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    posted a message on Merge 1.7 and 1.8 Enchantment Mechanics

    I was severely disappointed with the idea that I need to go hunting for Lapis Lazuli for enchanting. Even if it's available from villagers, it's still a rare enough commodity that it drastically limits the ability to enchant. While it's nice to know ahead of time what enchantment you can get, you still don't have complete control over the enchantments you are allowed. Sure, if you have a fortune 3 pickaxe, you can get some hefty returns from the lapis lazuli ore you do find, but you need lapis lazuli to enchant in the first place! Catch 22!

    Why not just merge the two mechanics together? If you don't put in enough Lapis Lazuli for the option you want to select, then instead of the option giving you a hint, the option is left hintless and provides an enchantment that is random and unrelated to the hint you would get if you did put lapis lazuli in. This allows you to conserve lapisAs a bonus, using the random enchantment method from 1.7 could be made to still push the enchantment seed to its next iteration, allowing you to get different controlled enchantments without having to waste lapis lazuli.

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    posted a message on Extended 2x2 Grid Crafting - REVAMPED

    Well, howdy everyone. I probably should have checked back at the forums more often, but that's how life goes. It's nice to know this still resonates with some of the fanbase.

    1) Impressive work on the reconstruction. The HTML and Goto tags tore the heck out of my work here, and of course image hosting sites decided it was too much work to allow hosting gifs that actually moved (at least not for more than a few days at the traffic this thing generated) I actually should still have all the images floating around in my archives somewhere, so if anything is still broken, I'll see if I can put that up online somewhere for someone to grab. Also it looks like you're using the descriptions from the original suggestions page, which were outdated even at the time. the descriptions in the actual mod page were generally the superior version, as they had the chance to run through actual in game use. http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1272409-v1-7-3-extended2x2-on-hiatus

    2) Lets be honest, the original one wasn't considered a wishlist because it was way too popular. When you get down to the unvarnished truth, it really was a wishlist, as combining it with about 4 other threads I had ran at the time would have resulted in a completely new game. However it was also a wishlist that the fantastic coding skills of Yofreke managed to make a reality. (at least for a little while) I still dabble with the idea of diving into the code (now that minecraft is a little more stable and people don't have to jump through hoops to stick with an old version of minecraft) and trying to make a fork mod for the game and getting Notch/Microsoft's permission to sell it as an addon.

    3) Lets address some of the issues with the items themselves:

    3a) The dagger was actually supposed to do the damage of an axe, and do .5 LESS than an axe when thrown. Originally the damage was going to be straight half that of a sword, but it was reasoned that the damage penalty meant you would have to use it twice as much, making it actually 1/4th as effective as a sword. One of the secret or not obvious feature of the dagger was that since it was designed to be picked up again, we had it NOT stick to enemies. The result was that it tended to bounce off enemies, and could actually damage another enemy (or even the player) on the rebound. A further secret was that the wooden dagger could be set on fire by throwing it through lava or an air block on fire, and whatever it hit would be set on fire, whether a mod or even netherrack, grass, wood blocks, or leaves.

    3b) The trowel had the hoe functionality primarily due to the fact that I generally considered hoes to be useless (farming was still in its infancy at the time) and that the 2x2 grid didn't really allow enough variance in recipe for me to have a recipe for both a hoe, a pickaxe AND an axe, the latter two won out in importance, and the hoe's abilities were added into the trowel. I believe using the trowel this way counted as a double use,(in addition to the decreased number of uses a trowel has vs a shovel) to make up for the savings in material vs a hoe.

    3c) I believe the Hand Pick also had hoe functionality of right clicking a soil block to till it, but did not incur the double use penalty that the trowel did.

    3d) The sling was possibly one of the most improved items in this list. This was back when even the in game bow didn't bother with a draw, but merely shot arrows like a Gatling gun. Yofreke managed to code in a delay that made it so that holding click would start the sling spinning, and it would take a second before it actually released whatever ammo you were using. If you released click before that moment, it wouldn't throw the item. A detail that made it more difficult to use than even the current bow was that you didn't control the timing on the shot. There was a set delay between when you started the sling spinning and when it threw the ammo.

