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    posted a message on Immune command
    Quote from Ouatcheur»

    Or a mini-game where:

    A is immune to B and must kill C

    B is immune to C and must kill A

    C is immune to A and must kill B

    Still, it's a pretty "niche" feature.

    Isn't that a bit pointless? The other two and gang up on the other. A & C team up to kill B. Or any other combination.
    Back to the topic: We have a lot of ways to do this already. Wouldn't it be more logical to add more into the features already implemented that to add another?
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    posted a message on Thirst meter that can bring drink mixing and fruit trees to Minecraft.

    I can see the headlines now. Minecraft 1.xx "The Thirst Update". Honestly is a nice feature and all, but it looks like a huge overhaul of the whole MC food system.

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    posted a message on In hard mode only, hostile mobs regenerate health in darkness.

    Would support if you added "when player is more than 18 blocks away". This makes all mobs in the overworld regenerate because of the low light level at night. This has to be polished, but I generally like it.


    -Add a certain block distance for the effect to take effect.

    -Mob spawners give more regeneration on nearby mobs instead of making mobs from spawners regenerate more

    -Add option for removing mob regen on commands

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    posted a message on Smelt Enchantment

    This idea is great but if they do add this they should work on it a bit because what if you wanted to cut down a tree to get wood but you got auto smelt on your axe, welp no wood for you

    Then craft a normal axe.
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    posted a message on Armour stands with arms in survival mode
    Quote from Skelebling»

    Hi there,

    I would like to make a suggestion; to make armour stands with arms available in survival mode (without commands/mods). This would be a little feature that could be useful to those on a server where they do not have access to the commands necessary to summon them, or those who (like me) want to play survival mode without any form of cheating, even if it is only for an aesthetic purpose.

    To obtain these armour stands, you would simply put an existing armour stand in a crafting grid, and place a stick either side of it (where the arms would be positioned).

    This does not really affect the game in any way, but just adds the option to make armour stands hold a sword/axe in addition to the suit of armour.

    Thanks for reading.

    Was already suggested, didn't get much attention. Go into more details. Add more photos, etc. I like the idea personally but the representation is shabby.
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    posted a message on A completionist redstoners survival journal

    I was wondering if you would use sponge to clear out the water or do it bucket by boring bucket.

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    posted a message on Boom...

    Ninja creepers are always out to get kills, it seems.

    Yes, and they can also use the force to make themselves float too.
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    posted a message on Introducing the Boomerang! A unique ranged weapon with custom enchantments.

    I like it. Support. However, wouldn't it be better if it had a "block" form like the arrow upon hitting a block?

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    posted a message on Add quicksand in deserts

    Thanks, like I said, it won't be everywhere, and you can use it to make a base if you dig under it.

    So basically, it's like cobwebs on a desert? Sounds good, doesn't work. It should be more distinguishable from sand. And how does the mechanics work? Does it suck you? What happens in I stack them up? Would I suffocate underneath? Etc.
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Quote from Kronos0925»

    Would it be possible to make a new golem called a Frankenstein? we could use rotten flesh, bones, a pumpkin and maybe iron. It would be placed and then would have to be created with a lightning strike.

    It's been on my mind for a few days now and I really wanted to know if it would be possible.

    Golems are summoned in Minecraft using Iron blocks in a T shape then putting a pumpkin on top. It would be implemented I'm guessing it would be with a similar fashion.
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    posted a message on Dragon Scales: New Ender Dragon Mob Drop!
    Quote from DrWeegee»

    I can see the use of a ninja star, but the situations for it are so niche I feel it doesn't deserve its own item, but perhaps we can move its mechanics over to something else, maybe a dragon scaled tipped arrow that functions like a bow, but pierces and doesn't slow down when passing through a mob (But weakens with every pierce)

    The dragon scale armor is kind of in the same boat, I feel the mechanics could be great, but it should be passed down to something already existing, like a magic resistance enchantment.

    The dragon scales kind of seem like an overpowered magma block. It doesn't really match the mechanics you're comparing it to, either. Perhaps if it's based off of the enderdragon it should damage and push you a small distance away on contact, much like the actual dragon does. Or since it's End themed, it should randomly teleport an entity who stands on it (Only when other solid blocks are present, of course). I could see either idea being more useful and balanced than a block you can barely re-act or defend against.

    The particle block is completely fine, although you never explained how it works. Since it takes the form of a modified dispenser, do we have to provide items to make it emit certain particle effects, or is it just a simple gui that you can select from like beacons?

    Overall I like the ideas, just not the execution, so around 60% support.

    I like the teleporting part. I can see map creators finding a lot of use for them.
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    posted a message on GameMode 4--Debug
    Quote from Romaq»

    I did this, mobs still have knockback, for which I need to use armor with knockback resistance. While I was at it, I put in underwater breathing and fire resistance. When testing it, I still took wither damage as I recall. I tested it to make sure. Sometimes "simple solutions" are not so simple in practice. Having mobs ignore the player "as if in creative" would be the best solution for my purpose, while still allowing Survival building and play.

    I don't think this is possible without changing the game difficulty to peaceful. And I don't think Mojang will add a new feature just for your friend's father. Putting a regen effect will make him almost invincible though. That could solve your problem. Just put it to around level 10. (Wither damage will always affect you, armor and resistance are neglected. But I don't see why a guy who can't kill a Zombie will fight a Wither, or a Wither Boss)
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    posted a message on Better dispensers
    Quote from Silly511»

    Making an algorithm that could trace back through a redstone system to find the entity that activated it would almost impossible to code and be incredibly laggy. There's simply too many factors that can trigger a dispenser. I think it should teleport all entities around the dispenser, or the closest entity. Anyway, I like this idea so Support.

    Uhm... Excuse me, pardon me, but this is already a thing. Activating TnT with redstone is a thing. Death messages will now say the player's name when he activates a TnT with redstone and kills a player.
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    posted a message on Sapphire Suggestion (Not just another tools)
    Quote from Mastermined»

    Because that's a good argument to add something. someone might find a use for it some day...

    I'm pretty sure Notch never intended the Piston block to be very very very useful someday.
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