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    posted a message on The Dalek Mod - Updated (Dec 2020) - Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Daleks, Cybermen, Time travel and much more!
    Really like the TARDIS interior. When do you think it'll be able to materialize wherever we want?
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    Mind if I suggest storis behind the new biomes?

    Layered Automated Defense System (LADS) (clay mesa) - As hostilities began among the remaining, struggling post-Event nations, it seemed obvious that their existing defense mechanisms would have to be upgraded. In light of this, the quarreling states came up with a plan. Their plan was simple, although incredibly expensive in terms of resources: significant cities would be totally covered with colossal arrays of defense systems and various fortifications. The resources were gathered and the plan was carried out more or less successfully, but the engineers responsible for the project failed to note one important weakness: the electronics and fortifications chosen could, if sufficiently weakened, allow critical levels of radiation through at certain points. Once people began inexplicably dying and this weakness became all too clear, the surviving authorities agreed to demolish the subterranean cities in order to expand the H.I.V.E. project, in hopes of a more effective shelter.

    Military Antenna Shack Settlement (Savanna) - In the late stages of the war, desperate military authorities began an ambitious project with the goal of creating a possible haven for soldiers and military forces. Engineers reverse-engineered the lightning conducting antennas of OI's tesla towers more or less successfully. The aim of using antennas was to facilitate long-range communication between divisions by transmitting messages using the stilt. Sadly, these poorly conceived structures were almost as transparent to radiation as their scrap-shack predecessors, slowly killing off the remaining military forces and plunging H.I.V.E.-dwelling postwar survivors into a state of total anarchy.

    Dense Scrap Shack Town (Roofed Forest) - Towns and cities too large to be fully accommodated by a simple scrap shack village, but too small to warrant construction of a Layered Automated Defense System, generally set up a large number of scrap shacks to house their inhabitants. Because these municipalities were more wealthy than their smaller counterparts, they invested in slightly modified fungal radiation shields to help protect their denizens. In at least one way, this plan worked: the inhabitants generally were exposed to less radiation than those in the scrap-shack villages and, as a result, generally either survived to become Bandits or mutated into the Lost rather than dying. These communities also obtained robots for labor and defense, but their circuitry underwent many of the same malfunctions as those in the wastes, meaning they are now just as hostile as their former owners.

    I still haven't come up with anything for ice plains spikes and the like, though...
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    posted a message on CraftBoy - The Game Boy themed RPs
    I will use this along with MISSINGNO. skin!
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    posted a message on A Convenient Seed
    I found a seed in 1.3.2, may also work in snapshots and 1.4.

    Seed: Mew

    When you spawn, look behind you to find a village. There are 3 diamonds in the blacksmith's chest.
    There may be an abandoned mineshaft beneath the origin; please check as I do not currently have Minecraft privileges.

    Please post any other interesting or rare features you find using this seed. Make sure to include coordinates! If I can find them too, I will add it to a list which I will post updates of from time to time.
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    posted a message on Strongholds as bases
    I used the seed "fruitcake" which puts the stronghold near-ish, made my first base above the stairs in the End Portal Room, and dug till I found bricks. Currently adding the essentials.
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    You want my view? Here are some fragments from the Poem that may hint at it...

    the long dream of life
    to tell it how to live would be to prevent it living
    the naked truth that can burn across any distance
    and the universe said you are not separate from every other thing
    and the universe said i love you because you are love
    You are the player

    You are the universe observing itself. That is made clear. But the unity with everything else...
    It all seems to fit.
    There is no "you" and "I". There is only I-form and You-form. We, the observer. I-you am the universe. I-you am THE player. I-you am All that Is, the Universe playing itself.

    Welcome to the Game.
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    posted a message on [Poll] Do you use special seeds when playing survival?
    I always use seeds. Wouldn't want to miss a rare resource!
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