    As an additional unmentioned feature, the sling could also throw snowballs (for further distance than throwing by hand), eggs, slimeballs, and the powder bombs that were also part of this mod.

    3e)The count for the bullets was pretty specific, and had to do with comparative damage output vs using the gravel for flint for arrows. At the time, skeleton spawners couldn't be farmed for arrows. In fact I'm not sure if skelly's even dropped arrows at all back then, or if spawners/dungeons were even a thing.

    3f) The boomerang was NEVER intended to do ANY damage to any enemies. It wasn't a combat item, it was intended purely for stunning (getting enemies/mobs to STOP) and harvesting and collecting items. The mod page has the most accurate description for how it worked, and by proxy how it was intended to work. As a secret feature, All boomerangs, due to being mostly wooden, could be thrown through lava or fire and set fire to whatever they hit afterwards, the same as wooden daggers. With hoppers and dispensers being implemented, boomerangs should also be able to be fired from a dispenser, moving out on its path and then falling when it reaches the block it was fired from (to account for the possibility that the player might break or move the dispenser after it fires the boomerang.

    3g) I believe that yofreke and I had been experimenting with the idea of adding glowstone dust as an option to replace the dye to create directional markers that showed up better at night. They wouldn't have had full glowstone block brightness, but still a bit brighter than a redstone torch.

    3h) The grenade ran into some interesting coding difficulties. If it was dropped on the edge of a 1 tall block, and the player stood right next to it, it would ALWAYS result in an instakill, which was more damage than intended. in order to get around this, Yofreke had it set so an instant before the explosion, the bomb would first knock the player slightly up in the air (if the player was right on the bomb) to prevent the player from ever being able to take the full (fatal) blast of the bomb.

    3i) No one ever recognizes the sheer beauty of my implementation of the shields. They aren't another piece of armor, they are essentially a left hand item that is used to BLOCK (not just reduce) damage via holding the sneak button. Furthermore, melee mobs would be actively knocked back by guarding with the shield meaning that you don't just keep taking more melee damage, but are able to push back attackers. This eventually spun off into its own topic for improving the expanding the inventory options. It was going to include the ability to put a sword or handtool in the shield slot for dual wielding.

    3j) The torch arrow shown here is actually an outdated image. The one in the mod page I linked to earlier has the updated image, which shows a torch tied to an arrow, rather than a special arrow.

    3k) The glowstone arrows were actually deemed infeasible. In rangecraft, they were implemented by replacing the flint in an arrow recipe with glowstone and would place a glowstone when fired.

    3l) the portable furnace was really a product of the infancy of farming, and the fact that food healed you directly. At the time, meat was the default item for food and the best option available, this made it a little easier to just kill something on the fly, set down a grill to cook it before you eat it, and move on without having to worry about getting a full stack of 8. When you look at the actual material cost, 8 grills is the same as a furnace + fuel for 8 smelts + 1 stick. Now that the player has to eat regularly, even when they haven't taken damage, it's almost prohibitive to not be carrying full stacks of food at all times, making the grill almost useless. If I were to bring it back for current minecraft, it would almost certainly be capable of smelting any item, not just meats, thus allowing easier access to the full ore tier without ever making a crafting bench.

    3m) For the satchel, I wouldn't make that a requirement for donkeys, but instead as an option for horses. Donkey's are the heavy pack animal, so they handle chests, but horses should still be able to carry a little bit of inventory, so satchels area good middle ground for them.

    3n) the hypnowatch was mostly a gag idea that I accepted into the list purely on simplicity of the crafting recipe. I think that more than anything, for this to work in current minecraft, the hypnowatch doesn't do anything on its own, but can be enchanted on the enchanting table for 1 use per XP level of Hypnosis power, an item specific enchantment that only the watch can be given.

    3o) The bow drill was back before iron farming became a thing. I can't imagine life in minecraft anymore without enslaving a village for grinding golems. A secret feature to the bowdrill was that it could be crafted BACK into a regular bow, allowing you to use your weapon of the bow to make a bowdrill in a pinch, and then go back to using it as a bow when you've got the fire going.

