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    posted a message on Simple sugarcane auto-farming

    Lovely, thanks for making a little sugar cane make that needs 4 of every material. This will surely be easy to remember!


    Also, this mech is stackable and expandable right?

    I'm pretty sure it is, but you didn't elaborate on that so I'm a little curious. Anyways, neat project and you should totally post on here more often! You've only posted once on forums and I'm pretty sure people will like to see more of your builds and work (even if it has already been built before).

    So yeah, nice for me to be the first person to ever respond to you. B)

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    posted a message on Ridable Squid and turtles

    Nice idea!

    I'm not sure about the rideable squid and all because the player would easily outweigh the squid (theoretically based on mass and size) and the squid's propulsion of ink would probably be reduced by slightly over 50%.

    I do however, since we're talking about squids, think that maybe they should be "tamed" in a sense, not so much that they can be controlled (like dogs and such) but just for iconing breeding and such. They would be fed fish and would have two stages of growth (like most passive mobs) which would be youngling and adult.

    I do like your idea of having a controllable ride animal, but this case, I think dolphins would be a better candidate if that and that the armor would have some kind of horn coming from the head region of the armour. On top of that, since dolphins are mammals, you would be able to see how much air bubbles they have when the player dives under water whilst on the dolphin so the player has to be cautious not to drown the dolphin while exploring that way they don't end up drowning it while diving underwater.

    OOh and maybe the dolphin can be recalled by a player using some kind of whistle.

    Why is this so? Well, here's why:

    • If a player ventures underwater and leaves the dolphin still in water, the dolphin would idle and drown to death. So the dolphin would probably swim around whilst maintaining oxygen. The dolphin would swim in a general area where the player last left them and could be recalled by a player using a whistle. As long as the player is within an x radius of blocks from the dolphin and is near a water source, the dolphin will swim near to the player when recalled using the whistle.
    • A whistle will ensure the non-idle dolphin can be easily recalled and not wander off too far away that the player loses the dolphin forever.
    • A whistle can also be used to do a stunt when the player is riding the dolphin.
    • If the player is underwater, the dolphin will swim to the player rapidly and wait for the player to get back on. If the player fails to get back on with a certain amount of time, the dolphin will swim back up to "regen" its air bubbles.
    • The dolphin cannot be recalled if the dolphin has low amounts of air bubbles and is regening this value, otherwise, the player can spam the whistle and kill the dolphin while at it. Consider this to be sort of like a cooldown.

    These are just some ideas as well, not expecting inclusion into Minecraft as a feature, but I really think this concept would be a little neat addon for a possible next future update.

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    posted a message on new bug in the game

    This might be a resource pack error or resource pack file corruption.

    Luckily, as you can tell, it doesn't affect the gameplay in any severe way, but it just might be a file corruption or error. This really wouldn't be classified as a bug as it isn't a distributed bug that happens often to players who do select actions and in return, Minecraft "bugs out".

    In your case, I would try to fix this by:

    • Reloading the texture pack you were using. This can be conducted by selecting another texture pack you have and equipping that as your texture pack. Exit your world, then exit Minecraft. Following those steps, enter Minecraft back again (same version) and before you enter your world, revert back to your original texture pack and then enter the world. This may or may not work depending on the files (if the texture file is really messed up or - if it works - it was a simple error in the world).

    Portion B:

    • If that doesn't work, you can check if the Minecraft files for Enderman Eye Textures are intact and normal (Enderman eyes have a different texture file than the body itself).
    • You can also completely rid of Minecraft and all files associated with it and redownload a fresh copy of Minecraft.
    • You can instead use a different texture pack or an alternative texture download (if it is of the same texture pack you were using, the default pack, it can be found online).
    • Or lastly, you can just ignore the white eyes of the Enderman and just called them Enderbrines from now on. B)
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    posted a message on Nether Update

    I agree, the Nether should receive an update. The Nether in my opinion (as well as most other Minecraft users) should receive an update in structure, mobs, items, and ores.

    I really like the food concept of your post. It would be an interesting update portion if the food gave some type of themed buff for the Nether (like how Chorus Fruit has teleportation upon consumption of the food item - similar to that concept). I was thinking some Absorption and/or Fire Resistance possibly. This would be a nice addition as this would bring a long a new form of meta for minecraft PVP and PVE, but to avoid an over-subacute amount of broken gameplay, there would be a small chance for a small amount of wither effect ( 1- 2 seconds - like a spider eye almost but with a smaller chance of the negative effect).

