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    posted a message on Isocraft (Whitelisted) (1.16.1)


    Minecraft username: SilentHunterX

    Why do you want to join? Wanted to see a community that pushes Minecraft to the absolute limit as said in the trailer. That was interesting.

    Youtube/Twitch: None for me to declare yet.

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    posted a message on How has servers like Hypixel remained with a high player count while others (Mineplex, Hivemc) have lost players over time.

    God, I can write a book about this...

    Hypixel is one of the most notorious Minecraft servers there is, and for that, servers that are ranked "up there" usually are known to have a reputable history to their name, good mini games/games and no pay-to-win backbone.

    Servers like Hypixel don't show up over night normally, and usually require the server to be senior to that of your average Minecraft Forums-advertised server. Around 5+ years with numerous Minecraft YouTubers covering the server. Hypixel covers all of the above, but that alone does not cause a server to thrive.

    The minecraft community plays a major role in the support and development of the server, as well as the future when regarding the player-base : staff relationship. The staff and the content they produce and enforce over must be in the interests of the community (hype). Servers with large hype will have a large quantity of players flocking into the server, but after a while, if the minigame/game that's causing the hype is getting boring, lacking updates and bug fixes, or straight out just has too many hackers, this can kill the player-base motivation as no longer does the community see the server as reliable and the minigame/game worth the time or effort to achieve.

    The servers you referred to are mostly based in the Bedrock Edition realm, they may have branched out to Java Edition as well (like BrokenLens), but the cross-platform play between Java Edition and Bedrock Edition is not reliable (especially in combat might I add).

    Why does this matter?

    The servers you gave as examples define the conflict of Bedrock Edition servers vs Java Edition servers.

    Bedrock Edition servers are pretty much garbage imo. Cosmetics are a little too over the top and the Minecoin system is really difficult to manage. Most players prefer to just use PayPal and know exactly how much they are paying; however, with Minecoins, this system makes calculations a little blurry and the constant need to refill on Minecoins with packs is an unnecessary added step. Hackers are also prevalent on the Bedrock Edition servers.

    Especially on Mineplex, YouTubers even admit that they've hacked on Mineplex before as a joke. Even going as far as saying, "Yes, I'm hacking on Mineplex, but yet again, who hasn't?"

    The respect and reputation for Mineplex in a single sentence describes one of the biggest flaws in Mineplex. That being, poor staff performance in preventing these hackers from thriving, no anti-cheat system that is reliable and the poor relationship and viewpoint of the Mineplex server as a whole.

    Back in the day, Bedrock Edition servers were awesome. Cross-play wasn't a thing, which made everyone fight a fair match on the same platform (No Windows 10 vs Pocket Edition) cosmetics and ranks didn't give a pay-to-win advantage (as much) and hackers were a rare sight to see. Nowadays, the platform (BE) itself is now infested with hackers, glitches and OP ranks.

    When I refer to these ranks, I mean, that you literally can't do [email protected] without buying some kind of "UberVIP". In Lifeboat, you have to buy UberVIP to literally invite your friend to your Skyblock Island, but in Hypixel, you can do this for FREE. I understand the struggles of Bedrock Edition server where they cannot refuse to update their Minecraft version to the latest release, whereas servers like Hypixel remain at the 1.8 update but allow 1.8+ to play, but it does get really frustrating to just play on the server and see "Oh, you need to buy UltraVIP to chat here".

    I can ramble on and on about each and every server and destroy them with their own flawed concepts, but I will restrain to do so since I know these people work hard to even maintain such a server with a dying playerbase and stagnant/declining funds.

    Here the summary of it:

    - Java Edition servers have better quality, minigames, plugins, anticheats, clients and cosmetics/ranks than Bedrock Edition servers
    - No Java Edition player would ever play on a Bedrock Edition server (even if there's a "crossplay" system) unless they are experimenting or hacking

    - Java Edition has the top ranking servers in Minecraft history over than that of Bedrock Edition

    - Hackers, glitches, dupes and rule-breakers are not handled quickly on Bedrock Edition servers to Java Edition servers (there's literally a top ranked BE server that has not fixed the same Skywars dupe glitch in MONTHS - despite being "active").

