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    Sorry guys. No update this week. Been focused on some other work for the time being. We'll see about next week. though.

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    Quote from Cubies»

    Would you ever consider making custom textures for donations?

    I did a while ago try to think up ways I could incentivise donations with rewards of some sort. I wondered if I could do a monthly piece of fan-art or make early access to unfinished mod support. I've seen other people do things like keep 3D texture support only for patreon donators but I don't like the idea of only donators having access to what could be considered the completed texture pack. By offering 3D texture support for paying people it makes the free version feel incomplete.

    But honestly I didn't know what people would want and in the end I decided that the work involved in making rewards for donation wouldn't be worth the increased return I'd get.

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    Another small update unfortunately but at least tools and saplings are completed now.
    Quote from Zeekers48»

    I donated a dollar. I know it isn't much but I love this pack sooo much. Keep up the great work

    ──────────░░░───░█▓▓▓▓▓▓█░▇▆▅▄▃▂ ...

    Ahhh thanks so much. You're awesome. :)
    Quote from MagnanimousOK»

    In the changelog, do you mean to say 'Added Wood Axe' instead of 'Added Stone Axe' ?

    Ah oops. Yea I imagine they'll be a few typos kicking around. I'm good at typos.
    Quote from Cubies»

    I'm sorry to be that guy surrounded by the pros, but how exactly do you take screenshots of the blocks like that? They look so professional.

    Quote from Spec_oups»

    I believe he takes the textures into Photoshop, resizes them and tilts them. It's pretty easy to do once you have the right proportions in mind to apply the percentages of distortion on each side, but I have to say he really manages to make it as clean as it can be.

    And indeed the saplings are just beautiful !

    Spec_oups has got it right Cubies. All just done in photoshop by tilting the texture. This is how I briefly explained it to someone else who asked...

    "Ah that's all done in photoshop starting off with the 2D texture. I copy and paste the texture 3 times for all the visable sides. Then I stretch and position them all so I have block. Then I do a quick lighting and shadow pass over it so that it doesn't look flat and sad."

    More specifically. I shrink the width of the two side textures to 75% of their original width then change the vertical tilt of each by 25 degrees. That gives me the two sides so just simply place them next to one another. For the top texture I rotate it 45 degrees and change the height to 50% the original height and adjust the width to 107% original width. Then place that above the other two side textures and voila. The lighting pass is a little more complex but is basically just some shadowing at the base, making one of the side textures darker then the other one and make the top texture a little lighter.
    Quote from SkelePunk»

    If you ever need help with 3d models I would be glad be of assistance. Love the wooden axe by the way.

    Thanks. I'm looking to get some doors done next and I'll need to do them in 3D so I'll have a shot but if I can't get it working I'll be sure to ask. :)

    This Resource Pack works on mc 1.7.10? If it is, i will be using with my modpack ;)

    It should work, yes.

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    Sadly a small update this week. What you see above is pretty much it. Gravel has also been made a little darker and more saturated. There is a new add-on pack however. This one makes all the plank textures the same as the oak plank texture but with different colours. At the moment I consider this add-on as essential because like ShadowTitan pointed out the other planks don't quite gel together just yet.

    Hopefully next week will contain a bit more. Enjoy.

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    Awesome feedback guys! Thanks so much and thank you to all those that did the survey. You've been a huge help and now we've got more than enough to move on with the assignment. :)

    Melon and quartz are beautiful...

    I'm very glad that you are taking your time with the textures and continuously improving them. This is turning out to be a marvelous resource pack, and I can't wait until it's finished :D

    Gui looks great as well, and if you add lines between items, I suggest a light whitish brown line that's very slightly diamond shaped, just to curve at the end, really, and doesn't quit touch the edges.

    Thanks, I'll give that a shot. It might take me a little bit until I get that hotbar thing quite right. Nothing I try it sitting with me quite right and I wont move onto the other GUI's until I get it right.

    Going to add my opinion on what I think could be improved, though this may not be the majority opinion.

    • Shovels- They're held like spears. I'm guessing it's so it looks like your actually digging down, which is nice, but I think it sticks out quite a bit. Default: http://prntscr.com/82tehs Texture pack: http://prntscr.com/82teck
    • Furnaces and dispensers- I simply think these really need reworking. They just don't look quite right, especially with the rest of the pack :/ The biggest problem for me is the top and bottom, for the sides are quite nice.
    • Wood- I love the oak plank texture, and personally think wood look better if all planks looked like them with their given color. I do, however, like spruce. Perhaps its just because all the other planks don't really blend well together. If anything needs a little bit more diversity, it may be the ores.
    • Trapdoor- You really need to add holes of some kind to this so you can see through it.

    Other than that amazing pack so far.

