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    posted a message on Introducing the Boomerang! A unique ranged weapon with custom enchantments.

    I like it. Support. However, wouldn't it be better if it had a "block" form like the arrow upon hitting a block?

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    posted a message on Dragon Scales: New Ender Dragon Mob Drop!
    Quote from DrWeegee»

    I can see the use of a ninja star, but the situations for it are so niche I feel it doesn't deserve its own item, but perhaps we can move its mechanics over to something else, maybe a dragon scaled tipped arrow that functions like a bow, but pierces and doesn't slow down when passing through a mob (But weakens with every pierce)

    The dragon scale armor is kind of in the same boat, I feel the mechanics could be great, but it should be passed down to something already existing, like a magic resistance enchantment.

    The dragon scales kind of seem like an overpowered magma block. It doesn't really match the mechanics you're comparing it to, either. Perhaps if it's based off of the enderdragon it should damage and push you a small distance away on contact, much like the actual dragon does. Or since it's End themed, it should randomly teleport an entity who stands on it (Only when other solid blocks are present, of course). I could see either idea being more useful and balanced than a block you can barely re-act or defend against.

    The particle block is completely fine, although you never explained how it works. Since it takes the form of a modified dispenser, do we have to provide items to make it emit certain particle effects, or is it just a simple gui that you can select from like beacons?

    Overall I like the ideas, just not the execution, so around 60% support.

    I like the teleporting part. I can see map creators finding a lot of use for them.
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Quote from Archlich»

    Right-clicking on farmland with a shovel should turn it back to dirt.

    Just take off the water source. It'll eventually go back to dirt.
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    posted a message on Abandoned Ships

    Well since MC has been handed over to Microsoft, updates were even more bountiful and more lively. And here's a little suggestion:


    A ship like structure in the middle of the ocean or maybe near a beach. A ladder on the sides for players to climb into. A chest inside containing loots like leather, arrows, some weapons, etc. Ships would have 1/360 (can be lessened to make ships less common and not pirate the seas) chances to spawn on every chunk with the ocean biome. Just makes the ocean a little more better to explore and adds a little flair when sailing IMO.


    ship 1

    ship 2

    ship 3


    1. Merchant Ship - Most common; 5/36 chance to spawn when a ship is to be generated. Contains valuable loots like food and materials, iron and gold occasionally, and has a white or gray sail. Small and light. Loots: leather armor, food, materials, and metals.

    2. Transport Ship - Uncommon; 4/90 chance to spawn when ship is to be generated. used for transportation, bigger than a Merchant Ship but contains less to no loot. Loots: leather armor and food.

    3. Pirate Ship - Rare, 3/200 chance to spawn when ship is to be generated. Marked by a black sail with a skull sign. Contains precious loots like iron or gold, but less food and materials. As big as a Transport Ship. Loots: food, metals and tools/weapons.

    Disclaimer: If you know of a similar suggestion please link it here. I never read anything like this before and would love to get more ideas to improve this suggestion. All similarities in mechanics, appearance, types and events are purely coincidental. Photos are not mine.

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    posted a message on Beach Parkour

    Has this been beta tested? I'm gonna try it and tell you if there's any bugs.


    I've completed the map. It was nice and short. Not too shabby.


    I spawned in creative. (What you have in your inventory and what mode you left your character in is inherited by anyone who plays the map)

    I spawned with items.

    When I die in a stage I'm taken back to the "lobby" instead of the start of the stage.

    Aesthetically displeasing. Command blocks and redstone circuitry are exposed. Yuck.

    There's no way to turn off the particle effects.

    Did not have a clear way to start. I was spawned and had to go and read everything before I found the real parkour stage.

    Barrier blocks defeat the purpose of seeing the walls and parkour. (Invisible blocks are a huge nuisance in parkour maps, use opaque blocks instead)

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    posted a message on Tropical Biome

    I like the idea. A small, rare area of Minecraft where Palm Trees could grow. Instead of jungle trees having coconuts, the palm trees should instead. I think coconuts should have a block version that can be cut by axes or swords that will give you coconut halves.

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    posted a message on Small Suggestions

    I think Mojang thought of brewing when he made the water bottle unstackable. Remember that to brew, three potions are to be placed on each inventory slot, now I'm not sure if it's possible, but stacking water potions would mean you can brew 192 potions. Maybe this is the reason for not stacking potions.

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    posted a message on /gamerule doAttackTiming(better name: oldCombat)

    There's no use crying over this. If you wanna ruin 1.9 for yourself by not taking the attack cooldown with the awesome updates, that's kinda your problem. You just gotta weigh things out, whether you wanna play 1.9 with the attack cooldown and many more features or wanna play 1.8 without the attack cooldown and without the new features. Take the good with the bad.


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    posted a message on HELP
    Quote from SweetWarior»

    Well its not working...I saw one gay doing it but... It will duplicate it but only like normal not op

    Probably disabled in the server.
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    posted a message on [1.9] Beyond Perception - A Minecraft Visual Puzzle Map [13k+ DLs]

    I just watched the Let's Plays here, that was an awesome map :D don't wanna play it anymore though I spoiled the map for myself.

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