    Why add the negative connotation towards a new food item? Well, this is to remind players of the 'hell' of a place that the Nether is - pun intended.

    Ores, I was thinking for a type of tool or building material. Not sure what the ore would be, but if this was the case, I would probably add it for one of those two services.

    Mobs, I was thinking of adding some kind of ground sporemite or something in the "pests" category, just to make the nether a little less bland. Maybe these little guys spawn from broken blocks or nether wart farms,

    For structures, I was thinking of like a Nether Temple guarded more heavily with wither skeletons and such with possible loot like enc. books, ores, and maybe an occasional skull in a chest here and there.

    These are some basic outlines for my principles of the update on the Nether, I don't think any of them will be added, but just to post personal opinion out there; that would be nice.

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    posted a message on How do I make this jump???

    The jump seems oddly shaped. Theoretically, if you jump forward at a strafe angle with a force enough that can maintain an equal exertion force and press the W key facing at the 135o angle towards the ladder, you can make the jump.

    The possibility of completion is super low (almost impossible; if not impossible), but if you can manage such precise keystrokes, at the accurate time (also considering the exertion force and gravity, as well as the forward jump value's inertia, and grab the near 135o angle, to pick up the ladder, you can do it.

    My personal opinion: Don't make this jump, if you can't get the jump down at least twice without cheats, it probably isn't possible jump or it's too hard of a jump (so much so that no one will have fun and may criticize you of making an impossible jump mid-game).

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    posted a message on 1 symbol names?!

    Can't you buy one of those rare accounts and get a transfer? It would cost money, but if it was possible, this would mean the accounts would sell for hundreds of dollars.

    Not sure if this goes against anything but, this would be the case of obtainability, (illegally if not tolerated by the EULA). I briefed over it and seems to not specify so, but don't quote me on that.

    If against policy, I am not for such acts, I am just providing information relative to the central topic of this post.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Charity Event/Server Collaboration | Feedback Wanted

    I'm interested in such concept. I appreciate your support to creating a system of charity through gaming (as people do tend to spend a lot of money on games - multi-billion dollar industry).

    I hope you keep me posted on such server creation so I can check it out and maybe give a little dono.

    Other than that, I really hope you gain the traction you and your organization need to get this system going. If only other servers would be less lucrative about their revenue and more willing to share and give back to communities that really need it. It is really sad to see people rather spend money on video games that they might just sell back to in a year or two than use that same amount and donate that to those in need and maybe save a life or two. I include myself in this sad list (since I do spend some amount on games) and hope that I will be more willing and lenient to sharing spare money and change for these people and expand on that to get away from pocket cash and more towards "from the heart" donations.

    Minecraft is a sandbox games that requires creativity to spark attention and engagement, but if only that inspiration would be channelled sometimes into a more beneficial cause for the wellness of families, communities, and other public/non-profit organizations.

    Just some food for thought.

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    posted a message on Different lantern colors

    Yeah, I've seen the idea before, I'm sure if the user fan base keep promoting such idea, Minecraft will add it. I mean Minecraft does host community voting for new update features and such, so if the ideas strifes for Minecraft developers, it will be considered.

    I'm glad you brought it back up too because the more people that view such idea, the more people will receive such concept and may be spread out more through word of mouth.

    Although, my only problem is just that it might be too much like the world of color update where it was just too plain of an update and insignificant. This might be an opposition scenario if the community really wants it, but there isn't much talk about it lately. If the color of the lantern were to change, I think it wouldn't really seem like a lantern anymore considering it would just not be a faithful portion to the original block skin itself, but (of course) I might be wrong there. Minecraft does surprise us sometimes, don't it?

    Also, if you were to use clear glass, wouldn't the lantern be clear and Minecraft would have to incorporate some kind of torch inside the small block to add aethstetic or reason to it. I mean, just look at what happened to the beds, they turned from red to white, lmao; but it was for good clause (through the logical perspective of the update).

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    posted a message on I made a Minecraft redstone idea generator!

    I'd suggest making a less wonky automated idea. I get things like "Laggy house house mover that shoots out of a flying machine from a cliff face on an airplane."

    The concept is really neat, but you need to at least input more variables and enum checkers to make the irregulated outcomes into a more understandable, let alone a possible idea. Variability is low on your part consisting of mostly {d (1)(2) - t/f ~%50R} + {e (1) -t/f ~%50R} + {R-loc o/o%e:t:} + {loc =t} = I.