    • Shovels - I'm inclined to agree with you on this. For memory I went this direction because all the other texture packs seem to be doing it and felt like they might know something I didn't.
    • Furnace - I'll have another look at these when I can. I think I quite like the top and bottom but I'll have a play.
    • Wood - I really like this idea and I think it would be perfect for another addon. I've actually got it all put together already but I won't upload it till the end of the week update. I agree many of the current ones don't mix well but I think I'll keep persisting on them until they fit. I like the whole idea of keeping them unique, for now at least.
    • Trapdoor - Currently I'm in favour of the windowless trapdoor. It doesn't make sense to me that you could (in real life) put your foot through a trapdoor. Seems it goes against the very design of a trapdoor. I also prefer it visually. Sorry. :(
    Quote from Spec_oups»

    Updated support banners :

    Some feedback concerning wood :

    I personally like the planks, but some of these need to be worked on, especially the acacia planks. I think the oak, jungle, birch and dark oak planks are perfect the way they are. Spruce planks also are ok ; it may need some tweaks but it's fine.

    The logs all have excellent concept, but I really think oak and dark oak logs should be reworked, they really lack contrast and depth, while their colors feel unnatural and weird in an untouched landscape. The birch and spruce logs are perfect, real pieces of art. The jungle logs are like spruce planks, they're fine and their concept is good, but they need some refinement.

    Oh I really really like these! Matching the image with the left hand side texture is a really cool design idea. Plus you've turned it into a series as well, ah so cool. Thanks so much. I'll add them to the page. I also agree in reference to the logs. They need to be revisited, save for the birch. I'm really happy with that one.

    Quote from BuffaloMoon»


    It is suitably delicious looking. :)

    Thanks again so much for the feedback and the survey stuff. You guys rock.

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    New update up, just melon and quartz. Had a shot at outlining the hotbar for the chest but I'm a bit meh about it. Let me know your thoughts.

    Also, I've got a uni assignment at the moment where we need to survey people who have used the steam app for android phones. So I've put a link to a quick and easy online survey in the OP as well as above (click the image). If you could help me out by completing one it would be very appreciated. Hell, if you've never used the app before give it a shot anyway, we just need some filled out surveys to work with.

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    Awesome! Thanks for the feedback.

    I will be doing a mix of stone and wood for things like the furnace and dispensers and such. Wood for the inventory part of the GUI and stone for the furnace action part of the GUI. I'll also go back and try to improve the hot-bar part of it as well.

    And yea like dragontamer said, the orange ball icon is a amber from thaumcraft. Before taking the screenshot I quickly threw everything thaumcraft related in my inventory on the ground but apparently I missed one. :P

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    Not an overly impressive update this week unfortunately. Spent most of this week working out a GUI style which you can see above for the chest screen. I think I'm happy with this style but I'm interested in hear what people think before I move on to adapt it for the other GUI screens. Not much else to report. Enjoy. :)

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    Alrighty. Laptop is back and working again. Unfortunately it took nearly a week to get repaired. Since I own no other computer to work on the update this week we'll have to go without sadly breaking my 6 month streak of weekly updates. But life goes on so next week will continue as normal.
    Quote from 3221randomguy»

    i love the resourcepack

    but farming is kinda confusing now because its not really easy to tell the difference between fully grown and nearly done growing wheat.

    Thanks for letting me know. I'll have another look at it.

    Quote from HerrFawkes»

    Diamond sword looks fine in the new update. Thanks!

    Thank you for confirming. :)

    Quote from Volimance»

    I just wanted to say that recently I was wandering around a build I'd made before I started using this texture pack and I noticed that the clays are really gorgeous! They are the best clays I've seen anywhere (and I'm a guy who tries out texture packages two or three times a day). The softness and richness of the color and texture of the clays is really superb!

    I'm so glad you think so. :D That certainly means a lot to me considering your no doubt large list of texture packs you've looked at.

    Quote from BuffaloMoon»

    I finally played with the new version last night and OH MY GOD the Netherbrick is GORGEOUS! You can watch me drool over it in the first ten minutes of the stream VoD:

    Absolutely stunning. This resourcepack is the official pack of my stream.

    I will be taking a picture of my Netherbrick fortress so people can see soon! ^.^

    Ah, fantastic. I can tick that off then. :)

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    Ugh. Ignore whatever the original post says. This week update is indeed uploaded and the link in the original post will still take you to the correct download. My computer has died/dying and for some reason I can't edit the original post. Dunno what's going on but I get half functionally with a lot of programs at the moment and constant random shut downs. My laptop is buggered. I couldn't even test this weeks update in game to check if everything was there and I very nearly gave up trying to simply upload it for you guys. But it's here. Use this link if you feel like the contradicting information in the original post is too unsettling for you.

    But yea, so in all likelihood I will not be able to do an update for next week until this gets fixed. Sad face :(

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    Quote from J_from_Holland»

    Again really great, Grog!

