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    Swashbuckler Incoming!!!!

    Orespawn Mantis Armor!

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    Among the zombies attacking, I found this perfectly normal camel in my lawn, any idea who does this little guy belong to?

    Edit: after beating waves after waves of these weird zombies, I found this weird thing they called "Plant Vs Zombies Skins Pack No.1 (Cone, Bucket, Flag, Egypt)", so I shortened its name, and uploaded it so I can share with everyone this treasure I found:
    Tap Me.

    Pack include:
    -Mummy, Pirate, Cowboy, Future, Peasant, Beach, Cave, Explorer (should have been named Adventurer, my bad), Neon cones and buckets.
    -Jurrasic "bucket" and "cone"
    -Mummy, Pirate, Cowboy, Future, Peasant, Beach, Cave, Explorer, Neon, Jurrasic flags.
    -all of Ancient Egypt Zombie's costumes and weapons, except Gargantuar (too big), Explorer Zombie (I feel like he doesn't fit here, so I will throw him to Lost City pack instead) and World Expansion Zombie (Pyramidhead, Torchlight, Rally), tombstone.
    -Bone for Tomb Raiser Zombie not included, please improvise with minecraft's bone.
    - Ra Mummy Staff availables in 2 versions, a sword one and a bow one that shoot red "sun"

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    Removing the tricycle sounds good, doesn't work.
    Now the zombies from Egypt are attacking my house

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    posted a message on [Add-on] [Forge10.13.1566 and up] Cubic Lucky Block 4.3 A. Armageddon . PLEASE read the first post everytime this is updated
    Have you ever want to see a Tower of Amethyst, Ruby, Uranium and Titanium fall from the sky? Bob the Decked Zombie's Family? Alosaurus and Nastysaurus popped out of a block? Fighting an army of Ghost Spiders and Faint Ghast? Or even better, an Army of Runescape Demons? Now you can with this modded lucky block (Lucky Block add-on for mods):

    Please remember this before complaining about empty lucky block:

    - Make sure you have all the mods mentioned below.

    -For primitive mobs mod, use the test version, linked below.

    -ALWAY MAKE CHECK IF YOU ARE USING THE LATEST VERSION OF EACH MOD (Check the latest version needed in "You will need some mods" Spoiler)!

    Recipe:(the block in the recipe is the old texture, new texture can be found below)

    -You will need some mod:

    Orespawn, Special Mobs v,3.2.2, Twilight Forest v2.3.7, Lycanite's mobs v1.13.0.5, primitive mobs v1.1 Beta test, Mutant Creatures v1.4.9, The Erebus v0.4.5, Elemental Witch v0.0.7, Headcrumbs v1.7.4, Gany's surface v1.12.7, Gany's nether v1.8.3,Gany's end v1.11.2, Et Futurum v1.5.5 ,Chocolate Quest v1.1d , Slime Carnage v1.0.5d And of course, Lucky Block from PlayerInDistress. Due to wildycraft mod not working with Forge from 10.13.1566 and up, I have to removed them. I will add more mod support later, right now just enjoy a bit of chocolate quest. What you may want to do is to disable Nether City Dungeon and Cave Dungeon in chocolate quest config.

    The Block:

    Added a lot of alt textures, 3 of them are old textures for those who need them.

    Drops can be found in those posts down there.

    Installation Instruction And Download:

    -Download Lucky Block mod (Duh.), Forge and this addon:

    http://www.mediafire.com/download/4z5o45cot1h7xv8/Cubic Lucky Block 4.3 Apocalyptic Armageddon.rar

    -Replace everything in the lucky block config with the config inside the .rar file.
    -Open Lucky Block file with Archiver, go to asset>lucky>textures>block, then drag lucky_block.png from .rar file into there, replacing the original texture (Optional)

    Credit to all the mod makers of the mods mentioned above, I only edit the lucky block config file to make it work with other mods.
    Also please read the first post and another notepad inside the archive.