    3p) I'm rather sad that you didn't include the handcart recipe. I know we never got it implemented in the mod, but it's as easy as putting a lever on top of a minecart, and allows you to get up to speed without any fuel or redstone.

    3q) the glowstone sand recipe should probably be cut down to only needing 2 dust. That implementation was intended for back when glowstone only dropped around 3-5 dust per block, and required 9 to make a full block. I think yofreke and I had discussed what to do and eventually ended up deciding to revert glowstone back to its beta version, so that it could be broken by hand, and you would have to go through the process of crafting sand and then smelting it in order to get the block. The main concern currently is that if you have the fortune3 enchantment, you might end up in a situation where you can make infinite glowstone. Not necessarily a bad thing, provided the return ratio isn't too high and still requires the expenditure of time/charcoal for smelting.

    I'll try to check back on the forums more now that I've been playing a little more actively in my spare time. I haven't gotten around to trying 1.8 just yet, so it may take a while before I'm ready to actually clean off my old suggestions and get them updated to mesh better with the current minecraft.

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    posted a message on COMPLETE Bait Mechanics (& better pig riding)
    That's actually a good question. Ultimately it would need to be tweaked for balance, possibly even having different results depending on game difficulty. My gut reaction would be to have it set so that a skeleton or zombie could pick up the block, at which point it would be a droppable loot item, but it would take them something like a full day to pick up, so as long as you had some sort of trap active to kill them, you could guarantee that no mob would actually have enough time to steal it.

    Of course, this is a super old suggestion, I think maybe even from before pistons were a thing. At this point ,players could easily bypass the "mobs must have SOME chance to get bait for it to work" simply by using pistons and trip wires to make an easily accessible path that then removes itself as it gets passed over, so it's possible that what I'm suggesting would be a lot of coding effort for almost zero player value.
    Quote from trollsack

    If you're going to necrobump a thread, you should have a good reason to, not just ask a pointless question. The OP barely looks at this forum anymore and will most likely not answer your question; please look at the date.

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    posted a message on New Use For Soul Sand?
    If zombies dropped "brains" instead of "raw flesh" then activating the snowman could require that you place the brains inside of the pumpkin.

    Additionally, you could need to build it in an area where lightning is likely to strike so that the lightning can bring it back to life. Placing redstone all over could make it so the lightning can also hit the redstone to activate the zombie snowman.
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    posted a message on Balance (or lack thereof)
    Quote from Lord Penguin

    It would be annoying for those trying to replicate a shroom biome in old terrain for mushrooms to not be able to be grown with bonemeal. it would be worse than trees not being grown with bonemeal, because regular mushrooms can't stand sunlight. You'd end up having to build a huge platform over the mushrooms, then wait for days while monsters spawn inside.

    I think it would be better to still allow them to be grown with bonemeal, but have a low chance of working, so it isn't so cheap.
    You really misunderstood my point here. I never said anything about getting rid of the ability to grow mushrooms with bonemeal, that part is fine, but what I'm against is the mushroom cap and stem blocks dropping mushroom when you break them. Instead of doing this, I'd rather see a huge mushroom cause the area surrounding it to have a chance of spawning regular mushrooms.

    I don't find that the bar depletes to quickly, even with sprinting. All you have to do is carry around a stack of cooked meat and you will rarely have to replenish it, and the animals you'll meet along the way are more than enough to refill it.

    Although it might be nicer to have the meter drain at half the speed, but food would only replenish half as much as it did before.
    My issue with this is more with sense. People don't sprint until they're hungry, they sprint until they're out of breath, hence it should be tied to oxygen. One of the things I've noticed is that once your hunger bar drops to 3, you lose the ability to sprint, which is dumb as heck.

    I don't see a problem with this, so long as they are made to be better than meat.
    Well, I mention the advantages that the baked stuff would have, compared to the grilled meats.

