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    posted a message on My contraption became haunted by a piano musician

    I was messing around with redstone torch burning mechanics making anti-logic contraptions, and then I ended up bugging it so much that I created a set of "burners" that didn't have to loop an actual signal to burn. When I wanted to mess around with this and add noteblocks at random pitches to the burners, they started playing a tune...

    Video of the ghost in action!

    I have no clue how I achieved this nor how it continued to function, but I'm not gonna be responsible for it .-.

    I didn't create this artificially btw (didn't make it do this using command blocks). I honestly was just screwing around and then it started a pattern and played the noteblocks in a semi harmonic tune. Completely accidental and I didn't do anything to control the contraption...

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    posted a message on Execute for specific coordinates

    I'm working on a parkour map of sorts and the basic lobby system I have currently harms the player. To work around this, I inserted a repeating command block underneath the spawn area so that when players try to get off, they have the "Slow Falling" potion effect.

    This is the command I used:

    /execute as @p[distance=..5] if entity @s[y=20] run effect give @s slow_falling 2 1

    My issue is that the only "selector" options I could get to work was distance one. Why this is an issue is because players on the bottom can get the potion effect again and players on the top get moon gravity. All I want is for the player to be prompted the potion effect when they leave the spawn area; no sooner, no later.

    Visual representation of what I mean

    Yellow Panes: Region of effect

    White Panes: No effect

    The command block you can see in the center underneath the yellow panes.

    Irrelevant to the topic, but to be honest they really need to tune down the coding scene. We're all waiting for the rework of the combat system, but honestly I think they should be funneling some of that dev team effort into making mapping easier and not more malleable.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Creative Mode Tips and Tricks (Reupload)


    When I originally uploaded this, I had issues getting images to come up. At the time of writing this I now learned what I did wrong. Most people were probably turned away by the boring line of text (which I would've too) which is what the screenshots were for in the first place. Thus I just wanted to reupload it so it could get the proper love it might've gotten beforehand.

    In Minecraft, there are plenty of different jokes and easter eggs hidden in the game, like "The Lie" achievement referencing the cake from Portal, or Vindicators being named Johnny go on a rampage, the killer rabbit, rainbow jeb sheep, upside down dinnerbone mobs, etc. Besides that, there are a few neat tricks hidden (or just not very directly mentioned) features in Minecraft for creative mode that might help you next time you wanna make a castle out of cobble stone with a magma river surrounding it.

    Mouse 3:

    If you press your middle mouse button (Mouse 3) while looking at a block, you'll pick that block into your inventory.

    Picking a spruce log block from a Spruce Tree

    This isn't specifically hidden or secret, just not directly mentioned. It's a control key in the Controls Menu. But though this isn't a secret, there is a lot of neat things to do with it.

    You can't pick up blocks that change based on other blocks such as a snowy grass block.

    Picking a snowy grass block, but not snowy

    But unusual blocks that you would normally not collect in your normal game or from the creative menu such as the Dragon's Egg, or Barrier blocks, can be picked as so:

    Picking the Dragon

    Picking Barrier Blocks

    While there are blocks that you can't get without commands that you can get with Mouse 3, there are blocks in game that are SPECIFICALLY NOT to be possessed by a player such as the End Portal and the End Gateway. These cannot be picked with Mouse 3.

    You cant pick up End Portal Blocks

    Nor End Gateway Blocks

    Besides picking blocks, you can also pick at Mobs and collect spawn eggs if they have one. However you can't pick blocks they possess and you can't get baby mob eggs.

    Sadly, you cant

    I thought this was a baby Zombie...

    You also can't pick spawn eggs off of mobs that don't have one. I think that's obvious, but in case you thought you could:


    Same as endermen, you also cannot pick blocks off of shulkers.

    Picking a shulker spawn egg instead.

    But if you'd like, you can steal the banners off the Endcity :3


    If you put an item in an item frame and attempt to pick at the frame, you'll get the item inside which is kind of neat.

