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Born and raised in or around Anchorage, Alaska. My Religion? I'm a Devout, Inter-Faith, Eclectic, Agnostic, Amateur Theologian. To clarify: I am very firm in my belief that people cannot really know concepts that are not demonstrable and provable to whit that I choose not to side for nor against core religious thoughts and concepts (Devout Agnostic). I do enjoy studying other peoples religions from all around the world, and take what life lessons I can from each and discard what I find as meaningless or worthless (Eclectic Inter-Faith). I take great joy in debating and poking holes in other peoples religious beliefs and in playing "the devil's advocate" (Amateur Theologian).

My dream job would be to be as a programmer for my own company, developing a very flexible/evolving/modifiable multi-server cross platform environment MMORPG. But alas... been doing telephone technical support for the past several years. I'm an active member of a local Lion's club and am heavily involved with service projects, and especially involved with youth development.

I had a very long engagement followed by a fairly recent wedding to a lovely lady, who, has some issues with me spending time with computers and game systems when I could be better spending it with her. I am also an active part of the cast of a local Renaissance Fair (the 3 Barons Renaissance Fair) in Anchorage, and frequently participate in choreographed stage combat as well as Improvisational exercises to prepare for this event every year.

One of my specific interests in Minecraft is not only that it is a Sandbox game with a very flexible and evolving world, but it is also a heavily Modded game (at least in the PC community), and my son has an interest in Games Design and Programming. This Modding venue seems like an ideal opportunity to encourage his growth and understanding of computer programming concepts, and help him to learn a structured high level programming language, like Java.
Computers, Programming, Math, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Marvel/DC, Minecraft, RPGs, Volunteer/Service, Chess, Science, History, Theater, Adventure/Drama, Reading/Movies

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