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    posted a message on "Joe's Crazy Assventure (of kneeling to the sword)" [The most ridiculous map ever] [0.12.1] [Open World] [RPG-like] [SHOWCASE]

    After 10 months of watching he-why would I watch that? I'd rather look up fur-You know what nevermind.

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    posted a message on Ultimate Parkour! NEED STAFF! Apply Now!!!

    Ultimate Parkour

    Ultimate Parkour is owned by Guest70323 and ran by Leet.cc

    This server is very active! (Currently 10 slots)! And is ran by fun and exploration!

    Server perks:





    A quest system!

    Good admins

    Hardly any lag!

    Server cons:

    Possibly nothing!





    Port: 30386 (for both ips)

    Join now! Donations aren't required but needed to keep the server up!

    How to apply for staff:



    Skype or kik

    Previous experience (NEEDED)

    What are you good at in minecraft?

    Don't submit anything if...

    Won't be accepted if you aren't over 14

    Won't be accepted if you don't have kik or Skype

    You need to have been a admin or op on a previous server with some kind of proof!

    (If you don't follow our admin rules you will be ip-banned!)

    You shall not be permanently admin until I can trust you, which means you will only be op or gamemode when I am online.

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    posted a message on THIS IS NOT A MAP
    Quote from DragonZero»

    I think the map broke on me.

    After being killed by the guards, I respawned in the room shown in picture 5, with apparently no way to escape. I eventually gave up and broke out, only to push a button on the other side and get teleported back in, except it was now a boss battle.

    You forget, this isn't a map

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    posted a message on DanTDM Pocket Lab Custom Map Reviewed by JackFrostMiner!!!

    This is a remake map of a remake, so it's my second map. :D

    Also on JustMCPE <--Just click here to check it out!


    DanTDM's lab

    Dr. Trayaurus

    Grim (Requires a Texture Pack for his Normal Look)

    Iron doors instead of wooden doors

    Stainded Clay floor instead of carpet like in most versions of this map

    A few changed things to look more "authenticate"

    Map: http://www.mediafire.com/?6dskuu4c6l24bx4

    Reviewed by JackFrostMiner!

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    posted a message on >Closed<

    Is this something you always like to do? Go to people's forums and say rude things, the grass can be easily dyed with Too Many Items thanks to the setting to Dye Grass. And did I say I was working alone? No, I never stated it but I have a brother and sister and we make maps together and do survival. Do I port PC maps? Yes. But I couldn't even find a GTA map of Liberty City in the PC version. Next, I hardly make maps, so you can not judge without seeing what I do. I made things on my own time and decide not to share every possible little thing. If you want to keep saying rude things I will have no problem to ignore you and continue what I do.

    EDIT: Also since I like to prove people's ignorance, a picture of something I made really quick to show dyeable grass

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    posted a message on Crack in the World - Earth-shattering fun (127K+ DLs)

    I played this on PC, loved it. Ported it to pe. Yeah...still looked nice. Block ids messed up, but the map kept its amazing look. Great adventure map on PC, great creative map on PE

    10/10 Rating :D

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    posted a message on (BETA!) Ruby Mod! (Made by Guest70323)

    Ruby Mod (Adds tons of new items!)

    The Ruby Mod is my second mod I ever made.

    In this mod you have new items that can be op and also at the same time are not really.


    5 new items

    Ruby Head


    Ruby (with Ruby texture)

    Ruby Apple

    Ruby Mod Info

    How to get "Ruby Head":

    Not yet craft-able, only avaiable in TMI (Too Many Items)


    Replaces beef with emeralds, which put in a furnace makes Cooked Error Ruby (DOES NOT allow you to make emerald blocks this way)


    Made from cooking Error Emerald in a furnace (or a cow that dies when on fire)

    Ruby Apple:

    Same crafting recipe as cake and replaces cakes in the game

    Ruby Hoe:

    Made from crafting a normal wooden hoe with a ability to light things on fire

    Ruby Mod Info:

    Same crafting recipe as a painting but when tapped on a block it gives you info on the mod


    Typing /help pops up a message saying if you need help to check this forum post


    Ruby Emerald: When eaten refills 2 hearts

    Ruby: When eaten refills 2 hearts

    Ruby Apple: Refills health to max

    Ruby Head: Refills health to max

    Ruby Hoe: Sets mobs/players on fire for 90 seconds

    Coming soon (already made with textures and recipes just need to be released):

    Ruby Armor (With recipe and custom texture)

    Texture Pack (All ready to go!)

    Custom Steve skin included in the pack (infected with a ruby virus, shh!)

    Hidden stuff...

    Please comment so I know what you guys want! (Also I need screenshots/Mod Showcases)

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    posted a message on 1x3y5's Legendary Weapons Addon v2 - NO FALL DAMAGE, FLY IN THE VOID, AND MORE! Now you dont need to download the texture pack!

    Well I guess that's why it supported the sphax bd craft texture pack, anyways I enjoyed the addon/mod. But when I'm flying in the void it isimpossible to fly back out.

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    posted a message on 1.8 Multiplayer - DETECTIVE FOOTPRINT - Made by the creator of Crossy Road and The Escapists - By PoweredByPowerYT

    Sounds fun, I will try to get some friends so I can play it with someone but I can hardly ever get 1 person on skype to come online. Atleast 4...Ugh. Okay then.

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    posted a message on (Minecraft 0.11.0) New Mario Kart Server (Grand REopening!!) Ip:
    Quote from Dave_O_52»

    no guest, its online when im not there for a while

    Ah, that's why it worked for me once.

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