    Thank you, I

    Commands and F3 Tricks and Tips:

    A feature within commands is that if you press Tab, you'll fill in blanks for commands. Besides the fact that you can fill in phrases and such for certain commands, you can also actually use tab while looking at a block to shortcut it's coordinates. This doesn't work with tp commands though because the first use is to tp a player by name and not coordinates.

    The image display for this image didn't work right so here's a link instead

    So an easy trick to get around this is to do a command such as setblock and then replace the command with /tp [player] so you can tp to those coordinates.

    Fill this in...

    and then it

    Also something that's not directly mentioned, but not exactly hidden like Mouse 3 block picking is that in the F3 Menu, there is a list of binds accompanied with the F3 Key that give easy shortcuts or "life hacks" such as showing chunks, clearing chat, etc.

    F3 Help Menu

    One of those features is that if you press F3 + N, you'll switch inbetween Spectator Mode and Creative Mode:

    Spectator Mode

    Creative Mode

    So if you find Gamemode 3 handy and would like a shortcut, there ya go!

    Anyways that about all the Tips and Tricks I have up my sleeve. If there are some interesting shortcuts or tricks I missed, please tell me! Also out of all of the shortcuts I mentioned, which one do you think is the most handy?

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    posted a message on Left Mouse Button Being Unresponsive

    Let me start out by saying this is NOT an issue with specifically Minecraft. This is an issue related to my computer that can occur with ANY game. The issue does not appear anywhere but INSIDE A GAME WINDOW. I have I found sources for the issue, but the original credible sources are somewhat outdated and have been discontinued. That is why I'm here instead.

    [Skip to TL:DR for a Short Summary if you don't want a full explanation]

    Basically I first experienced the issue in the game "The Forest" which you don't need to know about to understand my issue. In that game, combat and resource gathering actions are single events which is why I didn't suspect much from my mouse or computer at the time and instead believed it was a glitch in the game itself. The issue later resolved itself and went quiet.

    Now in Minecraft, most things you do in the game (Mining and Crafting respectively) you can complete by just holding the Left Mouse Button down and it will continuously do it. However the one thing that can't be done this way is combat. If I can't defend myself in a Singleplayer game, I might as well not play because it takes the freedom of being able to do whatever you want with nobody to boss you around (besides the bosses of course) out of the game. What I've learned about the function that causes the problem is that it delays the mouse (which I don't know WHY it does this) and will randomly shut off the functionality of your mouse. I noticed it recently reappear, messed around with different click-counter apps, looked around the internet a bit, ba-da-bing-ba-da-boom, I'm here to share this with you.


    To sum things up, my mouse is acting strangely. From the information I've gathered (links to the original three discussions will be at the bottom) I believe my problem is related to a feature in laptops where the mouse will delay. I don't know WHY AT ALL this would be a feature, but it is and I need help disabling it. It doesn't come up very often, but when it does it is VERY frustrating to fight against. It randomly will shut off the mouse's functionality and nothing will respond, then will turn it back on. Fortunately I found my sources, but unfortunately those sources are outdated and they don't discuss further.

    Thus I ask for anyone who might know anything about troubleshooting this issue or could find a solution based off of the information I've gathered to help me fix this issue of mine.

    Also here's some other information I'll add that could be useful while looking for a solution as well as to avoid some confusion:

    - On my computer the function "Win + W" brings up a Windows 10 UI for "Windows Ink Workspace"

    - I don't use my laptop touchpad very frequently and honestly prefer a regular computer mouse.

    - My laptop has a "Fn" key which is used in combination of the "F1-F12" keys to perform different functions.

    If there is any information I can provide to help troubleshoot this, let me know.

    Link to Reddit Discussion

    Link to Republic of Gamers Discussion

    Link to Planet Minecraft Discussion

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    posted a message on Minecraft Survey!

