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    posted a message on Mineshell - Simplifies Minecraft maintenance tasks
    Just released version 11. The grab-prerelease command will attempt to download the current week's prerelease. It may not function 100% perfectly. Feedback is very welcome. You should really only use it on the Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after a prerelease comes out. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday it might try to download a prerelease that isn't out yet.

    I've also turned back on output for all uses of wget.
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    posted a message on Mineshell - Simplifies Minecraft maintenance tasks
    I just released version 10. update-lwjgl now gives you lwjgl 2.8.3 because that is the latest version that works with Minecraft.

    I also made it so that you don't lose stats, servers.dat, lastlogin, and options.txt when switching stashes; something I had not done completely properly in the last update.
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    posted a message on Mineshell - Simplifies Minecraft maintenance tasks
    I've just uploaded version 9.

    This adds screenshots, stats, servers.dat, lastlogin, and options.txt to the exclusion file. These files transcend individual states just like saves and texture packs.

    To take advantage of this you will need to

    rm ~/.local/share/mineshell/preferences/exclude.txt

    Then open Mineshell and rerun the "install" command. Future states will be much smaller now. Especially if you take a lot of screenshots.
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    posted a message on Snow Golems in action
    This video was just a quick thing I did to show snow golems versus mobs. It also shows how to craft them and shows them dying.
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    posted a message on snow golems in action (video!)
    Here they are folks; enjoy!
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Clay Soldiers Classic
    I love it. Little army men to go with my infinite sandbox! It seems so obvious now, but this is just what we've been missing.
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    posted a message on Enderman Is Sabotage!
    - Darth Enderman

    Your house is getting worse all the time.
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    posted a message on Simple, stable, 1-clock.
    So the piston clocks can go to 1 in multiplayer (supposedly), but only 2 in single player. I figured we could OR together two alternating piston 2-clocks to get a 1-clock. Screenshot below.

    It can go anywhere from 1 to 16 ticks. It can be flipped on and off with the lever, and it will stay on between saving and loading.

    I hope it's helpful, but if not, whatever.

    I'd appreciate links to better designs if there are any. I checked the wiki and didn't see one. That's what made me think this might be worth sharing.

    The really big advantage over a pure-repeater 1-clock is that it survives world reloads because there's always at least one repeater that's off.

    Also no slimes required, so you can build this early on in a fully legitimate game (meaning no mods or cheats).
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    posted a message on Mineshell - Simplifies Minecraft maintenance tasks
    Okay I just put out an update.

    Now the play-offline command might be a little controversial. It could allow pirates to set their username when playing multiplayer. However, minecraft already has infrastructure to combat this. There is the online-mode server setting namely. So the only servers this will work on are servers that expressly allow it.

    For example if you want to host a minecraft server on your home lan and your internet connection is out. Or if you're sharing your minecraft copy with young siblings and want to play multiplayer with them on lan.

    Also sometimes doesn't fully crash. It just gets really really slow. This usually happens when new updates come out. The minecraft launcher has a timeout of 10 minutes when it tries to authenticate! This means you could be waiting up to 10 minutes while it tries to login, just to be told that it failed. I find that really annoying. Now you can skip it if you know is clogged up.

    edit: Also it fixes the bug you pointed out aata844. Thanks.
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    posted a message on Mineshell - Simplifies Minecraft maintenance tasks
    Thanks. :smile.gif:

    I don't get a lot of replies. Most tools and mods need constant maintenance to keep up with Minecraft, but I really don't have much to maintain here. It will keep falling lower on the forum index and keep getting lost.

    I'd bump it now and again, but I can't stand shameless bumpers.

    I'm considering rewriting in perl so that it'd be cross platform, but I'm not actually sure I want to deal with all the Windows users who can't figure out how to use a command line.
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    posted a message on [INSTALL] Ubuntu Minecraft Installer [UPDATE 2.0]
    Marking a desktop icon executable does not require root privileges here.
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    posted a message on Mineshell - Simplifies Minecraft maintenance tasks
    • 01/26/12 - 11
    • Added a new "grab-prerelease" command. Use at your own risk!
    • 01/26/12 - 10
    • update-lwjgl now gives you lwjgl 2.8.3
      screenshots, stats, options.txt, servers.dat, and lastlogin are now protected when switching stashes
    • 11/24/11 - 9
    • Added a few more things to the exclude file.
    • 8/5/11 - 8
    • Paths to minecraft.jar are now quoted. (thanks aata844!)
      Added a new "play-offline" command.
      Added a new "offline" command. This lets you set what username your client will use in offline mode.
    • 5/14/11 - 7
    • Now creates a desktop shortcut!
      Rerun the "install" command if you've already got an old version of Mineshell.
    • 5/13/11 - 6
    • Minor typo fix in the help.
    • 5/12/11 - 5
    • Initial release.
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    posted a message on Mineshell - Simplifies Minecraft maintenance tasks
    Mineshell - Simplifies Minecraft Maintenance Tasks

