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I used to be somebody. i could have been a contender.

I'm not dead, but I did give up on minecraft for the longest time, it was the potions that made the final nail in the coffin, that and that stupid non-blocky ender dragon thing. Then I came back and started making iron farms and the dynamics that it introduced to gameplay completely overthrew how I played the game (I now work towards creating automatic farms for EVERYTHING)

I've come back and subscribed to all my major idea threads, so if you've seen something of mine that you liked, and want to see what other changes I had wanted to make to minecraft, now it's easier to do that.Keep in mind that all of these ideas were back before Hunger and XP, as well as pistons, dispensers and hoppers, were implemented, so a lot of the balance has been changed considerably. Somethings would need to be modified to fit the new systems, but some stuff would involve kicking out what is already there to let the stuff my ideas include do the same job.

Maybe some day I'll come back and revamp all these ideas and spiff them up into something more modern. The current site features seem like it would make that all feasible, but right now, the demands of real life just make that type of time investment prohibitive.
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