    Thanks PopularMMOs for reviewing this mod

    Here is the link to the album containing some sneak peek of the block before you decided to use it. Warning, there are Way way way way way way way way more than just that.

    Separated parts:(Super Ultra Hyper Ultimate Omega Alpha Extremely Outdated, Why do you even bother looking at this??? Seriously stop. Just stop it, let your dream be dream)

    Main Config:http://pastebin.com/E2AgkWXa

    Now we have add-on for each mod so you can choose which to use, just put them at the bottom of your config:
    For Each Mods:


    Link to download version 4.3 if you want to support me: http://adf.ly/1cLxHo

    Please read this before complain:

    -Remember, install the LATEST version is recommended. Some drops like Lucky Rock only work when you have the right version of the mod.

    - I am not responsible for the crash those mods mentioned of there caused, look at the crash report, see which mod caused it, report it to the mod creator with a crash report put in spoiler.
    -Here is what you need to do to fix the crash: Go to wildycraft config, Change Entity ID Offset to something higher, like 500 for example.

    -If my not so Native English is too hard to understand for you, just install it like how you do with other Lucky Block Add-ons.

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    posted a message on Et Futurum - Brings the future to now!

    Not sure why you can't use the sigil. I can use it even without disabling 1.8 enchant. Maybe your did something wrong? Did you actually wait for midnight? DId you sacrifice anything for the sigil? Did you set it on grass blocks?

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    posted a message on Chocolate quest. Mods for the adventurers

    ^ What part of "Chocolatin uses the forum very infrequently" do you not understand?

    Eh.... you know what, let's just leave him alone waiting for chocolatin.

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    posted a message on Inventory Pets: Animated creatures that live in your inventory and give you amazing special abilities

    Ok. We've declared war on OreSpawn.

    - Turns out OreSpawn bosses were sometimes just bypass damaging players and just killing players outright (tricky!), bypassing Slime Pet's life save powers. Not OK.

    - The Enderman Pet auto-teleport had similar issues.

    - Also, OreSpawn bosses were messing with Knockback modifiers. The Juggernaut Pet will fix that.

    - Finally, magical Duct Tape will no longer work to repair Pets.

    We may throw one or two more secret things in there, you know, for a little payback. The Pets are definitely on edge!

    I love how mods started to shielding against Orespawn's cheaty features right after the Orespawn updated to, for now, its last version.
    No hate though, I understand the balancing is needed :3
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    posted a message on Gany's Surface - Miscellaneous overworld themed additions!
    Quote from Murlockingqc»

    Cool thanks for the quick reply!

    I was wondering, would It be possible in a future update to include a config to disable the Sugar Blocks, I have not tested it yet but I would assume they conflict with the CandyCraft mod because the requirement for the portal frames are Sugar Blocks which are made the same way you do it.

    I could always use MineTweaker and get around it but a simple edit in the config is so much easier ;)

    I really like it so far :)

    Another question, how does the Coarse Dirts gen works? Is it randomly replacing grass blocks or they are specific to a certain biomes type ?
    I've not tested the mod enough to notice it, especially because I loaded the mod in a already existing world to test compatibility issues and I found a Mega Taiga with Podzol, a block I never seen in Minecraft before, I thought it was added by this mod when I found it :D

    Use this mod's work tables, place sugar in the crafting grid, then press the button to look for the candycraft mod's sugar block.
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    posted a message on Lycanites Mobs - Strange and Deadly Creatures!
    Quote from Stormalisk»

    So I spawned in the boss to see him and noticed he is pushed around by everything, this made dealing with him pretty difficult. I think belphs should perhaps spawn abit closer too. I wonder if it is possible to make mutiple hit boxes for a mob? If so it would be cool to have to attack his legs instead of the air under him.

    Also, is there a guide on the altars and their appearance? As well as what the demon soul cube does?

    Liking the decor blocks and new item images.

    I am pretty sure you can shoot arrows at his knees. Also, On Lycanite's website, the events page now includes altars.
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