    - Mechanics in Java Edition are more reliable
    - Cosmetics in Bedrock Edition are horribly overworked

    - Maturity difference between Java Edition communities to that of Bedrock Edition Communities (Java Edition has less brain-dead knots than Bedrock Edition)
    - Java Edition servers have the option to stay behind on favorable Mod clients/versions for stability reasons and mechanic-reasons, whereas Bedrock Edition servers HAVE to update or will face losing their entire player-base completely - which leads to stability issues, glitches and plugins breaking

    - In case you haven't noticed, the probable reason as to why Minecraft had the 5 star servers implemented was because players (little kids) didn't know how to join public servers with the IP, so Minecraft added 5 default servers to add easier access for those youngsters

    - To join a specific server, you need a server IP AND a Port Address whereas in Java Edition, all you need is a version of JVE and the server IP.

    - More YouTubers play on Java Edition servers (more free advertisement for these servers).

    - On Bedrock Edition, some servers (like Lifeboat) have the /report and /hacker system incapable or reporting anyone. Sometimes it goes as far as not even registering the command. You can also report yourself as well LOL..

    A ton more..

    Relating that to the dying player base, the community loses player base when people lose faith in the server or when minigames are removed due to technical issues, which leads to sparking outrages and unmotivated players. I saw a forums where admins had to start banning people for even complaining or making any posts regarding the removal of a minigame. Admins there even admitted that they acknowledged the fact that their player base was dying and that they were tired of hearing that reference about the server. Bedrock Edition servers seem to have decreasing progression in entertainment. Developers became desperate to see a minigame that would bring back the numbers they were seeing a few years back that they even started copying the Hypixel Skyblock idea into Bedrock Edition. Although not as developed as Hypixel's, they added similar mechanics to that of Hypixel or even just only added the Skyblock part to the server in hopes that the success would reciprocate to their server. (It hasn't done so to the extent of Hypixel). The player base back then consisted of a LOT of youngsters, but as time went on, they wised-up and saw that Java Edition was a better platform. Others quit Minecraft forever (seeing it not appealing anymore). Think of it as a player base that grows up only to leave it for the other edition community. Bedrock Edition servers have it rough with minimal community support in development to that of Java Edition's flexibilities. It's all cool, until it's not. + all of the reasons above (and more).

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    posted a message on Hey, anyone remember The Tempest's Box?

    Ah yes, the good ol' days. Glad they brought it back. I'll be happy to encounter it again. :)

    Also, enjoy the Like.

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    posted a message on Is the terrain boring? (Updated 6/5/13 - 1.7 to improve the biome or not??!!)

    I still think Amplified is still a fun feature to test out in creative with builds and survival to endure extremes.

    Yes, like I mentioned on the previous post on this thread, Amplified is not great, but it can be depending on how you use it or perceive its uses.

    Good job with the sources. ^_^

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    posted a message on Comment your most memorable/epic/weird/funny/horrible memory you have from Minecraft!

    I went on a mining spree a few years ago on an older version of Minecraft. Usually my mining sprees lasted 2 hours (irl) before I would surface to get more supplies and dump my loots. My first mining spree one of my survival worlds was a fortune itself.

    Looking for diamonds, I was mining by chunk areas within a 3 x 3 chunk radius between Y: 5 and Y: 16; I somehow managed to find 61 diamonds lying in all that stone in coordinates near my original home.

    That was a pretty epic find + all the gold, iron, etc. that I got, it was truly legendary. B)

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    posted a message on This Minecraft ad in the Stockholm Subway - 200IQ

    That's some real money spent there.

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    posted a message on Ridable Squid and turtles

    Nice idea!

    I'm not sure about the rideable squid and all because the player would easily outweigh the squid (theoretically based on mass and size) and the squid's propulsion of ink would probably be reduced by slightly over 50%.

    I do however, since we're talking about squids, think that maybe they should be "tamed" in a sense, not so much that they can be controlled (like dogs and such) but just for iconing breeding and such. They would be fed fish and would have two stages of growth (like most passive mobs) which would be youngling and adult.

    I do like your idea of having a controllable ride animal, but this case, I think dolphins would be a better candidate if that and that the armor would have some kind of horn coming from the head region of the armour. On top of that, since dolphins are mammals, you would be able to see how much air bubbles they have when the player dives under water whilst on the dolphin so the player has to be cautious not to drown the dolphin while exploring that way they don't end up drowning it while diving underwater.

    OOh and maybe the dolphin can be recalled by a player using some kind of whistle.