    A predictable outcome more or less, it could be better, more legible, but I'd can't say much since this may be relatively new.

    3.5/5 stars, for now...

    If anything, you can make a site where site members can input ideas into the system and the web surfer can refresh for new ideas placed by community members and click on the idea if they're interested that will redirect the sufferer to the member's given section that may clarify the idea or give a little process, examples, or other forms of data.

    And maybe you can filter the ideas that will be inputted into the randomizer so that the site remains community friendly and such. Add a conversation tab, etc. And maybe add where the members can have a credibility rating based on community approval, as well as acceptance through the stream. Donator perks?

    You should build on to this website, I think you can do it and that all you need is a team (if you can't yourself - no one really can) and some support/feedback from testers. I really look forward for you to making a hit MC site.

    And in personal opinion, I think the site has a lot of potential, just invest in it. And make sure to incorporate some kind of user system so people can sign up, donate, suggest ideas, and make their own redirect page, etc.

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    posted a message on Welcome message from console

    You'd have to develop your own plugin for that, or you can try and use this plugin I found.


    This plugin works up to 1.14.x Spigot and has been updated to as of March 12, 2019 (for Aternos).

    I am not sure at the moment how to create a truly custom message, but the plugin does provide a welcoming script in itself saying:

    "Welcome %player% to the server!" - Title greet. {color: yellow; '"%player"' is lime green}
    "Enjoy your stay!" - Subtitle greet. {color: Light blue}

    And also provides "You do not have permission to do this." message in red.

    On top of that, the plugin serves to branch out to titles, but performance may be affected if another plugin is inserted that conducts one or more of the following:

    • Plugins that modify the title sendings
    • Plugins that modify the tablist
    • Plugins that modify the teams / list (tablist) player name
    • ViaVersion and ViaRewind

    By including one or more of these function plugins deemed alienable to the plugin, the plugin may throw an ERROR and not work for selected functions.

    Oh and DO NOT use unofficial versions of Vault or Permission plugin that support Vault with this plugin! Official version redirects were made a bit up! The result of using unofficial version of PEX:

    Code (Text):
    [13:58:03 ERROR]: Error occurred while enabling TitleWelcomeMessage vPLUGIN_VERSION (Is it up to date?)
    at bg.me.mrivanplays.titlewelcomemessage.TitleWelcomeMessage.setupChat(TitleWelcomeMessage.java:97) ~[?:?]
    at bg.me.mrivanplays.titlewelcomemessage.TitleWelcomeMessage.onEnable(TitleWelcomeMessage.java:43) ~[?:?]
    The rest of the error is not needed to recognize the error

    So do not use unofficial PEX versions.

    But, please experiment on the plugin to see if you can get what you directly want from this plugin, just make sure to reload the plugin through Aternos if all else fails to recycle contaminated source code.

    If you need any more details about the plugin, try using the link below. It is the Plugin Resource and source publication site from the publisher. Take any issues, suggestions, and/or plugin comments there.

    Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/titlewelcomemessage-1-8-x-1-14-x.57500/

    Good luck!
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    posted a message on Multiplayer with my friends

    Yes, you and your friends can make a world where only you two can play together. This can be conducted in three ways:

    1. You can all designate an area where you can join one wifi (of whichever person) and create a local server by opening it to LAN. Of course, you would need to be playing on the same platforms of minecraft -e.g. Java, Bedrock; however, if the platform of Minecraft you're playing on does support cross-play, then there should be no problem there. Not an expert at which platforms can or cannot cross-play with what, but if you can save yourself the trouble there, just stick to one platform, otherwise, this LAN idea won't work.

    2. You can buy a realms server and invite both of your friends (so that they can have access to it), but yet again, this will cost money on a monthly basis. 1st month is free (if it's your first time creating a realms - which probably is) but afterwards, it will charge you every 30 days for $7.99 USD. Be mindful you can only "have" the world saved if you pay every billing period. If you fail to pay the bill, the server will shut down and you won't have access to that world (which also means your friends can't play on it either).

    3. You can visit this website - https://aternos.org/go/ - this is essentially a free server hosting site where you can implement mods, plugins, privileges, and other settings on the server. You can also monitor server activity, set a whitelist, and set a maximum amount of players from 0 - 9999 (Keep in mind that the more players online, the laggier the server will get due to the signal strength of the hosting site being weak and can be lopsided if the server is "overrun" with players.

    Option cons:

    Option #1.