    I thinkt the birch planks look too much like they're made of stone. In my WIP pack Odin (which is temporarily discontinued, I'll continue working on it once) the acacia planks (orange) have the same idea as your birch planks.

    (this is a very old WIP image)

    Acacia planks are on the floor.

    Or aren't the birch wood planks the things between book shelves and nether brick?

    Oh nice. Thanks for the feedback. Alright I'll have a bit more of a play. What I might also do is make the sides of the planks a different texture as I see this pattern working best as a floor texture and not so much for a wall.

    Quote from MidnightXS999»

    This is definitely my favorite texture pack, it's just fantastic! Definitely feels like it adds more life to the game, and I look forward to it's eventual completion.

    Although there is one thing that bothers me slightly: The fact that the top of sandstone is complete but the sides aren't. Considering it's one of my favorite blocks I can't wait for the update that finishes Sandstone. As for the current update, I think it's great! While I enjoyed the design of the old Nether Brick, I thought it was odd that it was Orange. Now it's a much better color and the new design is pretty nice, as well. I'm also quite happy that you changed up the Birch planks a little to add more diversity. Definitely better than basically having multiple different colors of the same wood which is what planks are, for the most part.

    Yea I've been putting off sandstone. I'm not too sure what the best way to do the sides. It seems that you could either go for very brick like texture which is good for builds but doesn't look very normal when found naturally in the environment. Or you could go for something that is more appropriate to being found in environment but you loose the nice brick look.

    Quote from HerrFawkes»

    I downloaded and noticed that the diamond sword has a missing pixel. The rest of the pack is lovely.

    Ah bugger, I had hoped I fixed it a week ago. Are you using the latest update? I can't seem to find where their would be a missing pixel is on it. Any chance you could put a screenshot up?

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    Boom. Week over. Buffalomoon, tell me what you think of these nether bricks. Wool also has been improved. It no longer clashes with everything and its much softer. The cyan/light blue colour for it has also been fixed. Bookcase got improved. I'm still not happy with it, specifically the books don't look right. I really want to nail this one because I love making libraries so I'm sure I'll revisit it again at some stage.

    The one change that I'm not sure about is the new birch planks. Birch and oak were the only two planks that weren't unique and even though I actually quite liked what they used to be I decided to try make it different. But I don't know if people will like this kind of thing or if they'd prefer more traditional planks rather than this patterny thing. So I'm curious for opinions on that one. If people think it's crap I'll change it back.

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    Quote from BuffaloMoon»

    Dang! Look at those books! Those are fancy! Maybe you will consider making ink sacs look like an ink well and quill?

    A few suggestions:

    • Emerald and diamond ore look very, very similar. I think the shape of diamond ore should be changed. Maybe add a sparkle animation to it too?
    • Also, just wanted to say again that Netherbrick is too brown and looks like dirt. I've included a picture of a fortress I'm working on to display this.

    Oh that's so cool. Love the enderman face there. Yea I remember you saying that earlier I just keep getting distracted. I've begun reworking the nether brick texture for this week. It'll look more along the lines of vanilla minecraft's nether brick texture both in style and colour. For the ink sack, I don't think I'd do ink well and quill. I'd prefer to be more inline with what vanilla minecraft intended.

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    Got distracted working on the ore blocks again. Man I find it so tough to make good ore blocks but I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of it, slowly. This will not be my last iteration of the ore blocks by any means but it's still better then what it was. I'm especially happy with the diamond block.

    For some reason the low contrast with this texture pack really throws me out when trying to make the ore look natural and sits like it belongs on the stone background. Other then that there's new some book and paper textures as seen above, very happy with those and also hopefully I have fixed that missing pixel bug thing on all the items that the_mighty_atom brought up. Let me know if it persists.

    Sorry there hasn't been much in the way of 'new' block textures as of late. I know that stuff is probably more interesting for you guys in updates but I've been very much in the refine-what-already-exists frame of mind. And with this project I tend to just focus on whatever my mind most feels like on the day rather then trying to do work that I would have to force. So right now I can't really tell you that I'll get back to more block textures next week but we'll see what happens.


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    Quote from Meronda»

    Awesome update - will try to donate a tad more again in July! Thanks so much for your hard work and sharing it - makes playing MC that much more pleasant - by far my fav texture pack to date. :)

    Thanks so much for your support! :) It really means a lot to me. I never expect it and and as such I consider it very special when it does happen but please don't feel pressured or obligated to do it. Unless it's an amount that you wouldn't miss I'd rather you or others held onto it.

    Quote from SkelePunk»

    Here's some more photos, this is just with a few mods installed


    Awwww yea. Love the forests. What terrain generation mod is that?

    Quote from EaglePug»

    When will this be completed?

    Oh dear. No idea. Aaaaaages away. Ask me again in another 6 months. :P

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