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    Real subway w/ command blocks!

    Hello minecraft community! Today i present you my latest redstone creation!

    It's a working minecraft subway system made with command blocks using the new /clone command.

    The original idea came from Sethbling's Santa's Sleigh video, but with this new command, I simplified and made a cool-looking subway system without the need of minecarts as the train!

    How does it work? (click on the images to enlarge them)

    [This explanation is outdated! I updated and simplified the redstone to work in the latest version]

    Train model

    First the train model was placed near the spawn chunk to keep it loaded for the clone command. It's also separated in 4 parts: the left/right model and the positive/negative X (Teleport command) middle module.

    Notice that it has redstone blocks to activate the TP command blocks as soon as the model is cloned.

    Rail module

    The rail uses the testfor command to detect the minecart's position and also it's direction (using the game's scoreboard mechanism to specify the direction). Then it clones the train model. In some specific spots, the rail has a "setblock redstone_block" to activate the stations.


    As soon as the "setblock redstone_block" command block is activated, the station "kill" the minecarts, open the doors with a /clone and also start a timer. When the timer ends, it summons and sets the minecart's direction. It also summons a "Reset" minecart after a short delay to clean the testfor outputs while the train is moving.

    I've worked several weeks in this project.. If you wish to create your own vehicle (yes, you can create any moving vehicle with this system!) based on this mechanism, please give me some credit! =P

    Important: This redstone device may consume a lot of your computer/server memory also it won't work in unloaded chunks. You may need to leave an AFK player inside it or use chunk loaders (world anchors).

    Map download:

    (Old version): Link Removed

    (Updated version): Link Removed

    Also try my team deathmatch minigame with controllable tanks:

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