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    posted a message on Need suggestions for my base

    I got an idea.

    See this Clash of Clans level 6 laboratory?

    You can add those purple glass portions of the lab to the base of the structure to add texture.

    The result should look similar to a woman's hair brush but will look cool with the right materials and aura.

    You can also add obsidian spikes to the base of the structure to avoid the base looking plain and make your base look truly epic. Hypixel Skyblock's End island is and example of what you can do at the base of the structure (and the island looks totally metal btw, props to the Hypixel Builder crew for that monstrous build - as usual).

    You can also add ring to the long tube of your base's tower to differentiate the sizes of the tube and make the structure look beefier and sturdier with more detail to offer. Rings that don't touch the base of the tower tube will also look dope as well.

    If you know how to and can do so, add cosmic bridges (done with an assortment of purple, white, back, magenta and pink stained glass) that gradually lead to each of the cells of your base. Reply to me if you need more clarifications. :)

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    posted a message on What is good mod for spawning a random structure of my? please help?

    Of your what?

    Also, try not to sound so desperate, it deters people from wanting to help you out and can also make it difficult for people like myself who want to help you but cannot help you due to insufficient amounts of clarifications.

    I can think of a few mods that can generate random structures based on chunk regions and biome, but I am not sure exactly what it is you want.

    Reply to my message with clarifications so I can know what exactly you need help with.

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    posted a message on List of items in a map

    You can install World Edit and select the region and get a block count of the selected blocks that you want to measure.

    You can also do this with a few command blocks. If you were to execute a command in a command block with trackoutput enabled (the x/o button) you can see what the command did.

    You could use the command: /fill x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2 minecraft:air 0 replace minecraft:blockname -1

    If you run this command and set the coordinates to the house's location and know the block name and data value, you could easily count blocks. The line below the command should say how many blocks it replaced. Just be sure to load a backup of the world since you are replacing blocks with air.

    The method might be outdated since I haven't touched on this topic for some time, but that's how I recall some methods of achieving your desired goal.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Beta nostalgia recreation compilation for Java Edition 1.14.4

    My whole entire childhood just flash backed on me mostly from the second screenshot.

    I really do miss those days tho- :steve_tearful:

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    posted a message on Recompilation Dates

    Here's what you asked for in chronological order by release date:

    old alpha rd-132211 - May 13, 2009


    old alpha rd-132328 - May 13, 2009


    old alpha rd-20090515 - May 14, 2009


    old alpha rd-160052 - May 15, 2009


    old alpha rd-161348 - May 16, 2009


    I also provided the direct links to each rd's download. You can thank me later you nostalgic players B)

    My own comment you can ignore:

    It's kind of ironic how rd-20090515 was uploaded one day before release date the recompilation date stated it would (20090514). Active players during this time had been aware of the new release the following day, making it unnoticed to most eyes - mine? sort of.

    I miss these glory days.

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    posted a message on Tips for Skywars and PVP?

    Your request is descriptive enough; however, not specific as to how you play. In order for someone to give advice, one must observe your play style and scenarios. I don't want to be that type of person who says it, but it can't be stressed enough than it already is:

    Practice, Practice, Practice - A wise admin once said.

    A few more tips I can give based on your request,

    - Avoid being backed up by an incoming force. Meaning, don't back up towards a ledge and then try and confront because it will make it easier for the oppressor to get a deadly combo leading to your demise (either by fall or by the combo - a double whammy as me and da crew call it). You can avoid being double whammied by putting support blocks behind you and strafe away from the support block so that you can trap he/she into a corner for a super combo, or build over them with a large platform, forcing them to come up and giving you the upper-hand advantage by knocking them down or combo-ing them.

    - Choose your flight or fight tactics wisely. If someone will full diamond is charging you and you have nothing but a wooden sword, well, you're doomed if you try to fight, so run. But, if you see a person with gold armour charging you who's been on a killing spree lately, you'll take serious damage but probably win with your full diamond set so prep a way to heal right after combat to avoid getting 3rd partied.

    - Practice. Yes, I know it's annoying, but it helps a lot. We all were garbage at first, but got better over time. Recognize that this is a really long-term goal and shouldn't be rushed. You should take advantage of knowing how to use the fishing rod to your advantage, learn how to strafe and recognize possible counters to know your risks, and practice with the bow (I suggest using Badlion client's bow crosshair, it's really good and nice to look at). Lastly, work on your combo and 1v1 PvP skills. There are plenty of server out there that provide this service, all you have to do is reach out to those who surpass your skills and ask for guidance - I've done this before.

    Know the aspect of why you're playing.

    Do you want to play to win the skywars game but be garbage at your combat skills still? Or do you want to play to get better at your skills, but get clapped on the journey to your goals?

    Knowing the aspect of why you're playing really helped me go from being really upset over a simple loss or mistake to being optimistic and asking myself what I could've done differently to prevent the same outcome from occuring again. And improving my gameplay. There's always room for improvement, you just have to reflect and analyze in different perspectives.

    In all honesty, you have to lose a hundred times before you can learn to win, but losing is better than not trying. ;)

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    posted a message on How to make minecraf tlaunch just by clicking it.

    The question isn't elaborated enough, but to my understanding of what you've asked, you want to just launch Minecraft 1.8.9 upon clicking the launcher icon.