    About the snowballs and snow blocks: would they slowly deplete, like the fuel in a furnace, over a long time? I would prefer if they didn't, but instead there was a requirement as to how much snow per item. Perhaps 1 snow block per item kept cold or two snowballs. Although the snowballs would be cheaper to use, one stack of snowballs would only preserve 32 pieces of food, but snow blocks would preserve up to a full stack of food, so snow blocks would be more space efficient.
    Actually, you bring up a good point. Basically, the snow would be intended to deplete over time, unless you've placed the "furnace" in a snow biome, however it's not intended to deplete rapidly.

    Also, if chests could preserve food instead of furnaces. maybe 1 stack of snowballs supports 1 stack of food, while 1 stack on snowblocks supports two. If the player lined the bottom with snow blocks, they could store as much food as they want.

    About the food spoiling: it's an interesting idea, but having to take care of food all the time might grow annoying. I guess as long as snowblocks/snowballs didn't deplete, it would be fine because the player could simply put their food in special chests. But don't you think that one day is too little? If someone is exploring, they would find it hard to get food every day, and if they couldn't bring food with them, they would be forced to eat raw meat all day, and even then they may not find some (like if they are on the ocean).
    With the points you brought up, it would probably have the best balance if only the furnace was an option. The snowballs and snowblocks would SLOWLY deplete over time, in order to properly keep food cold, there would need to be at least 1 snowball per piece of meat in the stack, and if there were less snowballs than meat, each day would bring the chance for the excess meat to wind up in the output slot as "spoiled"
    Snowblocks would function the same, but wouldbe twice as effective as snowballs (even though it's not as efficient, it's worth it, since it allows you to have a higher stack of snow so that all your meat is kept safe.
    Of course, snow should recover the ground every time it snows.

    Cooked food should heal more than half a heart. Right now a half of a heart would be pointless, because you replenish half a heart in the time it takes to eat the food.
    you only recover health when you're hunger bar is full or near full, the half heart I'm talking about would be in addition to what your full hunger bar gets you, and if your hunger bar is empty, the food would still heal as soon as you eat it even without the hunger bar getting raised all the way to full

    Endermen: Your right about how they should disappear in sunlight, but they shouldn't run away when low on health. Personally, I think that their health and running speed should increase, and when hit the enderman would teleport to a different side of the player, making melee a lot more interesting, challenging, and engaging. They also shouldn't drop pearls from death in water, so the player has reason to fight them. Oh, and they should be able to teleport a meter or two out of the way from incoming arrows. Arrows make endermen too easy to defeat.
    You never mentioned the idea I had about the block they're holding affecting what tool can work on them. That would take care of the arrow issue quite easily.
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    posted a message on Nether Beast - [SUPPORT]
    Perhaps something like the Troll, Brand, or Netherwurm from the New Nether suggestion?
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    posted a message on Wild Idea For Making Endermen Interesting
    wow. there are a ton of these suggestion threads all over the place. I guess I'll add my idea here too:

    Endermen are too easy, especially with how they are killed by sunlight. Endermen should all just disappear when dawn comes. They should also be able to run when you have damaged them too much. Something that could make an Enderman fight REALLY interesting is if the block they were holding decided what tool you needed to use to fight them. Holding stone blocks require you to use a pickaxe to injure them at all, holding a log or wooden block requires an axe, dirt blocks require the shovel, anything else you can use the sword on.
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    posted a message on Idea on how to make Endermen a more dangerous, scarier mob
    Here is what I've proposed for Endermen:
    Endermen are too easy, especially with how they are killed by sunlight. Endermen should all just disappear when dawn comes. They should also be able to run when you have damaged them too much. Something that could make an Enderman fight REALLY interesting is if the block they were holding decided what tool you needed to use to fight them. Holding stone blocks require you to use a pickaxe to injure them at all, holding a log or wooden block requires an axe, dirt blocks require the shovel, anything else you can use the sword on.
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    posted a message on Stone Tools, no Cobblestone Tools
    We don't need more tool tiers, at least not when the only difference is "it has more/less durability"
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    posted a message on Balance (or lack thereof)
    I'll weigh in on this with my own thoughts:

    Huge Mushrooms - Yes, it's too much for every block to be dropping 2 mushrooms when you only need a single bonemeal to grow it. Instead, I think that huge mushrooms should simply increase the chance of mushrooms spawning in the surrounding area. That way the player still has to wait for mushrooms to grow even after growing a huge shroom.