    Why is this so? Well, here's why:

    • If a player ventures underwater and leaves the dolphin still in water, the dolphin would idle and drown to death. So the dolphin would probably swim around whilst maintaining oxygen. The dolphin would swim in a general area where the player last left them and could be recalled by a player using a whistle. As long as the player is within an x radius of blocks from the dolphin and is near a water source, the dolphin will swim near to the player when recalled using the whistle.
    • A whistle will ensure the non-idle dolphin can be easily recalled and not wander off too far away that the player loses the dolphin forever.
    • A whistle can also be used to do a stunt when the player is riding the dolphin.
    • If the player is underwater, the dolphin will swim to the player rapidly and wait for the player to get back on. If the player fails to get back on with a certain amount of time, the dolphin will swim back up to "regen" its air bubbles.
    • The dolphin cannot be recalled if the dolphin has low amounts of air bubbles and is regening this value, otherwise, the player can spam the whistle and kill the dolphin while at it. Consider this to be sort of like a cooldown.

    These are just some ideas as well, not expecting inclusion into Minecraft as a feature, but I really think this concept would be a little neat addon for a possible next future update.

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    posted a message on How do I make this jump???

    The jump seems oddly shaped. Theoretically, if you jump forward at a strafe angle with a force enough that can maintain an equal exertion force and press the W key facing at the 135o angle towards the ladder, you can make the jump.

    The possibility of completion is super low (almost impossible; if not impossible), but if you can manage such precise keystrokes, at the accurate time (also considering the exertion force and gravity, as well as the forward jump value's inertia, and grab the near 135o angle, to pick up the ladder, you can do it.

    My personal opinion: Don't make this jump, if you can't get the jump down at least twice without cheats, it probably isn't possible jump or it's too hard of a jump (so much so that no one will have fun and may criticize you of making an impossible jump mid-game).

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    posted a message on 1 symbol names?!

    Can't you buy one of those rare accounts and get a transfer? It would cost money, but if it was possible, this would mean the accounts would sell for hundreds of dollars.

    Not sure if this goes against anything but, this would be the case of obtainability, (illegally if not tolerated by the EULA). I briefed over it and seems to not specify so, but don't quote me on that.

    If against policy, I am not for such acts, I am just providing information relative to the central topic of this post.

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    posted a message on Multiplayer with my friends

    Yes, you and your friends can make a world where only you two can play together. This can be conducted in three ways:

    1. You can all designate an area where you can join one wifi (of whichever person) and create a local server by opening it to LAN. Of course, you would need to be playing on the same platforms of minecraft -e.g. Java, Bedrock; however, if the platform of Minecraft you're playing on does support cross-play, then there should be no problem there. Not an expert at which platforms can or cannot cross-play with what, but if you can save yourself the trouble there, just stick to one platform, otherwise, this LAN idea won't work.

    2. You can buy a realms server and invite both of your friends (so that they can have access to it), but yet again, this will cost money on a monthly basis. 1st month is free (if it's your first time creating a realms - which probably is) but afterwards, it will charge you every 30 days for $7.99 USD. Be mindful you can only "have" the world saved if you pay every billing period. If you fail to pay the bill, the server will shut down and you won't have access to that world (which also means your friends can't play on it either).

    3. You can visit this website - https://aternos.org/go/ - this is essentially a free server hosting site where you can implement mods, plugins, privileges, and other settings on the server. You can also monitor server activity, set a whitelist, and set a maximum amount of players from 0 - 9999 (Keep in mind that the more players online, the laggier the server will get due to the signal strength of the hosting site being weak and can be lopsided if the server is "overrun" with players.

    Option cons:

    Option #1.

    - Players need to be in close proximity of the wifi source, which might be inconvenient considering you'll all have to crash at someone's home rather than chill at your own.
    - If players don't play on the same platform or cross-playable platforms, this method will not work.
    - Player host cannot leave the game without disconnecting the other players connected to the host.
    - No server customizability (using console, not possible or requires extreme amount of effort).
    - Host must be online in order for players to be able to join.

    Option #2.

    - A fee of $7.99 USD will be present every month the server world is active.
    - World will not be accessible if the service fee is not paid.
    - Limited server customizability (with set services by the realms).
    - Anti-Cheat system may be put in place for server security.

    Option #3.

    - Lag and rubber bands may be present depending on how many people are online at once.
    - Service provider will shut the server down after an 'x' amount of time if the server becomes vacant (which means the server needs to be reactivated at certain times in order to be ran again).
    - Weak service provider, may lead to weak connections.
    - Host must activate server in order to keep it up.
    - No 24/7 access (uness activation is somehow automated).
    - Anti-Cheat system may be put in place for server security.

    There are a few other ways, but here's a few ideas.

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