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    posted a message on VarsiMC - A Semi-Vanilla SMP Server ✦ Hermitcraft styled ✦ Whitelisted ✦ 1.13 ✦ Mature ✦ 2 years old
    • In-game name: GuitarZeus
    • Discord name: GuitarZeus #1753
    • Timezone:Central USA
    • Age: 26
    • Have you been banned from a Minecraft server before, if so what was the reason?: No
    • Will you be active, yes or no? Yes
    • Have you read the rules? Yes

    I am just looking for a friendly survival server to join. Just got back from a summer hiatus, and my old server is no more. Looking for a long time commitment server, that I can just get crazy with building on. Good at redstone, and decent at building. Been playing minecraft for almost two years now, and it's the best game ever created in my opinion.

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    posted a message on [1.13] Pure Survival Server---18+--- Discord----Hermitcraft Styled---1 Player Sleep--- LFM



    Discord Name:GuitarZeus #1753

    How Long have you been playing?: 2 Years!!

    I reside in texas, and I am just looking for a survival server to join. Just got back from a summer hiatus from minecraft, and my old server is no more. Looking for a long lasting server to build crazy things on :)

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    posted a message on Looking for SMP server to join 18+


    I've been playing Minecraft for almost two years now. Just took a small hiatus for the summer, but now I am back in action. I love everything about Minecraft, it's, hands down, my favorite game of all time. I like building redstone contraptions, and I am slowly but surely progressing in my building skills. I am just looking for a small community like SMP server to join. Please hit me up on here or discord, GuitarZeus #1753!


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    posted a message on TheSquad SMP | Vanilla I Looking for active players! | 1.12.2 |
    IGN: GuitarZeus
    Age: 25
    Location (country/state): Texas
    Do you have Discord? (Required): GuitarZeus#1753
    Have you ever been barred from a server? If so, why? Never been on a server
    How much experience do you have?* (we only want to know in case you need extra assistance - being a noob is by no means negative): Been playing a year solid (only game I play) so assistance will not be needed.
    Your favorite building style*: Redstone, lol. I build whatever comes to mind honestly, but I really focus a lot of my energy into redstone and it's mechanics.
    Your favorite mob*: Zombie pigman for the beautiful exp and gold when farmed, also they are peaceful unless you mess with them first. Makes life in the nether just a little bit less hellish lol.
    A Little About You: I play guitar and minecraft (hence the IGN). I play minecraft pretty much all the time when I am not at work (work full time). Minecraft is the best game I have ever come across, and I am not trying to join an already well established and giganticserver. Want a smaller knit community to join and have fun playing.
    Content Creator(Y/N):No, but possibly in the future. I have the resources too.
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