    Food - I both disagree, and agree. Food should not be scarcer, but instead harder to keep. And with that, the hunger meter shouldn't be draining so rapidly. Sprinting in particular eats at that thing in a ridiculous manner, when at the very least, sprinting should instead be burning through the oxygen meter first.
    To get back to the point on making it harder to keep food;
    Bread should require a bucket of water to be mixed with the grain, and should result in a bucket of dough, the bucket of dough would then be run through the furnace to get a loaf of bread in the output slot and an empty bucket in the input slot. Cake, cookies, and even mushroom soup/stew should have similar restrictions, where crafting only gets you a dough (which can all use the same appearance, but have different tool tip labels) and then baking is required to get the final product.
    Milk should spoil after a day and not work in any recipes, Cake itself should lose a piece every day regardless of if the player uses it or not. Raw meat should only last for a day before it goes bad and is little more than just rotted flesh. Cooked meat should only have full potency for a full day and then revert to being the equivalent of raw meat, but not have a chance to convert to rotten flesh.
    In order to prevent meat from spoiling, the player should be able to place snowballs and snowblocks in the fuel slot of furnaces, which will prevent the spoiling of whatever food is in the input slot (the food will not get moved to the output slot in this process) Another option available to the player is to build chests that are specifically in a snow biome and/or are surrounded by snowblocks. (in normal chests, food would spoil, but the "cold" chests would prevent the food inside from spoiling, or at least reduce the time needed to cook.
    With all of this in place, the actual "cooked" food items should not only fill more of your hunger bar, but should also have a certain amount of direct HP recovery involved in their use, even if only by half a heart or so. This way, when the food goes "stale" or "cold" instead of reducing the amount of hunger it recovers, it would simply not heal the player's HP. The ease of meat being gathered and cooked would be balanced by it always going cold after a day, whereas Cake and bread would retain HP healing properties even after a day or so, provided they are kept in a cold chest/furnace. (cake placed on a snow block will last longer)
    Once all of that is in place, it provides the perfect balance, as a wandering player can kill animals as they go and eat the raw meat for the minor recovery so that the basic hunger pains doesn't become a constant annoyance, but then players who want the actual HP recovery items have to work for it and don't end up glutted on the food, since the food all constantly goes bad after a few weeks and more food will need to be gathered.
    This also leads to a certain amount of strategy in the farming/hunting itself, as people will want to gather crops, but store them in the grain form and only cook when they specifically want the recovery item. Hunters will have the same issue, as once you cook meat and it goes cold, you can't really cook it again, so having a cold storage option will be most important so they can store the raw meat and cook it specifically when they need the HP recovery.

    Enemy Mob Ease -

    Endermen are too easy, especially with how they are killed by sunlight. Endermen should all just disappear when dawn comes. They should also be able to run when you have damaged them too much. Something that could make an Enderman fight REALLY interesting is if the block they were holding decided what tool you needed to use to fight them. Holding stone blocks require you to use a pickaxe to injure them at all, holding a log or wooden block requires an axe, dirt blocks require the shovel, anything else you can use the sword on.

    Skeletons are only easy if you can keep you're distance. They're actually much harder to try to take on melee, and that gets exponentially more difficult with a cluster of them.

    Spiders actually seem much easier now, even in groups. It's something about the targeting, I used to have a much harder time hitting them before they hit me, and the critical hit technique makes it even easier, since they never strafe and always try to take you head on.

    Zombies are a joke and always have been. I'd REALLY like to see Zombie able to wear armor again, maybe even let them use swords too. Since they're slow, you can always run from them.

    Creepers are actually MUUUUCH easier to deal with now that the sprint attack is available to the player. This allows you to put plenty of distance between you and the creeper to make sure it doesn't try to blow up right away.