    Cuz I got bored.

    If you finished the survey and are reading this after answering all the questions and didn't just skip to the bottom, I hope you enjoyed! :D

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    posted a message on 1.13 Summoning NBT Tagged Items with Custom Names and Lore

    I've been messing around with this for a map I'm working on in which I was able to find most of the information on my own, but I've gotten stumped here. I want to summon a rabbit's foot with the custom name "Enchanted Rabbit's Foot" as well as a custom lore of my choosing.

    This is what I've got:

    /summon item 14 65 -405 {Item:{id:"minecraft:rabbit_foot",Count:1b,tag:{display:{Name:"{\"text\":\"Enchanted Rabbit's Foot\"}"}}}}

    /summon item 14 65 -405 {Item:{id:"minecraft:rabbit_foot",Count:1b,tag:{display:{Lore:["Magical!"]}}}}

    I understand how to add both the name and lore; I just don't know how to combine the two.

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    posted a message on Issues with multiple data tags

    Thanks! That got me what I was looking for. However I also accidentally found a loophole that did the same thing but as well titled the block in the hotbar and not just when it was opened:

    /give @p light_gray_shulker_box{BlockEntityTag:{"Lock":"Unlock"},display:{Name:"{\"text\":\"Gate Key Insert Panel\"}"}}

    I placed a comma in between the two data entries I wanted to use and that separated them and made them into two separate entries without declining the tags.

    Still thanks a bunch!

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    posted a message on Execute command suggestion

    If you can't access the google link, here are the images as well.

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    posted a message on Execute command suggestion

    I just wanted to throw this out there because it came to mind while I was working on something.

    Remember how previously we had the testfor commands in which gave a yes or no based on results? Well a lot of the things I make with command blocks on a normal basis often would use those commands to send signals through command blocks. Like say I wanted to test for a button to be pressed to activate a door:

    /testforblock stone_button (powered state of the block)

    if true=

    /fill ~ ~ ~(door topleft corner) ~ ~ ~(door bottomright corner) air

    /testforblock wooden_button (powered state of the block)

    if true=

    /fill ~ ~ ~(door topleft corner) ~ ~ ~(door bottomright corner) quartz_block

    All I had to do before is slap a comparator against it and when someone pressed the button, the gate open and closed based on which button was pressed. Not much has changed since then as all I do now is just test for if its on or off and then commands will set redstone blocks to power the machines:

    /execute if stone_button[powered=true] run setblock ~ ~ ~(position of the command thread) redstone_block

    /execute if stone_button[powered=false] run setblock ~ ~ ~(again, the position of the command thread) air

    However I think we should just keep it as it was before because it just makes the commands take some more space instead of just having a single additional block connected to the whole thing. I know its a tiny detail to add, but I'm picky.

    Here is my idea:

    The easy solution is that the execute command is modified in which if the execute command is on a command block and has no run tag on it, the command just tests for the statement and thus only powers the block.


    This command block is testing for that lamp to be lit. When its lit and there's a run command on it, the comparator is not powered because the run command is the main focus.

    execute if such run such

    If the command has no run command and only is testing for the lamp, the main priority is if the lamp is lit thus releasing a redstone signal.

    execute if such

    So when the execute command is only running an if statement, the priority is "Do I need to tell him/her if the statement is true or false?". If the if statement is followed by a run command, the priority is for the if statement to power the run command. (Hopefully this makes sense)

    Now that would be the simple solution, but I've also got another idea. How about we introduce another execute command statement? Instead of if, lets use is!

    An if statement will be used when you want to run another statement in that execution while an is statement will be used when you just want to ask if this is true or false and then just give a signal that this is true or false.

    Ex: /execute if @e[type=creeper] at @s run summon lightning_bolt <--- This tests for creepers, identifies them as the selectors, then summons lightning onto them to make them charged creepers.

