival Journal!

    A little, or a lot more progress...

    I've now finished my fully automatic Potato and Carrot farms. That pretty much sorts the Emerald supply question and I can start some more ambitious projects.

    The Finished farms (pretty much finished anyway):

    In case you're interested, here's an abridged making of for them:

    Each farm is an octagon that is 19 blocks across, I find this size to be good, as I can hydrate under the corners of the Octagon to fully irrigate the field (although, in this case, I positioned the centers off by one block, so I had to put in an additional irrigation block, no big loss though).

    The redstone for this farm is elegant and simple, originally designed by UnaryBit as far as I'm aware (). Each farm uses 2 sticky pistons, two tripwire hooks and one each of Redstone block, torch and dust. That's it!

    The walls were built up to the required height and the dirt installed (as I could afford to make it). A ramp is used to get the villagers into their holding cells in the center of the farm.

    Jack-o-lanterns were used for light, and the water sources placed below them, held in with fence posts:

    I wouldn't say it was all smooth sailing. After putting in a single villager to the center spot, the farmer wouldn't toss any food still. This is pretty much always caused by a villager that has more than the required amount of food to breed. To get around this, I put a second villager in there. I also had

    to make a temporary "Village" above the farms and populate that with a single villager so that they would breed and get rid of their food.

    After all of that work, there were still no Carrots .... something wasn't right:

    I had forgotten to block the entrance to the temporary ramp, a Zombie wandered in and killed the poor farmer :-(. I dispatched the Zombie and replaced the farmer and all was fine.

    With the farms working, the next task was to address the now acute Iron shortage. The iron farm I chose is a very minor modification of JL2579's design, which I'm sure many of you are familiar with. The only modification I made was to make it one block wider, so that it would be symmetrical. This will probably slightly drop the efficiency, but it looks better :-).

    Here's the finished farm, not exactly much to look at from below though :-):

    The construction of the farm was pretty straightforward. Although I have to say, moving villagers drives me NUTS!

    The first thing I needed was some materials: 5 Stacks of Gravel (you'll see why I used that later), lots of Netherack as that's quick to get and won't burn (and be destroyed) if struck by lightning. A reasonable amount of Stone Brick and other odds and ends.

    First thing to do was to build a big gravel tower with a hole in the middle. This went up to ~y=75 so that the Iron Farm would be out of range of the Potato/Carrot farms. A ladder is put up the middle to get the villagers up.

    Construction of the farm is pretty standard, I think the combo of Stone Brick and Netherack actually works pretty well aesthetically.

    Scaffolding to hold the tracks is put around the farm. There is a small room with a water stream to hold the villagers in when they get to the top.

    After much stuffing around, the villagers are put into their cells, I put 2 in each cell, then drop a stack of food into each. They will breed in each cell and you end up with a total of 12 villagers.

    Once it was all sorted, I pulled down the scaffolding. Now to the reason for the Gravel:

    In other news.... Achievement Get :-)

    The supply of Potatoes and Carrots is now secure. Also have more rotten flesh than I know what to do with ... and I got some cool boots too:

    The saga continues ... will need to think of what to do next. Gold situation is a bit grim as I used most of my gold to make rails, I have 2 ingots left now.

    Think I might work on some automation, now that I have Iron:

    - Pumpkin

    - Mellon

    - Sugar Cane

    That way I can spend more time building/exploring rather than harvesting stuff.

    Apologies for the long post :-), hope you enjoyed it though.

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    posted a message on Final Battleground Survival Journal!

    Ok, so here's a small world tour of my current world (mostly more recent shots). My world consists of a series of fenced areas (each generally larger than the previous one) that I have made safe. The walls are overkill (3.5 blocks high and spider proof) consisting of a combination of cobble fence and slabs (very utilitarian).

    I'm up to roughly day 51-52, and at the moment I'm finding it hard to get everything done in a day that I want to :-), too much to do.

    My original tree farm was on top of the start building. Pretty small, but it occupied many nights early in the game. I've since moved on to farming Giant Spruce Trees (there's one just visible in the background on the left of the oak trees), which are much more efficient.

    I have a reasonable sized sugar cane farm, with a smaller wheat and potato farm (carrots have since been added when I finally got one). There is also a small cocoa bean farm too. At the time this screen shot was taken, I had enough doors and village population to spawn Iron Golems, this gave me a slow but steady supply of iron, though I haven't used much of it.

    A small trap to cook the golems without having to directly harm them.

    As I lit up the surrounding area and the waves of zombies became less, I needed a supply of Rotten Flesh, Bone Meal and Arrows. So I made a basic mob farm. This too was made fairly early on. It's not a hugely efficient design, but requires no redstone (which I had none of at the time), so was a fairly obvious choice. In the daytime, this farm yields about 1700 items/hr off of the two spawning floors (total of ~200 spawnable locations).

    I got myself some wolves. Originally, I had two, but I accidentally bred them (which almost turned out to be a brilliant move as one of the wolves jumped on a piece of burning netherack on the way home and almost died). No idea what I'll do with em, for now they're sitting obediently.

    My most recent expansion has been an infinite villager breeder. Now that I have this, I wont get any more Iron Golem spawns though, so an Iron Golem farm will be high on the list of things to build.

    Build in progress, no doors on yet. Below the farm I built a splash down pool to catch the babies as they come out.

    Breeding started pretty soon after I got the second villager in there.

    While building the infinite villager breeder, I had a run of bad luck. Somehow my Giant Spruce tree, and the nearby mob farm (made entirely of wood) caught on fire. Luckily, it was only the ladder section of the mob farm, not the entire thing. I raced up to put out the burning ladder to stop the spread to the farm proper. However, once that was done, the block I was now standing on caught on fire, setting me on fire too. I jumped, hoping to land in the pool of water below that I'd placed there for quick descents, but somehow I just missed it, landed on my cobble stone generator and died :-(. I lost a diamond axe which I was pretty annoyed about, and some other stuff that wasn't particularly consequential.

    The burning tree. No idea what set it on fire though. Maybe it was lightning, although there is never any rain.

    After recovering a bit, I ventured out and forgetting that I had basically no armor on, decided to take on an enderman in the open. He hit me, taking about half my health and knocking me into a hole, which I got stuck in long enough for him to hit me again and kill me :-). I have a feeling it'll get better from here though.

    That's about the gist of where I'm at. I've also been to the nether, and have some farm animals stored there while I try to spawn in a decent horse or two. It's a bit of a noah's ark in the nether, 2 of each kind :-). Haven't yet done a lot of exploring, other than to determine that my portal is likely under a large lava lake.

    Things to do:

    - Build an Iron Golem farm.

    - Build fully automatic Potato and Carrot farms for bulk emerald production (My main priority for now).

    - Get more villagers and build a villager trading hall.

    - Work out something to do with the various spawners I can (almost) see.

    - Revive the world and make it beautiful again.

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