    - Players need to be in close proximity of the wifi source, which might be inconvenient considering you'll all have to crash at someone's home rather than chill at your own.
    - If players don't play on the same platform or cross-playable platforms, this method will not work.
    - Player host cannot leave the game without disconnecting the other players connected to the host.
    - No server customizability (using console, not possible or requires extreme amount of effort).
    - Host must be online in order for players to be able to join.

    Option #2.

    - A fee of $7.99 USD will be present every month the server world is active.
    - World will not be accessible if the service fee is not paid.
    - Limited server customizability (with set services by the realms).
    - Anti-Cheat system may be put in place for server security.

    Option #3.

    - Lag and rubber bands may be present depending on how many people are online at once.
    - Service provider will shut the server down after an 'x' amount of time if the server becomes vacant (which means the server needs to be reactivated at certain times in order to be ran again).
    - Weak service provider, may lead to weak connections.
    - Host must activate server in order to keep it up.
    - No 24/7 access (uness activation is somehow automated).
    - Anti-Cheat system may be put in place for server security.

    There are a few other ways, but here's a few ideas.

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    posted a message on The RoyalArms is Recruiting! ⚔ Discord ⚔ Friendly

    Ingame Username: SilentHunterX

    How long have you played?: About 8 years

    Discord ID?: F16P#8836

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    posted a message on EXTREMELY NEW MINECRAFT SERVER | Taking full staff team in recruitment! anyone can join! | Admins, Head-admin, Moderators etc.

    Woops, I meant Helper, but I guess I forgot to review it. My bad. Welp, there goes another application.

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    posted a message on EXTREMELY NEW MINECRAFT SERVER | Taking full staff team in recruitment! anyone can join! | Admins, Head-admin, Moderators etc.

    NAME: Adonis

    AGE: 16

    IGN: SilentHunterX

    DISCORD: F16P#8836

    POSITION OF CHOICE: Trial-Helper

    WHY CHOOSE YOU: I am an active community member (in minecraft servers) seeking opportunities to increase my background knowledge of moderation as well as meet new people whilst contributing to the server for the better. I feel like I am qualified enough to become a staff member of this server as I am an adaptive person who seeks fair judgements for trespassers. In personal terms, I do not speak bad openyl of someone (this includes DMs). I will point out flaws if it is affecting the server tremendously (in a negatively connotation) and will speak with him/her before anyone else. I believe in opportunities and confidentiality of others. I do provide good grammar when speaking and offer night-supervision of the server when majority of staff may be asleep.

    - Ex-Moderator for Lifeboat,
    - Retired Builder for Hyperia
    - Community Leader for TuroCraft
    - Helper for OrionCraft
    - Admin for MChat SMP

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    posted a message on Is it possible to give each new player a random initial spawn point?

    I have two solutions for that but it requires either scripting and/or plugin combinations.

    Method 1: Setting up plugins of /wild (or /rtp) and having the player use a plugin that will set their player spawn point to that rtp location. Of course, the larger the world, the easier it is to set up a combo script stating that no /wilds or /rtps will be within <X> amount of blocks within each other. The smaller the world, well, the less variation you have. You can make a script that prevents the player from using /wild or /rtp again afterwards (along with the spawn point plugin) and makes the process automatic (maybe with a loading screen for bonus and to prevent script processing exposure to the player making it a nice transition whilst getting the job done).

    Method 2: You can create a custom script code that inputs corresponding values that affect the server's in-game behaviour to change new player spawn point at random whilst keeping a <{a - b(x)C > <x-blocks>distance}> mathematical algorithm cubed. This base player data will make the player spawn at random locations in the world but not interfere with the distance algorithms. Next step would be to set up a co-script to the base and make a combo-process of setting their spawn point to the <x, y, z> spawned as soon as the player spawns.

    Please Note: This method of spawn point setting should not be used for massive servers (With influx of 100+ per day) as this will lag the server, increase server world folder size tremendously (not to mention player data and automated script logs), and limit the places where later players can spawn in to the world. Keep the player-base small, limit bot raids, and wipe the world data as soon as things get out of control.

    Another Note: Be sure to set the script boolean value (that you will have to set) of air blocks spawn: true and to keepSurfaceSpawn incorporated somewhere as well. This will prevent players from being spawned or rtped inside blocks, or in "space" falling to their death forever.

    Personal Recommendation: Method 1; if you can't make a script for automation, you're going to have to do it yourself or instruct players on how to do the process themselves (which would suck).

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