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    posted a message on Added Grum?
    Grum is the red "elmo" character that has been appearing in snapshot screenshots :P
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    posted a message on What if EA bought Mojang?
    I would never play Minecraft again. Paid updates and paid items and paid everything! Pay to host a server too no doubt >_>
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    posted a message on Most Useless Thing In Minecraft?
    Nearly every week this seems to be asked in another thread... why... why do you guys keep making these D:
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    posted a message on Are Online Daters a problem in Minecraft?
    For RawrTara (nice name and avatar by the way)

    Anyway :P

    I remember someone making a thread about this kind of stuff. And one person posted that his gf broke up with him because he didn't give her a single diamond or something. It's like.. such stupid drama for nothing lol.

    I've also heard a story about irl daters having all these drama's because they bring their relationship into Minecraft as well.
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    posted a message on Iron and Diamond swords and armours
    Quote from SharkShabab

    Was it your intention to make the OP painful and nearly impossible to read?

    I think so =\
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    posted a message on minecraft server NEED STAFF
    Please check before your post. This is in the wrong section. This needs to go here http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum/158-looking-for/

    Also please familiarize yourself with the forum rules here http://rules.mcf.li/
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    posted a message on REALLY COOL SERVERS!
    Oh no. Lets see lol.. This is in the wrong section. There is a section designed for people to make their own threads to advertise their server which can be found here http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum/197-pc-servers/

    It would appear you have not read the rules either. So I suggest going here http://rules.mcf.li/ This will aid you greatly in not getting into trouble.

    Take care now
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    posted a message on Does Mojang need to implement a new style of sprinting
    Personally I don't see why it's such a big deal to have to double tap and hold to sprint.. It's not complicated and it's certainly not impossible to do either :P

    If people are complaining because they can't press fast enough, then maybe an option with a slider to change the delay needed to double tap to sprint perhaps. But if it's just because people don't like double tapping.. I really don't see why it's an issue. But maybe Mojang can add a control option to assign a key to sprint I suppose.
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    posted a message on Is this new PC an upgrade or downgrade?
    - intel® Pentium® G2020 processor @ 2.9ghz (dual core) (3mb cache)
    This is better

    - Windows 8
    Personally find it to be more of a horrible OS compared to Windows 7. But some prefer Windows 8

    -4GB Ram
    Most likely a better and faster version

    - HD Graphics Support
    It's hard to tell since it doesn't list the exact specs. Most likely it's a bit better (going by your old pc being slower, Im presuming the radeon graphics are considered slow)

    - 1 TB HDD
    It's pretty good. So yeah
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    posted a message on Minecraft pc VS Xbox and I.o.s
    Xbox came after pc as Saliq said. The PC version is by far the best due to it's content and updates. Where as Xbox, iOS and other platforms are still missing plenty of content, and if I remember correctly, may not get every single thing thats on the pc version. (Could be wrong on that last part though. Don't take my word for it)

    Plus I find playing Minecraft on PC a lot easier than on iOS and while I haven't played on Xbox, I know I find it easier to play on PC.
    Though content is the strongest point and why the PC version is better than any other platform version.
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