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    SO glad I didn't buy this. I was attempting to purchase the MSP to buy it but I kept getting errors. I thought I'd try later so I decided to look into SMP. Turns out THERE IS NO MATCHMAKING. [my exclamation button is broken along with all the number keys along with functions are also]. This was the sole reason I wanted to buy this game. No multiplayer; not buying it. You could argue that you can play with your friends but most of my friends don't even like minecraft and don't play xbox much anyway. I wanted to be able to matchmake with some friends AND other people at the same time without the retarded server plugins and hacks that the PC version has. This is ridiculous. Even Total Miner and Fortress Craft managed matchmaking/server lists. If they fix with I will buy it. Until then, looks like I'm just going to have to play on the PC with stupid server mods and hacking.....
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