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    Wasaa guys, Grim here, i'm tryna start up an RPG server. I already have all the plugins needed to begin the server. The only thing holding me back is the overload of things that need to be done. Between setting up plugins, maps, and game-play, it's kind of hard to get this fully set up in any reasonable amount of time. So with that I'm presenting you guys an awesome opportunity. I'm basically looking for administrators. I need people that can either effectively use the server building tools provided, or have an eager focused will to learn the material and improve. Other than that, we just gon' be chillin n makin ****
    eventually we'll have an rpg to play, level up our ****, stock up supplies, and fight something for some dope loot.
    Let us know if you're interested in helping us start up !

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    Hi, welcome to Augmented Gaming!

    Augmented Gaming is a fresh server in which we do our best to be as minimalistic as possible, by this i mean we try to keep it as close to vanilla as possible while still keeping a safe environment ( protection from pointless griefing). The server is hosted on BeastNode so it is very stable and has a very good uptime. Though we try to keep the server as close to vanilla as we can we still allow some tp commands and a few other commands we think are essential to enjoying the game to the fullest. Our staff is very mature and we hope to keep the community that way. The economy of the server is mostly player based aside from a few items being able to be sold to the server for basic income. As the name suggests this server is running the Amplified map mode. As of now we are not looking for new staff. We feature a very interactive spawn,(ie: hidden minigames such as parkour courses) just in case you get bored. That just about sums up the server! I hope to see you on and enjoying your stay!

    • The server is whitelisted.
    • In order to get whitelisted you must apply on the website.
    • Website URL: http://augmentedgaming.org/
    • We have staff active 100% of the time and do not need any more staff members.
    Server ip: mc.AugmentedGaming.org
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