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Oh, hello there. Welcome to my profile, or should I say, THE END OF YOUR TIME? Yep. You knew this was coming. Don't look at me! Blame Curse, or Citricsquid! Anyways.... How is life? Mine is good. Oh, wait, this an about me page. I guess I will write some stuff down.

1. I am an evil mastermind.
2. My username sucks, I know.
3. You are not my friend. (Well, unless you are on my friends list... then that's a different story).
4. I probably hate you.
5. My Youtube channel is pointless.
6. Um... stuff?
7. That awkward monent when you kinda read this wrong. (Or... not. Some people bypass that trickery. If so, you are Divergent and I suggest you get out now before they find you. It's only a matter of time).
8. You can PM me if you need to contact me. I only give my email and stuff to people I am familiar with. (<--- that there is true).
Nine. I am not always continuous with things, so if I do something wrong then blame my brain.
10. I am the biggest fan of AntVenom. Ever.

Well, I guess I will write more stuff down...

Servers I play on... usually
1. Mineplex:
2. Mcmagic: mcmagic,us
3. Hypickle: (I usually play Mega Walls)
4. The Hive:
5. AntVenom Network:

So yeah. That pretty much completes this page... right? I don't know. Well, I guess I will get going. See ya. Bye. Ciao. Later. After a while. Ehm... Good-Bye? Why have you not stopped reading yet? Come on, man. Please? Okay, bye. Good luck on that exam tomorrow (unless you don't have school).
Interests Hmm. Well... I like Minecraft.

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Minecraft xXTheWICKEDXx Xbox I have an X on a box? PSN PSN.