    First thing to understand is that the Minecraft Launcher can launch multiple versions of Minecraft ranging from the first releases of alpha Minecraft all the way to the latest snapshots of 1.16 ( as of the time this was posted ).

    With that stated, to resolve your question, you cannot launch Minecraft 1.8.9 by just clicking the Minecraft Launcher icon alone, there are other ways to make this possible as myself and my team have touch lightly on by experiments, but these require running scripts, editing the launcher itself and couple of other things like reboots and backup storages. - This would defeat the purpose of an easy entrance into the specified version of Minecraft for the preparations and resources required would exceed the small benefit of the one click > enter shortcut.

    If you want to know how to launch Minecraft 1.8.9 through the launcher, you can follow these guiding screenshot instructions along with these simple steps:

    1. Open the Minecraft Launcher
    2. Click the overhead tab found towards the top middle-left of the launcher screen
    3. Press (+) New to create a new installation (if you don't have 1.8.9 installed already)
    4. Create a new installation by expanding the Versions section and scrolling down the list until you see Minecraft 1.8.9
    5. Click to select it
    6. Name the Installation and change the look of the Installation block (both are optional)
    7. Create the installation by pressing the green create button located at the bottom right corner of the launcher screen
    8. Press the 'Play' Tab located to the left of the 'Installations' Tab
    9. You can select the 1.8.9 version you want to launch by expanding and selecting the 1.8.9 version found at the bottom left area of the launcher
    10. Once selected, press the big green 'Play' button. Minecraft 1.8.9 should download and launch almost immediately after done.

    Picture Hints located below. B)

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    posted a message on "The Den of Harold" - What do you think about my build in this survival world?

    Took roughly over two hours to build, mostly because the Plots were 1000+ blocks from spawn and I had to go back and forth whenever I ran out of materials or came up with a new detail that required more materials.

    This 16x16 Build has a little shop area, main quarters, dining hall, chest tower, underground reserve and more!

    This build was inspired by a picture stone castle build I found on the internet, but I don't remember the name of the source. :C

    It was expensive since I had no reserves of material, but well worth the satisfaction. I hope you enjoy too! :}

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    posted a message on Minecraft Lost media/Copeland Herobrine stream.

    Yikes, time to get my time machine lol.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Avatars

    Does it have to be bedrock? :(

    Java Edition name: SilentHunterX

    Skin: <TBD/?>

    Also Blender is by far, better and more active than Mine-imator is. (Mine-imator is so 2015 lol). B)

    The tools there provide more possibilities than a single purpose one. You could also create roblox rigs, Blender movies (search those up, they are stunning and unreal thinking they came from Blender) and of course, Minecraft avatars that could be used for animation.

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    posted a message on Need Assistance Brainstorming a Inter-Dimensional/Psychological/Steampunk/Futuristic Class System - Your Help is Appreciated <3!
    • Rough thought, but I would say for this to work, I'd add "dimensions" for this.
    • A faction-like system based on class (and obviously rouge factions with a combination of a few members) and there are area each class faction could conquer?
    • Each class has their own build mechanics, armour, weapons, tools, etc. and their HQ dimension could be a large build based on the class theme.
    • You'd definitely need addons, maybe mods to add more of a spice to the server.
    • If you are intrigued by this extremely vague rough draft of an idea, I can provide and generate the idea more.

      You can hit my Discord account with a friend request.

      Only if you want: Silent#7429
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    posted a message on Simulating splitscreen on Minecraft 1.15.2

    The thing is, Joypad Mod and such are not consistently updated; however, fanatics like you sometimes carry out their own version or updates of their favorite mod to keep the trend alive.

    After a quick search of your mods listed, they weren't updated, but there were other that were similar to the mods listed and were updated.

    So to answer whatever your question would be, yes, there are similar mods that are functional for 1.15.2, just give a little search and test run. B)

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    posted a message on Alternate Overviewer views

    As I see that you present yourself fairly new to the concept, here's some easy to follow instructions: http://docs.overviewer.org/en/latest/

    For your specific problem you would need a configuration file containing:

    outputdir = "output_dir"

    worlds["example"] = "example"

    renders['day'] = {
    'world': 'example',
    'rendermode': 'smooth_lighting',
    'title': "Daytime Render",
    'northdirection': "lower-right", # this line is the important one.

    The bold characters can vary depending on what you want to do with the overviewer.

    Please note and know that it is highly recommended that you follow some tips and instructions for possible beginners like you using the link I just provided.

    Thanks and have a good rest of your day!

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    posted a message on PLEASE SEND HELP

    Define "deactivation" and how exactly you recall doing an account deactivation.

    You might be confused with actually deleting your account, which is an option you can do on your Minecraft account.

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    posted a message on Comment your most memorable/epic/weird/funny/horrible memory you have from Minecraft!

    I went on a mining spree a few years ago on an older version of Minecraft. Usually my mining sprees lasted 2 hours (irl) before I would surface to get more supplies and dump my loots. My first mining spree one of my survival worlds was a fortune itself.

    Looking for diamonds, I was mining by chunk areas within a 3 x 3 chunk radius between Y: 5 and Y: 16; I somehow managed to find 61 diamonds lying in all that stone in coordinates near my original home.

    That was a pretty epic find + all the gold, iron, etc. that I got, it was truly legendary. B)

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