    • Disclaimer: This is a bash script. It probably only runs on Linux. It might work with cygwin, or a properly configured Mac (with the right commands), but those two are untested and unsupported.

    • Manage your mods
    • The main purpose of using Mineshell is to manage different copies of Minecraft with different combinations of mods installed. These copies are called "stashes". Here are some example stashes you might make:
      • Default
      • Too Many Items + Single Player Commands
      • Too Many Items + Portal
      • More Creeps and Weirdos + Single Player commands
      • Pokeball + Too Many Items
      Mineshell allows you to create and swap these stashes with just a few really easy commands.

      So when you first get Mineshell you might do this to save a copy of Minecraft without any mods.
      stash default-1.5

      Then you should create a stash that has ModLoader and AudioMod installed. This will make it really easy to install extra mods in the future!
      stash modloader-1.5

      Then install your favorite combination of mods that use ModLoader. Let's just say Mo's Creatures, and the Pokeball mod.
      stash pokecreatures-1.5

      Now if you ever feel like playing regular Minecraft again, or if you want to go back to the copy that has a clean ModLoader, you just use the unpack command.
      unpack default-1.5

      If you ever forget what stashes you have made, there is a list command. To remove old stashes there is a remove command.

    • Stop dreading Minecraft updates!
    • You know how when Minecraft gets updated, it takes a while for all the mods to be updated? Well now you can keep a stash of the old version of Minecraft to play with the mods for a while, and still have a copy of the new version! You can easily switch back and forth during that limbo period.

    • Backup your saves!
    • Mineshell allows you to make incremental backups of your saves with just one command. What if you install a mod and it totally ruins everything? Just head to ~/.local/share/mineshell/ and recover one of your backups!

    • Easily upgrade the Lightweight Java Game Libraries
    • Minecraft relies on LWJGL on all platforms. Unfortunately copy that ships with Minecraft is woefully outdated. It actually causes a lot of bugs on Linux.

      Do you get into situations where one of your keys will suddenly become "stuck"? This has killed me so many times when fighting creepers, or building up high. It's caused by out of date LWJGL!

      Do you have issues where sounds will stutter and cut into each other? Outdated LWJGL!

      Does Minecraft completely lose sound when you switch windows on it? Outdated LWJGL!

      Mineshell includes an update-lwjgl command. You just enter that and it will download, unpack, and install the latest version of LWJGL. On top of fixing all the bugs listed above, this will even give you a performance boost! That's right. One simple command, and Minecraft will run faster.

    • Download: This is a bash script. If you don't know how to run it, then skip this link, and see below. Download from Dropbox with no ads and no waiting

    • Installation Instructions:
    • wget -O ~/
      chmod +x ~/

      You will now see the Mineshell prompt. Enter the following (replace the /path/to/minecraft.jar with the location of minecraft.jar on your system).
      path /path/to/minecraft.jar

      Any time you want to play Minecraft, just do this:

    I look forward to your feedback, and I hope this is helpful!
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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves (Now With Improved Desecration) Total Conversion! [V4.A7 Squid A Swimming upd: Feb 13th]
    Quote from FlowerChild »
    Quote from VincentX3 »
    It seems like a good mod, but it really needs a title change. I thought this was going to improve the wolves somehow or give them armor.

    Sorry, not going to happen. The title was intentional, and to make a point about the overall direction that Minecraft is taking in its development.

    Awww. Where'd you get that thing on your shoulder? It's so cute! I want to get a chip just like that some day.

    The ideas are great. It all works well. You've even got videos of it. But the name is just too pretentious for my tastes.
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    posted a message on get ads on that site
    Hint: It's actually a spambot. Stop replying.
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