    Ex: /execute is @e[type=creeper] <--- This tests for creepers and then either provides in chat "Entity Creeper found" or provides a redstone signal on a command block.

    This could be further introduced with possibly a combination of the two functions with something like a "so" statement. An if statement allows another statement to be made in the same command without powering anything around it. An is statement will test for that one statement and then provides a redstone signal. A so statement does both in which you use an is statement to power something and then the so statement allows additional command statements.

    I know what I'm describing is very confusing but hopefully you understand my point. Maybe this is silly to add? Maybe its an interesting idea? Let me know!

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    posted a message on Help with the new commands, please!
    Quote from flanigomik»

    this may help you, it's a complete list of all the new commands and a brief description of what they do.


    Thanks! That explains a lot about the new command configurations, but what about data tags?

    /give @p <Item>{display:{name:["<Name of the item that the player sees."]}}

    /give @p <Chest/Hopper/Dispenser/Shulker Box> {BlockEntityTag:{Lock/Key:["<Key is the name of the item that follows for the previous cmd>"]}}

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    posted a message on Issues with multiple data tags

    I'm trying to create a key lock mechanism in a map I am making. Basically I want a light gray shulker box to be titled "Gate Key Insert Panel" and I also want it locked until the player has the key to use it.

    In theory, the final results should be the player being told "Gate Key Insert Panel is locked!" when trying to open it and they need a key to open it. The issue is that I don't know how I can combine the two data tag entries as one. The command keeps requiring I finish one or the other and not both.

    /give @p light_gray_shulker_box{BlockEntityTag:{"Lock":"Unlock"}} + {display:{Name:"{\"text\":\"Gate Key Insert Panel\"}"}}

    Any ideas?

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    posted a message on Help with the new commands, please!

    I understand the give command now with the new text entry system so thanks for explaining that.

    With the zombie thing, you read that incorrectly. I'm not wanting the zombies to die around the players, I'm wanting the game to test for a zombie kill scoreboard objective in which when players get a minimum amount of kills a particle will be executed.


    /execute if @e[type=player, scoremin:zombiekills=1] run @s (at selector) particle drippingLava ~ ~ ~

    Tests for a player with a minimum zombiekills score of 1, runs on that player the dripping lava particle effect.

    On the scoreboard identifications portion, I believe you got that correctly, just I myself could use some further elaboration how it works. I'm assuming the ".."s before, after, and between some of the variable scores are to say what you described?

    Again thanks for the help.

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    posted a message on Give me a book with all the information already inside it please.

    I did that...

    ...buuuut I didn't readjust some of the entries (amounts and nbt) to agree with the new system. So fault on my part.

    Regardless, thanks for the assistance.

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    posted a message on Give me a book with all the information already inside it please.

    I want to understand how to do this in 1.13:

    /give @p written_book 1 0 {pages:["{\"text\":\"This is a story.\"}","{\"text\":\"This is also a story.\"}"],title:"My book title",author:"This is the author",display:{Lore:["I like pie."]}}

    Mind elaborating?

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    posted a message on Commands are broken and dead in 1.13
    Quote from flanigomik»

    Well that is a bit over dramatic... I may not be a super heavy command user but I do switch game modes all the time and within a few hours that is already relearned. And I have actually picked up more commands and knowledge because the game is actively telling me what things do and what I am doing wrong. You say this will hurt new people but as a new person I don't have to look up lengthy tutorials and can teach myself the system, I don't see how this hurts me

    If it works for you, you do you. I just think that when someone is given the option to learn a command system and do things past the limits of the basic game, they might just do it. If the entire thing predicts all their movement, pops up lists of commands, and they are restricted to only single keywords and not more than one way to do it, they might just give up entirely seeing it as too complicated.

    I mean after learning it again, it hasn't bothered me much besides me having to continuously look up more tutorials because I need to know about data tag configurations for everything now. But nonetheless some people might be turned away.

    And yes I'm being VERY over dramatic.

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