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    I know that... I meant more of a hacky manual version. lol

    more of a, since we can add custom blocks (soon apparently, thought it was in already in since they talked about it being part of the addon functionality), wouldn't it be possible to add a few extra retexture positional blocks with proper textures to use corner,side,center textures and place them manually?

    edit: I really don't like the tc block kaleidoscope textures...will probably do this and expand on other blocks to add corner bits and stuff.

    edit: something like this. taken in current snapshot.

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    I don't know if it will help you, but what has inspired me lately is watching youtubers like AndyisYoda and Grian. Especially Grian for building tips and ideas.

    edit: also, upside down stairs are your best friend. experiment with them.

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    nice find!
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    This whole "It's my first and i don't know what I'm doing" excuse is older than diamonds. The screens you have posted don't look like anything. I know I sound mean... but I've seen so many of these threads that are just trolls. (and I don't have Alvoria's sunny disposition ;) )

    I just created this in 2 layers and 4 steps. set grid, rectangle select, bucket fill, bevel filter. Done. It took me 2 minutes and it doesn't need a sign to say what it is.

    The pack in my sig was me learning how to use gimp, with no prior knowledge of how to make textures other than making stock images tile. It was a lot of trial and error and a year of learning all I could from the other artists on this forum and google. Honestly 2/3 of my textures started with a grid, rectangle select and bucket fill. (then a crapton of filters) I guess what I'm getting at is with a little effort and experimentation you too can do a much better job.

    And a real tip to get you started, Don't put borders on your textures. Make a template that is 3X3 and copy/paste your texture into each of the squares so you can edit the middle one to tile. example: since my texture is 32x I set my grid to 32X32 and made my image 96X96.

    The texture i created doesn't tile well. It needs to be cleaned up where the sides meet each other so it's seamless. Once it's good, you just copy the one from the middle square and save it as done. I also used paint.net starting out, but I would suggest switching to Gimp and starting with it. Since you are just starting out, it saves you having to relearn on a different program. I say gimp because the ui and tool set are much more user friendly imo. (and made to be as close to photoshop as possible)

    edit: also, the zoom is your best friend when working on textures.
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    start with water at the bottom, not air.

    edit: you did it right...you just have the order wrong. starting at bottom. water/sign/water/sign/water/etc. if you have the gap at the bottom, they drown in the water that is on their head.
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    Quote from Mustang83»
    To make it short, Minecraft will still be on PlayStation, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Raspberry PI and Minecraft for the PC will still have mod support and will still be using Java. Even though Microsoft owns Mojang now, Mojang is still the developer for Minecraft and Minecraft won't have a change in developers.

    you are assuming they (Mojang) retain full creative control. you are also assuming Microsoft will not replace/change the dev team at Mojang (which they need to do).
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    Quote from Sedridor»
    I hope there will never be a Minecraft 2, because that would mean the end of the Java version of Minecraft, and modding would go with it.

    But there's one thing they should do, they should crack down on all those who hide their mods behidn adf.ly links and should forbid the usage of such shady ad linking sites.

    because getting paid pocket change for making you wait five seconds before downloading something we put hours/months/years of our free time into is too much to ask of you. don't like it, don't click our links. don't wanna support our work, don't use our mods. we don't need your ungrateful pennies.
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    @Kahr: thanks for trying to stick with it bud. you have been a driving force in minecraft since you took over this project oh so long ago. I am honestly amazed that you are still trying this hard. I still remember the early days when I would come to you with "is it possible to do this" questions, and you replying with " no, but I have an idea" and seeing it possible in the next update. (or nudging Misa to ask you...lol) it would be a shame to see this come to an end... I can only hope that if you do walk away from it out of frustration that the community raises a bigger stink about it than Doku's war against mixpacks.

    edit: I'm also with eleazzaar & XSSheep on this one. A smaller feature package over a full update may be the best way to go. With all the changes to what we can accomplish in vanilla maybe it's time to take a step back from ctm to give yourself more time to fiddle with it and see what actually needs to be implemented in the patcher as a full feature, and what can just be made to work with the ability to add some of it's functionality with the custom models.
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    nice work on the 3d models so far... the round trees... mind = blown...
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    you can start with learning some manners.

    edit: and after looking at what you are claiming is your pack. it is not. you can't just post default textures in different spots and claim it as your own.

    so after learning manners, the next step is to actually make a pack to post here.
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