    As for the iron/coal deposits. No. There are no problems here. Iron is used in every useful gadget in the game, as well as every decent weapon/armor. Coal can be "Grown" by making charcoal from logs, so it doesn't make any difference how much coal ore you find.
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    posted a message on Stone Tools, no Cobblestone Tools
    gold is stronger than leather.
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    posted a message on [1.9] Ender Pearls - The REAL Use
    Put simply, I have 3 ideas for ender pearls that I will be attempting to push into the 2x2/rangecraft/expanded inventory mod that Yofreke and I are working on;

    1) Ender Gloves (Expanded Inventory, used from EI's Arm slot to use) - Right clicking on a block while barehanded will allow you to pick up and move blocks without breaking them, just like the endermen can do. Sprinting will not be possible while holding a block, portals and teleportation will also not work.

    2) Ender Ammo (Rangecraft, used with right click or from RC's Ammo slot) - While holding a pearl, right clicking with it will throw it like an egg (but significantly reduced range) and the player will be teleported to wherever it lands. If the pearl is placed in the ammo slot, it can be thrown using the sling for a slightly greater range.
    If the pearl is crafted in place of flint in an arrow recipe, then it will create a single arrow. This single arrow has the longest range, and also will not immediately break on using. Instead, the Ender Arrow switches places with the player to teleport them. If the Ender arrow hits a mob or another player, the player firing the Ender arrow will have their position switched with the target they hit.

    3) Ender Chests (Standalone) - Build a chest shape out of Ender Pearls, the resulting chest will share its inventory with all other Ender chests on the map. The player will only have access to items in the ender chest that they placed in it themselves. Ender Chests have the inventory of a normal chest, but one player placing items in an ender chest will not affect the inventory available to other players.

    Endermen cannot survive in sunlight, so any "ender" items will not work, and will generally break when used while exposed to sunlight.
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    posted a message on Stone Tools, no Cobblestone Tools
    I like the idea, I really do, but I also recognize that it effectively chokes on itself; the player already tends to gather excessive amounts of Cobblestone and this would only make that tendency more of an annoyance, since instead of it just being a handy supply from which the player can instantly make a spare tool just by adding a stick or two, it becomes something that they need to gather coal or charcoal for to make useable.

    If we were going to go this route, I would say, allow cobblestone to be gathered by hand (at an incredibly slow rate) and pickaxes gather smoothstone directly as smoothstone (and maybe allow smooth stone to be crafted into cobblestone)
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    posted a message on New Nether... Survive This
    Quote from Equeon

    I still liked the idea of having to abuse your dogs to keep them under control.

    It might still be a factor in terms of how likely the betrayal is to happen, but the ability to recognize when your back is turned would allow them to be an ally and still have the ability to occasionally attack you.
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    posted a message on Improving Ranged Combat
    Both the guns are overpowered, though in many ways, the blunderbuss is possibly the most over powered of all of them, since it does massive damage and only costs gravel and glass, some of the cheapest ammo you could possibly use.

    No matter how you look at it, you're suggesting a situation where the guns give you access to a weapon that does even more damage than any melee weapon, and has a range beyond that of what every mob other than skeletons have (and as long as you're moving around, skeletons are hard pressed to actually hit you unless you're withing 5-10 blocks)

    Go take a look at the Rangecraft thread that has been around for a while. You'll notice that everything uses a few different fields (damage, range, firing/reload rate, cost of ammo, cost of launcher, durability of launcher, ammo choices, etc) and each ranged weapon will only be better in specific fields, but in other fields will fall short of the other options. This allows for a varied gameplay while not overpowering the game.

    I considered the idea of some sort of flintlock gun for the Rangecraft thread as well, but realized that when it came down to it, the gun was simply a slow loading, highly damaging weapon that fired powerful shots, and that was already covered by the way the Crossbow had been implemented, so it's entirely superfluous. Basically, once crossbows would be implemented, people could just reskin them and pretend they're firing a gun.
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