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    posted a message on What's wrong with people and Noobs?

    Welcome to the internet. Where you can be rude and not stand in front of the person your being rude to.

    You forget after a wile the little things in any game that at first were difficult. So when you see a new player doing the same wrong things because they are learning as well, you poke fun. Some people poke fun because they are admitting that they were their once as well, and it's an attempt to co-misserate. Other are just rude, small minded jerks.

    The trick is to never let it bother you, and learn what ever tasks you need to for you to become competent. Video games and real life. Someone is always gonna be the "New guy". And when your not the new guy, your job is to help the new guy. Because it will lessen the annoyance of everyone. Too many people forget that.

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    posted a message on Zombies can sprint now?

    Reproduce the experiment and see what happens.

    To my knowledge they were not altered. Sounds fun though.

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    posted a message on Markus Persson's Sad Becuse He Sold Minecraft.

    Only thing he is guilty of is talking about it in public. Poor guy has apparently never known people. People are evil and will build you up, only to tear you down.

    Few of us would do much better in his place.

    Though with that kinda money I would have bought an island and cut all ties with the world never to be seen again.

    That would have bought me a lot of happiness.

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    posted a message on AMD and Minecraft

    .I have an R9...

    AMD A10 CPU, with an R9 GPU

    1. Get good FPS in general till.

    2. look at a row of item frames..

    I go from 200+ FPS to 20 FPS, and life sucks!

    Yes I do use Optifine

    No I don't run shades.

    It's fine if you don't look at dozens of item frames at once. Any other time the game runs smooth.

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    posted a message on Does minecraft run faster with a better gpu or cpu??? Someone help me out with the myth

    Minecraft hates Intel GPU's, so if you don't get a dedicated GPU your gonna hate life.

    I have an AMD A10 and Radeon R9 GPU. Works ok, but too many entities will kill my FPS.

    A quad core i5 and decent video card should do for now. I would say an intel CPU over AMD's because they seem to work better.

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    posted a message on New minecraft render engine causing lag

    About right for those specs.

    Game really hates intel HD graphics.

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    posted a message on What do you do when you make a server crash?

    Forgetting to add the size variable to World Edit. For some reason some of the default areas are 255 blocks radius.

    Second biggest crash is copy/paste'ing an object that is too large.

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    posted a message on I'm new to Minecaft.

    Etho is a pretty good source for the game. You can start watching about Episode 100. That is about the time Minecraft hit the the beta 1.8 update and became pretty much the minecraft we have now. Their have been a lot of new things sense then, but the game behaves pretty much the same.


    He also does not scream or lower your IQ by simply watching.



    Not 100% accurate but it works.

    "googling" just about anything into google will turn up results. I can type "mob farm" into google and it will bring me all types of minecraft mob farms, redstone contraptions, or just simple game mechanics.

    Other than that. My personal advice.

    Don't dig straight up or down.

    Working under water is a pain.

    A wall 3 blocks high with a block overhang will stop a lot of mobs from finding you if your on the other side.

    Light up EVERTHING at first.

    The armless green things.......not your friend.

    shelter #1 priority. Even if shelter is hole in ground with grass roof and a torch.

    punch a crap ton of trees on day one, oak preferably, get the apples. Replant the trees ASAP.

    mow the lawn, plant the seeds nearby your shelter, day one if possible. It takes forever for wheat to grow, but once you fill in a small area for farming you'll have more food than you need.

    Make bed, No more nighttime.

    speaking of shelter and home base. Everything looks alike after a while. So hit F3 and jot down the X,Y,Z of your home. Trust me, eventually you'll be standing their looking at some block hill going "Where the hell am I?"

    And lastly...Build stuff. Don't matter if it looks good, is square, lines up, what ever. My fist structures were crap. Floors to low, building was not big enough, no room for redstone. They sucked. However I learned more from that than I have on anything else.

    Also when you do google something about this game. Don't freek out when you see what some else built. We've been at this for a while. So the builds you see are freeken epic. You'll get there. Eventually....someday....

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    posted a message on Why is Mojang working on so many bug fixes rather than working on 1.9?

    Because it's the content peoples turn to complain about Minecraft.

    "How dare they fix bugs we need new shinny things to play with! Waaaaaa"

    Then they will drop 1.9 and we'll get all the bug fixers crying...

    "Waaaaa, this shinny new thing is broken and does not match with the rest of the shinny new things! Waaaaaaa"

    And now you have hard from the people who whinne about the whinning!

    And the complaints have come full circle. :D

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    posted a message on Gamerules not working

    I found, much to my pain, that they are case sensitive. Meaning that if you look up a command and they have a capital letter. You have to make sure it is a capital letter.

    They are a pain in the butt to get working. Once I figure one out I turn it into a command block and hook up a button. That way I never have to type the stupid thing again.

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    posted a message on Alternatives to Bukkit?
    Quote from aNaturalCause»

    Since you cannot get Bukkit anymore, I was curious to know what people are using now for their modded servers?

    Are people still using older versions of Bukkit and Minecraft? or has people moved to other modded software like Spigot?

    What are the advantages / disadvantages? Looking to start another server and need some help deciding.

    Spigot has kept the bukkit format alive. http://www.spigotmc.org/

    Sponge Promices a lot but is not yet ready for prime time. https://www.spongepowered.org/

    The sponge looks interesting because they are trying to merge MP and Mods.

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    posted a message on Question...

    So does the water temple. Once you remove the locals, and water, and stuff.

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    posted a message on Does music help you build better?

    I require some form of "Noise" going when I'm working on stuff. Don't think it helps, but listening to the ringing in my ears and the buzzing of all the electronics around is just as bad.

    Music has inspired me a great deal though. Some of the creative things, writing and what not, is for sure the byproduct of what ever idea I got wile jamming to something.

    I get my best idea for the Minecraft when I'm waking up for the day. Fresh reboot of the processor and all. If I can, I fire up the test lab, some metal and away I go. I've puzzled out a lot of Red Stone that way.

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    posted a message on is chicken underground normal?

    Chickens are one block tall as well, so they get everywhere and glitch through anything.

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    posted a message on 1.8 SUCKS

    Only lagg I get is when I'm in the center of my storage room surrounded by 300 item frames.

    Then we go from 200+ down to 20. However this is not new to 1.8 it would seem.

    I've also just built a $1,000 computer for a friend. Damm thing gets 100+ FPS in that same room. Suggest you build better computers for a grand.

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